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Waltraub - The World Within Book Two By Richard L. Newell
eBook (ePub): $4.99
There is much about the earth upon which we live, of which most of us are totally unaware. If we only knew where to look for them. . . civilizations exist which use technology (so far advanced beyond... More > ours) that would overwhelm and astonish even the most brilliantly creative, astute and clever minds of our present-day society. Richard L. Newell Equisisos Theory WELCOME To Adventure! ENTER The Vast Unknown! EXPLORE The World Within! Inside The Earth Colonies Are Established For A Righteous Purpose. Worthy Men. Women, and Children from all countries on earth are offered sanctuary from the impending holocaust of Armageddon. This destructive battle is about to be unleashed, climaxing in an untold number casualties prior to the second coming of Jesus Christ. Witness a modern miracle as Noah’s Ark is masterfully re-created in a setting deep within the earth, and animals are gathered anew from all over the world. This drama in Christian living continues as the threat of a nuclear inferno draws near.< Less
Life Plug By Race Meider
Paperback: $9.91
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Dan leaves his drug connection by walking to the door and stating “My room.” The door slides open and he walks into his room. He sits on his bed and swallows the pill. He looks at the... More > door with a smile and his doorbell rings. There are two women about his age on the other side, scantily dressed and laughing. He walks to his refrigerator and says “beer.” He pulls the fridge open and there is a six pack of beer sitting by itself inside the refrigerator. Page is Dan’s fiance. She is seated in front of her television, listening to the news report. Women are being attacked or waking up while being raped, but there isn’t anyone there. This is ruining the police’s 100% success rate with all their technology. Page is awoken by a rapist, but not in the world she knows. It’s a desolate post nuclear war world where she must run through the desert away from the rapist. She meets descendants of the holocaust survivors with a variety of abilities and deformities.< Less
Steam City Pirates By Jim Musgrave
eBook (ePub): $2.99
This ebook contains music, online games and original illustrations to add to your reading experience. Like Alice’s rabbit, a strange “mechanical-like man” leads 1869 New York... More > Detective Pat O’Malley down into the world of steam power. A group from the future calling itself the World Scientific Advancement Society for Progress is living secretly beneath Central Park. These pirates are inventors whose only goal is to keep the Earth in the Steam Age in order to save it from a future nuclear holocaust. Five alien assassins from other universes are ordered to kill O’Malley and his group, and each alien has a unique ability to do the job. As the Steam City Pirates build a steam-powered amusement park on Coney Island, O’Malley and his group are hunted down in the streets of New York City. The future of the world is at stake in this mystery and adventure featuring a twisting plot, steampunk time travel, steam men duels, crafty inventions, and monsters from other planets.< Less
Happiness at the End of the World By Happy Smiley & Friends
eBook (ePub): $3.80
The world as we know it has come to an end ... but someone, somewhere is actually happy? While the rest of the world is doom and gloom over climate change, ancient predictions of planetary alignments... More > spelling the end of days and the potential for nuclear holocaust, one book has come to the rescue with some joy in the midst of horror. Eight science fiction short stories with a different take on a moment of post-Armageddon happiness. Crime, romance & adventure. A desolate space station, a jungle village & a super-clean Singapore of the future. - a lonely space-craft dweller finds home - a private eye resolves a case - a career-driven woman discovers a whole new world - a scientist finds love & saves the day - a mutant warrior recovers lost love - a neat-freak can have a relationship after all - an old man greets hope in a desolate city - a widow's life is changed by truth. Enjoy Singapore's first ever Science Fiction anthology by new and talented writers.< Less
The Horses (Plus ça Change) By Kate McKinney Maddalena
Paperback: $8.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book and, proactively, its future iterations, are and will be the copyrighted work of KMM, as commissioned by EB, and cannot be reproduced without the author’s permission. The complete... More > work is composed of a single book—existing on and printed on demand—whose content evolves over time, yielding different iterations based upon the date of online purchase. With each iteration: a. at least one text must be added; b. the title must change but remain the same; c. the cover must change but remain the same; d. the price must change but remain the same. Each text must consider the future, whether it is 100 years from now (then), or one second from then (now). The complete work is simultaneously composed of all past/future iterations of the book, and is ended when either: a. 200 pages have been filled; b. the author has died; c. the publishing service has ceased operation due to (not so) unforeseen circumstances, such as bankruptcy, nuclear holocaust, obsolescence, etc.< Less
He Was a Hero By Neil Webner
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In October 1962, the United States and Soviet Russia nearly played into a world-wide nuclear holocaust which historian Arthur M. Schlessinger, Jr., called "the most dangerous moment in human... More > history." The errors in judgment and diplomacy during the Cuban Missile Crisis, by both sides, are only now being fully realized. War was narrowly avoided, but the U. S. had marshaled its full military might and was prepared to engage the former USSR on its own turf as well as in Cuba. Were it not for the readiness and dedication of our men and women in uniform, it may have been a different story. But men did die during the Cuban Missile Crisis and one of them was my brother-in-law whom I hardly knew. Capt. Bob Dennis was an electronic warfare officer aboard a sophisticated B-47 outfitted for black ops reconnaissance when the aircraft went down in Bermuda, killing all aboard. Were it not for several coincidences, Bob would not have been aboard that flight. But then, was it really such a coincidence!< Less
Habakkuk: Victory In Court—Revealed and Prophesied—One Year Before We Won! By Gerald Flurry & Philadelphia Church of God
eBook (ePub): $0.00
The Worldwide Church of God leader said it was his “Christian duty” to keep Herbert W. Armstrong’s writings out of print. But the Philadelphia Church of God now owns the copyrights... More > to the 19 books and booklets written by Mr. Armstrong. That is the magnificent court victory we have won. God’s work has been revived as prophesied! God gave us the victory even though the appeals court ruled against us! It is the most miraculous event since the Philadelphia Church began. Habakkuk prophesied that it would be a double-wonder miracle. God’s message to the world could not have been delivered had we lost. The court battle tested the faith of God’s people. Most of them have failed that test. Conversely, the miraculous victory revealed who believes God enough to fight for and deliver His end-time message! In this booklet: • Habakkuk Reveals the Outcome of Our Courtcase • Germany Rises and Conquers—Again • Nuclear Holocaust • Victory Prophesied!< Less
Mutants and Death Ray Guns SPANISH VERSION By Andrea Sfiligoi
eBook (PDF): $8.00
SPANISH LANGUAGE EDITION Mutants and Death Ray Guns is a fast-paced, skirmish level, post-holocaust, science fantasy miniature system for two or more players. Based on the popular Song of Blades and... More > Heroes mechanics, the rules are simple and, above all, FUN. After 200 years of war with nuclear and biochemical weapons, new races compete for supremacy over a scorched Earth. Pit your band of after-the-bomb desperadoes, mutant humanoids, sentient plants, robots, androids, hyper-evolved animals and zombie-like Wretched against the dangers of a wasted world.< Less

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