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Fraktale By Jochen Bach
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"I can not resist the fascination of fractals," says the author. The result of this fascination is this collection of very different fractal renderings. They have been carried so far and so... More > deep that sometimes and sudden, like in Jochen Bach's photography, small figures appear, to tell us stories of strangeness and of journeys without end, carrying the fractals into a new dimension. ******************************************** "Ich kann mich der Faszination der Fraktale nicht entziehen", schreibt der Autor. Ein Buch mit unterschiedlichsten Fraktalen, die so weit getrieben werden, dass hin und wider auch, ähnlich wie bei den Fotografien von Jochen Bach, kleine Figuren in den Bildern Geschichten erzählen und das Fraktal zu einer neuer Dimension führen.< Less
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The textbook is written for the course "Psychology of impression management." This textbook is written to themes of "Creating a first impression in the virtual space" and... More > "Body modification as a way of impression management." Active development of information technology has led to the formation of new technical and psychological phenomena, including "virtual reality" and "cyberspace." At the present stage of development of society, most of the authors noted an information space and virtual communication as a specific society. The ubiquity of the Internet and social networks has led to globalization, which on the one hand, contributes to the development of social contacts, and violations of the other side. Another aspect of social self-presentation are bodily modification. That came from the primitive tribes and the lower strata of society in everyday life of the modern world. At the same time, the data is a little known aspect of both Russian and foreign psychology and sociology.< Less
Learning Languages in Late Life By Lorena Zurbano Ruiz- Casaux
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Research has shown that age has not been proven to be a variable that affects the possibility of acquiring a new language (Baralo 1999, Scleppegrell 1987, Ostwald and Williams 1981, Wals an Diller... More > 1987). This paper explores the advantages that an older student has in language learning over a younger one. Based on the evaluation of data from a two-year ethnographic study carried out at St. Luke's Community Centre (Islington), the author seeks to explore the interrelationship between affective learner variables in a classroom-based environment, in particular language anxiety, and the learners' beliefs about language-learning. The conclusion of this work shows that the beliefs of both teachers and older students, the methodology and the classroom atmosphere, have an impact on the success or otherwise of older students' language learning.< Less
The writing of Minos The Phaistos disk and Cretan hieroglyphs By IPPOLITO MARMAI
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The writing of Minos. The Phaistos disk and Cretan hieroglyphs, by Ippolito Marmai an italian researcher about Minoan writings. The Phaistos disk is fundamental as it happens to be the oldest... More > European literary expression. It sends us a message from the abysm of time at the dawn of Western culture and draws a line between a before and an after - between prehistory and history. Rediscovering this "Ariadne's thread" to understand the meaning of what it transmits is therefore an inescapable historico-cultural and scientific necessity. This eclectic, interdisciplinary approach has produced unexpected results thanks to the constant verification in the field of the available data. The author's twenty years of research into the Paistos Disc and on the Cretan hieroglyphic script now offers a unique and completely new interpretation of a puzzle that Minoan scholars have being working on for over a century.< Less
Leo the Apostate By Theophanes Confessor et al.
