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Chapter of the Delta By Trent Williams
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Have you ever experienced that moment when you looked into someone’s eyes for the first time and were immediately captivated by their presence that penetrated your soul so deep, that it seemed... More > like your hearts began to beat as one? Often we pursue what we believe to be the impossible catch, only to be caught up in a whirlwind romance that causes us to release our inhibitions and give in to love’s spell. The life and love lines become blurred and boundaries are crossed. Each of us has that one person that was able to reach the tender most guarded part of our heart. The question becomes did we grant the right person access to the venerable part of who we are? Join Romelo as he embarks on his journey through The Chapter of the Delta with Morgan into unchartered waters. This seemingly gentle flow opens up into several directions that forces Romelo to navigate through life’s chapters with the Delta. Will the journey with the Delta leave Romelo better or bitter?< Less
Chapter 17 By Randy Wilson
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For 8 years Leticha Davis has been looking for the man who brutally raped and impregnated her. All she has to go on is a journal belonging to him. The journal entitled Chapter 17 contains details... More > to many of his sick crimes, including the one involving her. With a lock on his location, Leticha is ready to ride on him and anybody else who gets in her way. That is until “Hustler of the Year” William Bird gets in the way. William is a smooth operator with a hidden agenda. The two link up to find the rapist and what begins as a game of cat and mouse turns into a twisted cycle of greed, perversion, decent and murder.< Less
The Chapter of a Boy By James Joyce
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With the combination of multiple short stories and sections of Joyce’s writing, the compilation titled “The Chapter of a Boy,” comes together to complete a challenging yet vivid... More > portrayal of the experiences found through a boy’s journey through manhood. With Joyce’s mysterious and complicated writing style, it can be seen that just as interpreting the meaning behind Joyce’s words is difficult, so is that in understanding the occurrences to each individual character as he grows. With meaning folded upon meaning in each piece, notice the dense and inherently invigorating word choices, and use it to create individual interpretations in relation to the lives of others elsewhere.< Less
The Next Chapter By Bryn Jones
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Sal Russo, a depressed writer in danger of losing his publishing contract, finds a mysterious package bearing his name. In it, a manuscript details a girl's abduction. And a note: Write the next... More > chapter in her life. If don't, she'll die. If you go to the police, I'll kill her. Her fate in in your hands. Meanwhile, bodies from a three-year-old cold case show up, posed in death scenes from Sal Russo's novels. Commander Kyle Truman believes they're linked to a recent abduction at the mall. As evidence mounts against Sal Russo, the police close in. Sal flees, knowing that if he's captured, the girl will die. Her only hope is for Sal to find her before the police catch him.< Less
A Chapter In Vegas By Iniso Affiah
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Marie takes some time out to focus on herself and old demons start to reveal themselves. The question is can she overcome them? A Summer In Vegas due out...this Summer
A Chapter of Adventures By G. A. Henty
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About the Author- George Alfred Henty (8 December 1832 – 16 November 1902), was a prolific English novelist and a special correspondent. He is best known for his historical adventure stories... More > that were popular in the late 19th century. His works include The Dragon & The Raven (1886), For The Temple (1888), Under Drake's Flag (1883) and In Freedom's Cause (1885). -Wikipedia< Less
The Next Chapter By Ross Forrest & Sandy Banks
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Ross and Sandy have put together a collection of poems and short stories that are sure to be a great read.
The Final Chapter By Dana Keller
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Chandu Chapters By Vandana Rao
eBook (PDF): $0.00
It is a story about a little Indian boy named Chandu. It teaches you good values through stories of adventure of Chandu and his friends.
Chapter 1 By william burrell
eBook (PDF): $13.94
it is a fairytale about princess and prince charming and the dark forest