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Technology By Andreas Sofroniou
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This book is extensively dealing with Technology and Applied Sciences. It covers the first technologies; irrigation systems, road networks and wheeled vehicles, a pictographic form of writing and... More > building techniques. It carries on with the 19th century sciences and new technologies, such as the telegraph, the telephone, electricity generation and photography. It continues into the 20th century with advances in the natural sciences, including radio and television, sound recording and reproduction, synthetic fibres, pharmaceutical products, nuclear power, and the development of the computer and information technology, as a new technological revolution. It also covers; pollution, depletion of energy resources, renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power, the recycling of raw materials, conservation of energy, and about people who in recent years sought to develop appropriate technologies, using local materials and techniques, in partnership with the indigenous peoples.< Less
New Media New Technologies By Amit Tekale
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A presentation on how to use new media techniques.
New Media New Technologies By Amit Tekale
eBook (PDF): $12.50
A presentation on how to use new media techniques.
REBUILD BY DESIGN | New Jersey | Living on the Edge By New Jersey Institute of Technology & Infrastructure Planning Program Fall 2013
Hardcover: $51.03
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The subject of this studio is the rebuilding of New Jersey in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Working in seven different coastal areas, the students in the Master of Infrastructure Planning... More > Program (M.I.P) at the New Jersey Institute of Technology developed bold visionary regional strategies, and innovative mapping techniques that address the challenges of sea-level rise and climate change. The studio’s efforts were dedicated to developing visionary regional strategies, with students working in teams to construct four-dimensional urban systems models. These models visualize, overlay and integrate layers such as geology and topography, hydrology, governments and jurisdictions, development, land use and property value/building typology, and demography.< Less
Mestizo Technology: art, design, and technoscience in Latin America By New Media Caucus
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"Mestizo Technology: Art, Design, and Technoscience in Latin America" is the title proposed by Guest Editors Paula Gaetano Adi and Gustavo Crembil with the intention of employing a lens... More > merging notions of "mestizaje" and new technologies to scan the development of new media practices distinctive to Latin America; to survey how influences from the global North have been appropriated and adapted to particular needs, resources and interests of Latin American thinkers and makers; and to also challenge traditional dichotomies afflicting perceptions about productions emerging from the global south: western/indigenous; modern/traditional; craft/technology; and big science/small science. Pat Badani, Editor-in-Chief (2010-2016)< Less
Science and Technology 21, New Physica By Azamat Abdoullaev
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Physics and Technology of tomorrow are presented as Physics X.0 and Technology X.0. New Physics is described as a Unified Physical Science. It is covering the unity of all forces of nature, universal... More > reversibility of physical entities and processes and new theory of everything. Most Nobel level discoveries have been done in chancy ways, while the New Physics is innovating a rational development strategy. The key emerging technologies which are to disrupt our current world are listed.< Less
Innovations and New Technologies (v.2) By Alexander Bolonkin
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In recent years of the 21st Century the author of this book and other scientists as well, have instigated and described many new ideas, researches, theories, macro-projects, USA and other countries... More > patented concepts, speculative macro-engineering ideas, projects and other general innovations in technology and environment change. In aerospace these include air catapult transportation, hypersonic ground electric AB engine, protection of the Earth from asteroids and delivery of asteroids to the Earth, re-entry space apparatus to Earth, airborne wind turbines, electronic wind generator and propulsion, long distance shells, new self-propelled penetration bomb, inexpensive mini thermonuclear reactor, etc. In technology these include new ideas and innovation in space sciences and Earth technologies: Underground explosion nuclear energy; Electron hydro electric generator; Electron super speed hydro propulsion; Electric theory of tornado; Protection from tornado; and so on.< Less
The New Technology of Managing your Life By Elena Samsonova
eBook (ePub): $2.49
The book by a talented business-coach, Elena Samsonova, "The New Technology of Managing your Life", is also about people and their lives. However, this book is written for modern people who... More > are used to receiving high-quality information, quickly analyzing it, making decisions and acting immediately.  This book is based on the original theory of roles suggested by the author. Using the notion of a "role" (a dynamic informational system) and the notion of a "personality" (a dynamic role system) the author explains in simple terms the reasons of any person's psychological problems and suggests simple solutions which can be of great use in everyday life.  < Less
Preparing For The New Technological Revival In The Church By David Adeyemi
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God’s plan has always been for His Church to be at the forefront of any positive trailblazing changes in a society; a body of people that would extend His Kingdom rule over the earth. There is... More > a wealth of history to show that the Church once influenced the birth of ground-breaking inventions and discoveries. This, in fact, confirms the biblical doctrine that the light of Our Lord Jesus Christ gives man the ability to see beyond the natural. As you may have noticed, this is not necessarily the case today, as the Church appears to have lost her influence over mankind. What has changed now? Is Jesus not the same yesterday, today and forever? Do you think the Church will ever regain her former dominion? In this book, David Adeyemi explores the covenant relationship God has with His Church, which prophetically indicates that the end time Church is on the brink of a new technological revival.< Less
The New Technology of Managing Your Life By Elena Samsonova
eBook (ePub): $2.99
WHAT IS THIS BOOK ABOUT. What are books by Sigmund Freud, Eric Berne, Frederick Perls, Carl Jung, etc., about? These books are about us, people. About what we have inside of us and about... More > what we should do to stop suffering and become happy and successful.   But if these classical books on psychology can be of such great use then why so few of us manage to read them? Why don't we apply the ideas in our everyday life? Probably it happens so because the texts are too complicated, they are written in a difficult language and do not contain any clear instructions of how to use the knowledge in practice. And also because the modern person, especially a young one, prefers using contemporary "gadgets" here and now instead of studying semiconductor physics, chemistry, electrodynamics and other sciences in order to understand how and why his/her mobile phone works.  < Less

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