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Adventure Seed 1b: To Burn a Witch By Robert J Defendi
Paperback: $7.03
Prints in 3-5 business days
It takes 10-15 minutes for an average reader to digest 2500 words. In that amount of time, you could be up and running a game session. All you need are this Adventure Seed, your game's rulebooks, and... More > whatever monster and NPC stats your game provides. That and a few players and you're off and running. The Witch-Hunters see themselves as the last defense between the world and a slow descent into Hell. But are their inquisitions and their burnings really justice? When the party finds a group of Witch-Hunters searching a village, they must decide who to help . . . the Witch-Hunters, or the Witch.< Less
Seven Voyages of Zylarthen Electronic Edition By Oakes Spalding
eBook (PDF): $9.95
(2 Ratings)
The Electronic Edition features revised and bookmarked/linked versions of the four original booklets for the classic OD&D neo-clone. It also includes the complete text of Supplement 1: Book of... More > Spells, as well as a printable Player Reference Sheets booklet. There are 146 new Zylarthen spells, including 80 unique to reimagined versions of the Witch and High Priest NPC classes. The Electronic Edition also features new rules on age and aging, wilderness travel and more. We feel the revised and expanded version is even more in the spirit of its 1974 parent. Fight On!< Less
APOCalypse 2500 GM’s Campaign Guide & Bestiary By J L Arnold
Paperback: $13.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
This GM's Campaign Guide & Bestiary contains essential tools for the game master, from reference tables to monsters. The game master's tools provide game mechanics quick reference, optional rules... More > applications, and random generation of game elements such as weather, moon phase, and storm affects for adventures on paper or on the fly. The various NPC's, locations, and monsters are fully specked out in easy to read table format for instant game use. Many new possibilities for player characters, both species and vocation, are added and fully annotated in the bestiary section for easy use in character creation.< Less
Beasties 2 By Thomas Denmark
Paperback: $9.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
Beasties II is a fantasy bestiary supplement compatible with the original fantasy roleplaying game and subsequent editions, and other “OSR” games that follow in the mold of the original... More > like Colonial Troopers, Guardians, and Warriors of the Red Planet. More than just a manual of monsters this book includes ready made NPC’s, traps & tricks, an adventure location and random encounter tables. This is a handy reference book to bring to your gaming table, or use for inspiration in creating adventures. A collection of monsters, creatures, strange beings, traps, and encounters compatible with the Original Fantasy RPG and similar systems.< Less
The Night Down Under By R Pinnell
eBook (PDF): $0.00
This adventure is designed for six to eight characters, of levels ranging from 1st to 4th in experience; all should begin at 1st level if possible. It is recommended that one cleric and elf be... More > included in the group; and if they are NPC, these should be 2nd level. It is the author's opinion that a group including those mentioned, along with two fighters, a dwarf or hobbit, a magic-user and a thief, will find the encounters within to be challenging while the rewards worthwhile. Larger groups could explore the graveyard and catacombs below, but if you allow such then increase monster numbers, and be prepared for players to need replacements as characters will fall prey to the creatures they confront. Written for Classic rules, but easily adaptable to all systems.< Less
Lost Heart By Chad Fox Karsten Winther
Paperback: $2.06
Prints in 3-5 business days
In the world of Cardoven, there lived a villager named Kren. Kren was cursed with a mysterious illness. One day, a shady man cloaked in dark red robes came to Kren’s bedside, blessed him with... More > the ability to resist the sickness temporarily, and a map of the cavern behind the village, then disappeared, never to be seen again by any mortal. Kren then traveled deep within the cave, then emerged with a mystic medallion known as Serine Necklace. A faint glow emerged from the accessory, and a tiny fairy appeared. This fairy was Serina’s spirit. Serina told Kren of his condition: he was a Player stuck in an NPC body. He must escape, and he’s losing life… fast. Kren must gather the Six Hearts in order to confront the G.O.D’s of this world.< Less
Dog Town: The Missing Mafioso By Jonathan Ridd Cold Blooded Games
Paperback: $6.65
Prints in 3-5 business days
Thomas Ormenti is missing. To bad ! you say, except that he is the son of powerful Gurino Family Capo "Florida" Phil Ormenti and it is your crew that gets a call to help find him. The... More > rewards for locating him could be substantial, the consequences of failure or refusal potentially fatal. Whatever the outcome dealing with the Mafia and its politics is never easy. The Missing Mafioso is a fast paced adventure for the Dog Town the Roleplaying Game of crime, money and violence. Outrun bounty hunters hot on your heels. Tangle with a Columbian Drug Cartel. Get dangerously mixed up with the Mafia. Avoid getting pinched by the cops. Follow the trail and find the Missing Mafioso. This book contains 20 NPC's and 4 pre-generated player criminals. It can be played solo or as a three to four player game. This product is fully book marked. This game contains strong language and requires Dog Town: Core Rules to play.< Less
DAA1 - The Ghost of Jack Cade on London Bridge By Dominique Crouzet
Paperback: $5.22
Prints in 3-5 business days
(3 Ratings)
Dark Albion Adventures: The Ghost of Jack Cade on London Bridge, is a 22 pages long fantasy RPG adventure for the Dark Albion: The Rose War campaign setting (also available on Lulu). It is OSR... More > compatible, meaning you can use it with most OSR role-playing games such as Swords & Wizardry, OSRIC, etc., and of course Fantastic Heroes & Witchery by the same author (also available on Lulu). It could also be used with 5e rather easily (you just would need to adapt six NPC stat-blocks). This is a low level (i.e. intended for 1st level, probably newly created, characters) introductory adventure, that occurs on London Bridge. This is mostly an investigation adventure, without dungeon crawls (though several buildings may be explored). It would be typically run in a single 4-5 hours gaming session. This adventure will be perfect to set the mood of a Dark Albion campaign.< Less
The Wizard's Scroll - Issue 1 By Charlie Mason
eBook (PDF): $1.99
The Wizard's Scroll is a new Swords & Wizardry fanzine. Within you will find all manner of excellent gaming material by some truly creative fans of the game. 2 Races: The Testudo (tortoise men)... More > and Ratfolk A Spell: Binding Familiars An NPC for Carcosa 4 Monsters: The Skin Bag, Lightning Monk, Shield Guardian and the Abominable Beastman 7 Magic Items: Including Zum Kali’s Ancient Sword of Bone and the Claws of Carcajou 2 Adventures: The Demon-Shattered Tower (levels 2-3) and The Bandit Caves of Cyrus Blacknail (low level) A Fantastic Location: The Wizard’s Tower Optional Rules: Critical Hits and Basic Skills A Recipe: How to Cook a Halfling So put on your reading glasses (if you need them) and settle down in a comfortable chair. For the Wizards of the Scroll have cast an arcane ritual of "Read Magic" enabling the secrets of the Scroll to be read by all, for the very first time.< Less
The Squared Circle By Eric Moreau
Hardcover: $34.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Squared Circle Wrestling RPG Create a wrestler and lead them to the very pinnacle of the wrestling industry, winning titles and engaging in feuds along the way...will you become a legend?... More > Or maybe running a wrestling promotion is more your style, create and run your own promotion and face off against your friends to see who has the skill to make it and who doesn't. Features: - Over 200 fully detailed moves to choose from - 38 Match types to choose from - Over 50 NPC wrestlers to use in your games - Create your own wrestling storylines! - Managers and Valets - Two gameplay types; Wrestler Career and Promotion Manager - Play alone or with friends - 180 pages - play online at< Less

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