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Outcastia Campaign Setting Book II: Player's Guidebook By Nitehawk Interactive Games
Paperback: $30.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
You’ve journeyed through the land in Book I and learned what you need to about the realm, now dive head first into the meat of this Campaign Setting with newly designed gaming elements that... More > will help you to make your mark in the “Land of Dragons”. This book includes: Races both unique and familiar. Eight races to choose from with subraces for most for a total of 28 choices to add to your arsenal of races we’ve already given you in the AHB, classes to delight both the power player and the new gamer alike with 9 to choose from and even a new NPC class for your CM, three new magic domains for the spellcaster inside of you with loads of new spells, as well as new skills, feats, and equipment. With this book you will have everything you need to play in the realm of Outcastia (and beyond). Even CMs will have most everything they will need…for now. So what are you waiting for? Grab some paper and pencils. Bring out that dice. Rev up your imagination and travel to a land of magic and mayhem. Your journey awaits.< Less
Adventure Art Issue #1 By
Paperback: $10.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
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This book is a veritable treasure chest of fantasy artwork by established artist, Mates Laurentiu. These illustrations have been crafted specifically for use as Character or NPC references in fantasy... More > role-playing games. With thirteen Master Level fantasy creations, each issue literally contains hundreds of dollars worth of art. All images are super high-quality, immediately ready for easy use in your role-playing games. Adventure Art is a bi-monthly series published in tandem by Mythic Design, Inc. and Each issue contains a wide variety of characters, races, classes, monsters, and scenes. Issue #1 (May/June 2009) also contains a piece from guest artist, Nate Abell. Caution: Issues of Adventure Art may contain artistically depicted, anatomically correct nudity and/or scenes of combat and violence. All artwork is done in the spirit of art and fantasy adventure, however a few images may be offensive to sensitive viewers.< Less
The Anti-Paladin By Louis Kahn
eBook (PDF): $7.50
If you’ve ever wanted to let loose evil incarnate on your Old School fantasy role playing campaign, this book is for you! This 36 page book contains a BRAND NEW NPC/PC CLASS for use with... More > OSRIC, 1E and compatible Old School retro-clones: the treacherous and dark hearted ANTI-PALADIN! This supplement provides detailed rules for creating dark knights, with everything the GM needs to incorporate the class and its fearsome companions into their campaign. You get a fully detailed OSR character class; descriptions of the class’ armour, weapons and equipment; details on followers and companions; class specific magic items: and FOUR FULLY DETAILED examples of anti-paladins to get you and your players right into the action! You will meet four dark knights of different levels, each complete and ready to play with a back story, present whereabouts, gear and magic items, detailed follower information, mercenary troop descriptions, and maps and descriptions of their fortifications.< Less

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