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Restoration of Lost or Obliterated Corners and Subdivision of Sections By United States Department of The Interior
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This supplement to the Manual of Instructions for the Survey of the Public Lands of the United States has been in print since 1883. The purpose of the supplement is to provide an introduction to the... More > rectangular system of public land surveying and resurveying and a compendium of basic laws relating to the system. The information is of interest to county and local surveyors in retracing the lines of the public land surveys. Attorneys, title insurance company personnel and others who have professional interests in former or present public lands find this explanation of survey procedures valuable. The pamphlet deals mainly with general practices and rules for the restoration of lost corners and the subdivision of sections. These procedures are used by the Bureau of Land Management in its surveys and resurveys of public lands. There has been little change in these procedures since their first publication in 1883. The presentation has been designed to answer many of the common questions arising in practical work.< Less
The New World By Robert Thurman
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It was the year 2500, man was totally obliterated from the earth, only one sole survivor remains.
The message By Lisette Ramos-Voigt
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The future of mankind is at risk of being obliterated by the powerful forces of nature. In this case gamma rays. The survival of all species, including man, are at the mercy of a group of scientists... More > looking for a solution which seems to be in the old petroglyphs of ancient civilizations.< Less
Winterborn By Apis Teicher
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Two generations after the sidhe empire's clan wars caused their obliteration, the remnants of their creations come back to haunt their descendants. With magic gone unpredictably wild, it's up to... More > Mirin and Tereg ( a rogue fire mage and the pickpocket he rescued) to either save what is left of the Empire or to destroy it altogether.< Less
The Corpse on the Comet By Scott H. Spencer
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ASTEROID STU, the best (probably only) private eye in the Asteroid Zone has a doozy of a case involving a battle between minor deities. Aided by a cybernetic dachshund and an immaterial sorceress,... More > Stu must chase a comet in a race across space to save the universe from obliteration! This is the paperback version of the new and improved revised edtion.< Less
The Lightforce Food Manual By Graham Jevon
eBook (PDF): $11.99
A Lightforce lifestyle is to practice and take in that which is self. Obliterating the false terms of must, while regaining a self sovereign stance through feeding on light. This is a manual for... More > those wishing to partake in the Lightforce lifestyle. The do's and do withouts in terms of food and lifestyle are present in this book. packed with recipes to make it simple and fun!< Less
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B.B.C. - A National Menace By A.K. Chesterton
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“The B.B.C. defames our past, poisons our present and places our future at desperate hazard. No nation can survive which is conditioned by a vast fifth-column serving forces which have a vested... More > interest in its obliteration as a sovereign, independent Realm.” A.K. Chesterton< Less
Peacock Angel By Ethel Stefana Drower
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The mysterious Yezidis have been thrust into the public attention due to the 2014 attacks by the Islamic State of Iraq in a campaign to obliterate non-Islamic influences from the area. Lady Drower's... More > account of her experiences among the Yezidis has become an important record of this persecuted minority, and their religious practices.< Less
In The Light Of The Cross By James A. Self
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The glow that emanates from the cross changes our perspective. Things look considerably different when viewed in the light of the cross. The light of the cross can obliterate the shadows and the... More > doubts. Things that were dim will become illuminated. Things that were cloudy will become clear. The fears that seemed so ominous will dissipate as the light of the cross erases the shadows.< Less