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The House of Dust: A Symphony By Conrad Aiken
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Conrad Potter Aiken (August 5, 1889 – August 17, 1973) was... More > an American writer, whose work includes poetry, short stories, novels, a play, and an autobiography.Aiken was the son of wealthy, socially prominent New Englanders, William Ford and Anna (Potter) Aiken, who had moved to Savannah, Georgia, where his father became a respected physician and brain surgeon. Then something happened for which, as Aiken later said, no one could ever find a reason. Without warning or apparent cause, his father became increasingly irascible, unpredictable, and violent. Finally, early in the morning of February 27, 1901, he murdered his wife and shot himself. According to his own writings, Aiken (who was eleven years old) heard the gunshots and discovered the bodies. Excerpt from:< Less
The Defeat of Youth, and Other Poems By Aldous Huxley
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Aldous Leonard Huxley (/ˈɔːldəs... More > ˈhʌksli/; 26 July 1894 – 22 November 1963) was an English writer, novelist, philosopher, and prominent member of the Huxley family. He graduated from Balliol College, Oxford with a first in English literature.He was best known for his novels including Brave New World, set in a dystopian London, and for non-fiction books, such as The Doors of Perception, which recalls experiences when taking a psychedelic drug, and a wide-ranging output of essays. Early in his career Huxley edited the magazine Oxford Poetry, and published short stories and poetry. Mid career and later, he published travel writing, film stories, and scripts. He spent the later part of his life in the U.S., living in Los Angeles from 1937 until his death. Excerpt from:< Less
Black Bear Holds a Hole in His Paws By Robert Lee
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Robert Lee is the author of the epistolary novel, Guiding Elliott (Lyons Press 1997). His writing has appeared in Montana Magazine, Cut Bank, Connotations, Talking River Review, Cold Drill, MO (now... More > Front Range), Cedilla, Northern Journeys, and in anthologies, New Montana Stories, and Poems across the Big Sky. Robert teaches poetry for the Missoula Writing Collaborative in Montana, Idaho and Alaska and tutors writing at the University of Montana. He was honored to spend September 2012 as Writer in Residence for the Island Institute in Sitka, AK. In October 2008, Robert accepted residency in Hydaburg, a small Haida Indian Village on Prince of Wales Island. By the time he got there, both the administrator and English teacher quit so Robert was put on payroll to teach four hours of English every day, one hour of PE, and one hour of Alaska Survival Cooking. This didn’t faze Robert, who answered the call: Oh boy. Hydaburg, here I come.< Less
On the Structure of Complex Networks By Daniel Grady
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Large-scale complex networks in natural, social, and technological systems exhibit an abundance of rich information, and extracting meaningful structural features from network data is one of the most... More > challenging tasks in network theory. Nonetheless, understanding these networks is essential to explaining phenomena in transportation, epidemiology, sociology, economics, and other fields. This book presents three novel analyses of large-scale empirical networks. First, a comparison of two world-wide transportation systems reveals many statistical similarities despite extremely different operational and geographic constraints. Second, we develop a new method for determining geographic borders based on human mobility. Finally, we demonstrate how measuring networks in terms of shortest-path trees can identify a robust network skeleton, and its relevance in predicting dynamical processes. Hardcover available at< Less
Bit By Bit By MD Hanley
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Bit by Bit, is an intriguing “Techno Crime Thriller” (Murder Mystery) that unravels the corruption at the heart of tech’s big business. Gary McKeown, a brilliant technologist, a... More > pilot, scuba diver, and world traveler, is exploited by his business partner, Roger Tillson in the dangerous world of financial corruption, “Bitcoin”, and intellectual property. It starts while Gary is on a scuba diving boat in Australia, one of the passengers tries to drown him by sabotaging his scuba gear. Clinging to life, Gary is in a coma for the next three years. Follow Gary and his sister, Lucy, as he recovers bit by bit his former life and tracking down his killer. Gary and his friends travel all over the world to find his killer and more importantly why. The suspense leading up to the end of this story, should make this a page turner. This novel is a fast-paced action plot that takes the reader around the world, from Boston, Massachusetts, New Zealand, Spain, and the Republic of Cyprus in the Mediterranean.< Less
Ground Crew By Linda Varsell Smith
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Linda is a Ground Crew wannabee who wants
to be a light-bringer and advocate for Gaia 
and all of her creations.
This is her collection of poems dedicated to The Ground Crew. She... More > joined the earthly crew in 1940 in New Britain, Connecticut,
has lived several places in the US, but for many years
has lived with her family in Corvallis, Oregon.
Currently she lives in a miniature museum with her husband Court.
Her collections include over 3000 angels and
hundreds of seasonal miniatures.
A poet, novelist and teacher, she retired from teaching 
creative writing, children’s literature and literary publication 
at a local community college. She coordinated
The Eloquent Umbrella, LBCC’s college literary magazine.
For 32 years she was an editor at Calyx Books. She’s served
as president of the Oregon Poetry Association and currently
is president of PEN Women in Portland.
She’s published 12 fantasy novels as well as 18 poetry books
besides 3 on-line books of poetry forms.
< Less
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Melody West and the Great Bear By Francesca Rappa
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The Adventurous Melody West Series Book 2: It is summertime and Melody West leaves her hometown and goes on an adventurous vacation to the wilderness region of Lake Temagami in northern Ontario with... More > her aunt and uncle and cousins. During her vacation Melody is determined to experience as many hidden treasures of the wilderness as she can. What she wants most of all is to be able to look directly into the face of the mysterious Great Bear—the seven-foot black bear that was sighted earlier by Melody’s new friend, the Ojibwa native Charlie Paul. Melody is also determined to help her cousin Jack, a budding artist, convince his father once and for all that art is what he wants to do with his life. Central to the novel is Inuit art and culture and the discovery by Melody that people everywhere use their imaginations to make art and tell stories that explain the beautiful world around them. :: Experience the sights and sounds of Melody West at her blog Sugoi.< Less
We Came from Wolgadeutscher (Volga German) Children's Book By D. Philipp Kaiser
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This children's book (ages 8-12) is a fictional story about a German Family's journey in the mid 1760's. The story follows their move from their home for the Russian Volga River Colonies,and as their... More > descendants live and prosper on the Volga.It ends about 1900 as their children's children finally leave the Volga and settle in new homes in America. The story line is much the same as in my series of 10 historical novels, but is written from a child’s interests and view. It is true as far as the general dates and facts that we know about the Wolgadeutscher. You may wonder why I wrote this book. Simply, everything today is about ‘sanitized’ facts… just data that does not carry the emotion or feeling, the trial and tribulation, or success and failure in life.I hope this book will help the children see the true story, the real lives of our German-Russian Volga Ancestors… so those that came before, and what they did for us, will live on within us forever. Text Readability Level 5 - Easy Reading - Ages 8-12< Less

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Referral Mastery Referral Mastery By Joe Stumpf
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