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Study, translation from Greek into Russian, and commentary by Tatiana Senina (Nun Kassia) This book contains three translations into Russian of sources of IX century related to the period of a... More > Byzantine Emperor Leo V the Armenian who re-established the iconoclasm in 815. A fragment of Chronicle by Theophanes the Confessor is given in a new translation; two other pieces — a chapter from the Chronicle by George the Monk (Hamartolos) dedicated to Leo’s reign and a fragment of Scriptor incertus de Leone Armenio, one of the best sources in history of IX century — have been translated into Russian for the first time. The Introduction deals with the analysis of the sources and their authors as well as gives a panorama of the reign of Leo V. The translations are followed by extensive historical and theological commentary. The target audience are students and researchers in Byzantine history and especially in Byzantine iconoclasm.< Less
When old gods will come back 2.0 By Wassilij Wodnöff
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When old gods will come back 2.0 ________________ Wassilij Wodnöff – a Russian poet and opposition bloger emigrated from Russia in 2013, the creator of a new socio-philosophical concept -... More > neo-humanism ("hyper-humanism", according to the author). He was forced to leave his homeland, realizing that the times of state terror, in which his great-grandfather perished in the dungeons of the NKVD/KGB and half century later his father was killed, have returned... Wodnöff defines own emigration not as a political but as an ethical – an escape from the total lies and obscurantism. Studying the history of life and death of his ancestors, Wodnöff realized that there is no fundamental difference between the times of Stalinism and the present ... The disappearance of communist ideology did not change the methods of state suppression of the person. Special services still have full, unlimited power and a human life has no value.< Less
Manuale del Viaggiatore By Christian Tipaldi
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Come partire senza problemi e tornare sani e salvi a casa. Partire con il bagaglio giusto, conoscere le regole internazionali, informazioni utili, tanti consigli per avere la soluzione di tutti i... More > problemi che potrebbero rovinare la vostra vacanza. Conoscere i tuoi diritti in aeroporto, hotel e all'estero, centinaia di numeri telefonici e di "dritte" indispensabili per il turista fai da te, organizzato e per chi sogna di fare una vacanza indimenticabile e non sa da dove cominciare. Scritto dal giornalista, fotografo e direttore del World Magazine, Christian Tipaldi, autore di due altri libri Across Thailand e New York City| The skin of the Big Apple. - The solution to all problems about your next trip. Written by journalist, photographer and director of World Magazine, Christian Tipaldi, author of two other books "Across Thailand" and "New York City | The skin of the Big Apple".< Less
L'histoire du Canada [French] By Gabriel Sagard
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Gabriel Sagard, O.M.R., (fl. 1614–1636) was a French lay... More > brother and Recollect friar, a reform branch of the Order of Friars Minor known for their strict poverty. He was among the first Christian missionaries to New France, and is notable for his writings on the colony and on the Hurons (or Wendat).Sagard's origins, and the dates of his birth and death are obscure. Some historians say he was christened Théodat, others believe that Théodat was his religious name, which, however, is less likely as his signature on his works is under the name of Gabriel (see illustration).Sagard arrived in New France 28 June 1623. He was sent to accompany Father Nicholas Viel, where they joined four other members of their Order who had been there since 1615, led by Father Denis Jamet. Excerpt from:< Less
Vuonna 2000: Katsaus vuoteen 1887 [Finnish] By Edward Bellamy
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: The Edward Bellamy House is a National Historic Landmark at... More > 91–93 Church Street in the Chicopee Falls section of the city of Chicopee, Massachusetts. Its landmark designation was in honor of journalist and Utopian writer Edward Bellamy (1850–1898), whose home it was for most of his life.Built in 1852, Bellamy's father moved the family into the house after its construction. Bellamy grew up in the house, and returned there after completing his studies and a brief stint of work in New York City. He did much of his writing (both journalistic and otherwise) in his father's study until the latter's death in 1886, after which Bellamy's family took over the entire house. It was in these years that Bellamy wrote Looking Backward, the work that brought him fame. Excerpt from:< Less
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Storia, itinerari, fotografie, cartine esplicative per passeggiate ed escursioni lungo l’antico percorso della Via Julia Augusta - voluta da Augusto a memoria della Pax romana e per collegare... More > Roma a Forum Julii nelle Gallie - in Liguria con una sezione dedicata anche alla parte francese in Provenza. Riedizione 6.0 aggiornata con nuova copertina, testi aggiuntivi, fotografie, cartografia da rilievi gps dell'autore con rilievi in 3D, 120 pagine, e descrizioni del percorso che in alcuni tratti, come quello tra Albenga ed Alassio è rimasto molto simile all'antico percorso ed è una bella passeggiata tra mare e monti, paesaggio e storia. Sezione descrittiva con foto dedicata anche al percorso in Provenza... etc... - Re-release 6.0 updated with new cover, additional texts, photographs, maps by the author after gps surveys gps with 3D terrain, 120 pages, descriptive section with photos also dedicated to the route Provence ... etc...< Less

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