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Nova By Anton Bearsley
eBook (ePub): $3.23
When a bloody galactic war that had raged for eons spills out into their solar system, two innocents get pulled deep into the heart of the battle. Though never having met before, their fates are... More > intrinsically linked to the outcome of the battle and the survival of their entire race.< Less
Nova By Geoffrey Riley
eBook (PDF): $0.00
NOVA is completely fictional. An hallucination. There is no "Private G.D. Riley."
nova By Eryn Harper Grey
Hardcover: List Price: $47.92 $35.94 | You Save: 25%
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They inched closer to us like serpents in the night. It was the image of all things evil, of all things hateful, these clouds of darkness heading towards us pulling together like an angry storm. I... More > didn’t let the fear that burned inside my soul make its way to my head. There was too much I had to do. The clouds began to turn into bodies without faces, black ghosts floating along side the still water. Eventually, I could see the separation amongst the masses but it was nothing more than that. They would never be anything more to me than faceless ghosts coming to steal my soul, the souls of those I loved. I dug my nails into the dirt and let out an agonized howl. for more on nova, visit Eryn Harper Grey's facebook page,!/profile.php?id=100001608303574< Less
Art of Nova By Nova LeBeouf
eBook (PDF): $2.50
A collection of my artwork.
NOVA By Jean-Francois Becquaert
Hardcover: $22.24
Prints in 3-5 business days
Un centaine de haïkus sont contenus dans ce livre centré sur l'émerveillement lié au cosmos profond.
Super Nova By Mary Alice Ewing
Paperback: $10.00
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Imagine a life on Clouds. Days filled with laughter and joy while looking down at the unknown beneath you. This was all Otis knew of. He also knew his guardian, Gami, went missing and that he still... More > hadn't gotten the dream. Quickly everything changed... He dreams of a young girl running for her life and he is the only one who can save her. In a whirlwind of events he is pushed off the clouds and finds himself on earth. Can he find the little girl from his dreams and save her? Or will someone find out about him before he can?< Less
Novas Bellum By Stuart Holmes
Paperback: $7.45
Prints in 3-5 business days
“This is still war, Mr Whitlam and we won’t dress it up in a petticoat and say it’s a lady if it’s just a gritty, horrid, power hungry dog that barks orders and pisses all... More > over the globe” He shrugged. Dwight nodded with a smirk, slightly taken back. “But think of it this way” The small man spoke in a deep tone as he positioned himself to stand. “If you are not fighting in the front-lines of diplomacy, someone else is and that means you have lost the ability to decide the fate of your nation. I do not mean to say that you are any better a decider than another but you very well could be”< Less
Nova Scotia By Jim Austin Jimages
Calendar: $20.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
N O V A Scotia: People and Places Jimages engaging, intimate full color 2018 12 month calendar of places and events in Nova Scotia. Tall ships, wildlife, pristine coastlines, all combine to offer a... More > beautiful addition to your decor.< Less
My Nova By A.J. Conway
Paperback: $11.04
Prints in 3-5 business days
Robotics has become an accepted norm of future technology. As the world’s population ages, there will come into existence a future in which much of a human’s comfort and safety is... More > managed by intelligent machines. A.J. Conway creates such a logical world and has put it into the pages of My Nova – psychologically complex fiction about a monopolistic megacorporation that manufactures (or is involved in the manufacture) of the machines that serve mankind. There is a catch, and it is one that Asimov seemed to have glossed over in his zeal for uplifting robotic technology. Is anthropomorphism the wave of the AI future? In the darkly imagined future of AI in the Spielberg movie of the same name, the cautionary dilemmas faced by the human-robot interface is given the stark conclusion that machines are machines no matter how they are programmed to act as humans to the point that humanity gives them the love reserved for humans. Read more at< Less
TERROR NOVA By Malcolm Kitchen
eBook (PDF): $7.77
He took a step towards them and not one of them looked up, could hardly tear their gaze away from the crossed scimitar swords leant imperiously against the wall, the video camera and tripod...

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