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2014 Calendar of Destruction By
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Each month you can read about increasingly terrible and slightly more probable ways you are likely to die and perish. The Calendar of Destruction is the perfect holiday gift! Seriously, what better... More > way to make sure your friends and family appreciate what little time they have left, than to remind them each and every day they could be obliterated any second!< Less
The New World By Robert Thurman
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It was the year 2500, man was totally obliterated from the earth, only one sole survivor remains.
Benefits of a Penis Health Creme – Specialized Care for the Manly Skin By John Dugan
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Amending a man's penis health routine could be key to obliterating his penis health issues.
The message By Lisette Ramos-Voigt
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The future of mankind is at risk of being obliterated by the powerful forces of nature. In this case gamma rays. The survival of all species, including man, are at the mercy of a group of scientists... More > looking for a solution which seems to be in the old petroglyphs of ancient civilizations.< Less
Ghost of Empire By Kristine Michaels
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A nuclear explosion obliterates Tehran. Simultaneously a man-made bio weapon begins to decimate the populations of India and China. Eric Lantz is sent to find those responsible and prevent the... More > Ghost of Empire from rising again.< Less
B.B.C. - A National Menace By A.K. Chesterton
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“The B.B.C. defames our past, poisons our present and places our future at desperate hazard. No nation can survive which is conditioned by a vast fifth-column serving forces which have a vested... More > interest in its obliteration as a sovereign, independent Realm.” A.K. Chesterton< Less
In The Light Of The Cross By James A. Self
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The glow that emanates from the cross changes our perspective. Things look considerably different when viewed in the light of the cross. The light of the cross can obliterate the shadows and the... More > doubts. Things that were dim will become illuminated. Things that were cloudy will become clear. The fears that seemed so ominous will dissipate as the light of the cross erases the shadows.< Less
Peacock Angel By Ethel Stefana Drower
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The mysterious Yezidis have been thrust into the public attention due to the 2014 attacks by the Islamic State of Iraq in a campaign to obliterate non-Islamic influences from the area. Lady Drower's... More > account of her experiences among the Yezidis has become an important record of this persecuted minority, and their religious practices.< Less
The Corpse on the Comet By Scott H. Spencer
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ASTEROID STU, the best (probably only) private eye in the Asteroid Zone has a doozy of a case involving a battle between minor deities. Aided by a cybernetic dachshund and an immaterial sorceress,... More > Stu must chase a comet in a race across space to save the universe from obliteration! This is the paperback version of the new and improved revised edtion.< Less
marvel By william Shakespeare Ilan RUBEL
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book 3 of the City of Gustave. Written concurrently with City of Gustave, quite an amazing testament to the struggle for feeling that one is alive in a society that tries to obliterate the importance... More > of true friendsip and love, as the embrace that helps us grow into happy and productive adults. What is incredible and outstanding is the avalanche of words to prove it.< Less