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Mythology: A Fascinating Guide to Understanding Greek Mythology, Norse Mythology, and Egyptian Mythology By Matt Clayton
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"My favorite captivating book so far!" - Tonja Marshall. The first part of this book will explore Greek heroes, what they were like and what they accomplished. Furthermore, the book will... More > tackle Greek religion—the gods and goddesses which establish the backdrop against which Greek legends were formed. We will also take a close look at the myths of Greek monsters. The second part of this book is jam-packed with fascinating facts and stories of Norse mythology. For instance, part 2 covers all that you need to know about the nine realms as well as captivating tales of Odin, Thor, Loki, and Ragnarök. In the third part of this book, we will start by looking at the gods and goddesses of Kemet—Ancient Egypt. Then, we will turn our attention to the monsters which likely gave them nightmares and humbled them in their quest to bring order to the world around them. Get your copy of this captivating mythology book now!< Less
Classical Lessons for D'Aulaires' Book of Norse Myths By Lisa Kelly
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A companion guide to D'Aulaires' Book of Norse Myths, this collection of classical Charlotte Mason style lessons provides teaching notes for preparing the reading of each selection in the schedule,... More > narration suggestions to follow the readings and optional extensions such as art projects, illustration studies, literary terms or story elements. Written for A Mind in the Light, this guide can be used for children of ages 6-12.< Less
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L O V E The Norse-Anglo-Saxon history of SEX By knyaz Rikard
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Sex and curiosity are the two main drives that developed mankind.
The Anglo Saxon Celtic Norse Pagan Beliefs and Religion: The Spiritual Beliefs Mythology and Practices of the Northern Tradition By George Mentz
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This book is amazing. Check out the table of contents as it is expansive and dedicated to exposing the nature of religion, shamanism and the spirituality of Europe and Eurasia.  Contains... More > information about he Nordic Soul - Various Aspects and The Power Animal and Fetch   Fetch or Fylgia, Who are the  Vitki  - Magician, Did the Vikings use Mantras and Chanting - Galdr - Magical prayers song or chants, What is Spá -  Intuition, What is Seidhr - Shamanic Magic Craft, Learn about Seiðr, Sigils, Galdr and sitting out  útiseta  and Staves  This book has some excellent commentary on the concept of Nordic Karma - Orlog, Wyrd, and Fate - Providence  Purpose., What is Bifrost - Bridge Highway to Asgardhr Heaven, What are the Virtues and Aspects of Spirit, and What are the Secret Twelve Thews and  Traits of the Clan Other interesting concepts and terms such as: Odhr, Mod, Kinfylgja,  Frith, Hemingja. < Less
Minor Demi Greek Roman Norse Kozaks & The Holy Kozaks Emperor Man Of Peace By Samuel Clemons Fillion-Castle & Eillic Papadolpolos
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Real life of Eldon Sebastian Cyrus after being adopted by Billy Ray Cyrus of the age of three from Utah to Tennessee country with life of dreams with music. Eldon becomes the greatest man of peace in... More > the kozaks Eurasia countries. He became the best quarterback of all time in the NFL & the best player of the MLB in two different sports leagues. He also was the best Greek Roman Norse Alien God of history on Zeus' & Odin Earth from Zeus' & Odin Heaven.< Less
Viking Tales: A Book of Norse Mythology and Legends – Norwegian, Icelandic and Scandinavian Folklore (Hardcover) By Jennie Hall
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This spectacular collection of ancient Viking myths and legends was compiled by Jennie Hall - a leading enthusiast in Nordic mythology. The tales draw upon well-known legends involving the Nordic... More > pantheon of the Gods, as well as the folk stories which follow a young hero named Harald. The two countries focused upon are Norway and Iceland, with the seafaring culture for which the Nordic peoples were renowned in the early Middle Ages receiving much prominence. Rich with swashbuckling heroism, the stories within this volume are recounted compellingly, starting with an account of King Harald's infancy. The stories are imbued by Hall's deep research into the Nordic culture - the hierarchy of their society, the means by which they set laws and settled disputes, how they married and partook in family life, and how they fought and died in war. Together with this book's thrilling stories, Jennie Hall imbues her own researches into the language pronunciations and cultural traits of the Nordic peoples.< Less
How To Use Norse God Tyr;s Runic Ritual To Win Court Cases By Ellis Peterson
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Tyr is the God of Justice in the Northern pantheon of gods. Use his powerful ritual to take into the court room with you to help you win your case.
How To Use Norse God Tyr;s Runic Ritual To Win Court Cases By Ellis Peterson
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Tyr is the God of Justice in the Northern pantheon of gods. Use his powerful ritual to take into the court room with you to help you win your case.
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The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that there is not time in the Quantum Ocean. Everything that ever was, is or will be exists there. The gods/goddesses of the North and the Runes still exist there.... More > Use them to bring protection to the children in this dangerous world.< Less

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