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Data Migration With Nosql Database By Ajit Singh
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The objective of this book is to analyze the data structures of the RDBMS and the NoSQL databases and to suggest a Graphical User Interface (GUI) tool that migrates the data from SQL to NoSQL... More > databases. The relational databases have been in use and have dominated the industry for many years. The traditional relational databases guarantee data integrity whereas high availability and scalability are the main advantages of the NoSQL databases. This book presents a comparison of these two technologies. It compares the data structure and data storing techniques of the two technologies. The SQL databases store data differently as compared to the NoSQL databases due to their specific demands. The aim of this book is to suggest a methodology for data migration from the RDBMS databases to the document-based NoSQL databases.< Less
NoSQL Injection for Elasticsearch By Gary Drocella
eBook (ePub): $9.99
This E-book is great for computer security professionals who want to keep up to date on how hackers are exploiting cutting-edge technologies. This E-book is a step-by-step guide on exploiting NoSQL... More > Injections for the Elasticsearch database. Also, the E-book discusses how to secure these systems from being vulnerable to NoSQL Injections, in order to secure your data from attackers. The E-book will quickly go from the basics of using Elasticsearch to how to exploit a web service written in Node.js (i.e. Server-Side Javascript) using Elasticsearch as a database.< Less
Data Modeling With Nosql Database By Ajit Singh & Sultan Ahmad
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This book aims to fill this knowledge gap by studying the available non-relational databases in order to develop a systematic approach for solving problems of data persistence using these... More > technologies. A benchmarking framework was introduced in order to address the performance of NoSQL databases as well as their scalability and elasticity properties. A core set of benchmarks was defined and results are reported for three widely used systems: Cassandra, Riak and a simple sharded MySQL implementation which serves as a baseline. This book provides a simple methodology for modeling data in a non-relational database, as well as a set of common design patterns. This book mainly focused on both Cassandra and Riak.< Less
Data Migration from Sql to Nosql Database By Ajit Singh
eBook (ePub): $5.99
The SQL databases store data differently as compared to the NoSQL databases due to their specific demands. The data stored in the relational databases is highly structured and normalized in most... More > environments whereas the data in the NoSQL databases are mostly unstructured. This difference of the data structure helps in meeting the specific demands of these two systems. The NoSQL DBs are scalable with high availability due to the simpler data model but does not guarantee data consistency at all times. On the other hand the RDBMS systems are not easily scalable and available at the same time due to the complex data model but guarantees data consistency. This book uses CouchDB and MySQL to represent the NoSQL and standard SQL databases respectively. The aim of this book is to suggest a methodology for data migration from the RDBMS databases to the document-based NoSQL databases.< Less
Hands-On Web Application with Javascript Frameworks and NoSQL By Piyas De
eBook (PDF): $9.99
The technology is transforming traditional structural data programming to non-structural one, server side work are emerging with JavaScript. So this book is a quick walk-through of some of those... More > tools and how those are integrated...with codes hands-on. We may think this e-book as a collective starting point of some of new technologies in Web Frameworks for coming days of newcomers...< Less
Mongodb Simply In Depth By Ajit Singh & Sultan Ahmad
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This book really does cover just the MongoDB, simply in depth so it also wont take you very far. Throughout each chapter youll learn tons of new techniques for using MongoDB objects and the basic... More > CRUD techniques for DB connections. Later chapters even offer source code from multiple languages like Java, Python, and PHP. This lets you see how applications can scale using Mongo regardless of the backend language. You can learn sharding and replication for scaling databases.< Less
Big Data Processing with Apache Spark By Srini Penchikala
Paperback: $19.99
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Apache Spark is a popular open-source big-data processing framework that’s built around speed, ease of use, and unified distributed computing architecture. Not only it supports developing... More > applications in different languages like Java, Scala, Python, and R, it’s also hundred times faster in memory and ten times faster even when running on disk compared to traditional data processing frameworks. Whether you are currently working on a big data project or interested in learning more about topics like machine learning, streaming data processing, and graph data analytics, this book is for you. You can learn about Apache Spark and develop Spark programs for various use cases in big data analytics using the code examples provided. This book covers all the libraries in Spark ecosystem: Spark Core, Spark SQL, Spark Streaming, Spark ML, and Spark GraphX.< Less
PHP and MongoDB Programming By Example By Agus Kurniawan
eBook (ePub): $3.99
This book provides alternative approach to build PHP application with Windows/Linux platform and MongoDB database. It describes how to work with PHP and MongoDB and illustrates their use with code... More > examples. The following is highlight topics in book: * Setup Development Environment * Hello World - PHP and MongoDB * MongoDB Authentication * Manipulating Database * CRUD Collection Operations * Working with Identity, Date and Time * Finding and Querying Data * Working with Image and Blob Data * Data Modeling * Embedded Document< Less
High Performance in-memory computing with Apache Ignite By Shamim bhuiyan et al.
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This book covers a verity of topics, including in-memory data grid, highly available service grid, streaming (event processing for IoT and fast data) and in-memory computing use cases from... More > high-performance computing to get performance gains. The book will be particularly useful for those, who have the following use cases: 1) You have a high volume of ACID transactions in your system. 2) You have database bottleneck in your application and want to solve the problem. 3) You want to develop and deploy Microservices in a distributed fashion. 4) You have an existing Hadoop ecosystem (OLAP) and want to improve the performance of map/reduce jobs without making any changes in your existing map/reduce jobs. 5) You want to share Spark RDD directly in-memory (without storing the state into the disk) 7) You are planning to process continuous never-ending streams and complex events of data. 8) You want to use distributed computations in parallel fashion to gain high performance.< Less
The Apache Ignite Book By Michael Zheludkov & Shamim Bhuiyan
Paperback: $54.99
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Apache Ignite is one of the most widely used open source memory-centric distributed, caching, and processing platform. This allows the users to use the platform as an in-memory computing framework or... More > a full functional persistence data stores with SQL and ACID transaction support. On the other hand, Apache Ignite can be used for accelerating existing Relational and NoSQL databases, processing events & streaming data or developing Microservices in fault-tolerant fashion. This book addressed anyone interested in learning in-memory computing and distributed database. This book intends to provide someone with little to no experience of Apache Ignite with an opportunity to learn how to use this platform effectively from scratch taking a practical hands-on approach to learning. Please see the table of contents for more details.< Less

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