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OCD Today By Jose Espaillat
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OCD Today is aimed to all readers, including individuals with obsessive compulsive disorder, family members, health professionals and those just interested in learning more about it. Dr. Espaillat... More > has managed to include in depth medical information, based on the latest literature research of the neurobiology of OCD, and express it in terms that can be understood by all readers. He has explained the latest theory of why individuals suffer from this disease, as well as what can be done about it. Individuals interested in the subject of OCD or suffering from its symptoms will be left with a thorough understanding of the condition based on current research. He has explained what the symptoms are, as well as what can be expected from treatment and getting on with life. The book is considered a synthesis of the research available today. Dr. Espaillat is a physician specialized in Psychiatry and sub specialized in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.< Less
Anxiety Disorder: Understanding, Managing, and Overcoming Agoraphobia, Finding The Best Alternative Therapy, Benzodiazepines, Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, OCD Treatment and More By Alma Davidson
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A guide to breaking free from anxiety disorder, agoraphobia, getting the best alternative therapy, Benzodiazepines, cognitive-behavior therapy, OCD Treatment and more.
Learn Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy: Volume Two 'Therapy; Techniques & Treatments' By Dan Jones
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This book is the second volume in the 'Learn Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy' series (previously released as 'Becoming a Brief Therapist' series) dedicated to helping you to become an effective brief... More > therapist. This volume delves a little deeper into hypnosis and therapy including Therapeutic Techniques and how best to approach treating conditions like Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Addictions and Pain. The author has almost 20 years experience with Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and working predominantly in the areas of Depression; Anxiety; Phobia and Trauma Treatment (including PTSD, OCD and other anxiety problems) and with families. He has worked on TV programmes like 'The Anatomy of Fear', and has been featured on the radio, in newpapers and had work appear in magazines; including 'New Scientist' and 'BBC Focus'< Less
How To Diagnose and Treat Your Anxiety By Steven T. Griggs, Ph.D.
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ANXIETY? I’m a psychologist and have produced a how-to-think-about-your-anxiety ebook that lets you follow along with my thinking, just as I do, assessing clients, usually in the first session.... More > It will show you how to rate yourself and compare where you “are” compared to the rest of the population. It covers 33 frequency and severity symptoms. The charts are easy to interpret. I give a thorough explanation about how people become anxious, the dynamics and progression of symptoms, and then some instruction about how to reduce anxiety. This ebook is cheaper than the cheapest bookstore book on anxiety and can be downloaded from this website in seconds, rather than having to drive to a bookstore. It is packed with clinical information but presented in easy-to-understand language. You don’t have to pay for a therapist to get professional information. Visit my website for a more thorought explanation and to see other ebooks on psychology.< Less
Compulsive Hoarding Help: The Art of Conquering Dangerous Compulsive Disorder By Paula Daniella
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From a very broad point of view, hoarders are dangerous both for their self and to the communities We all know that hoarders keep stuff they don't even need anymore for any reason But what we need to... More > know is whether or not a person behavior is leaning towards hoarder or not The earlier we can identify hoarder behavior, the faster and better we can help our loved ones That is my goal with this book. This book is not to substitute a professional help but rather to help identify hoarder's type of behavior and stop them early Also this book will help lessen the hoarding compulsive behavior Inside you'll find: -the 3 features of compulsive hoarding behavior -the 3 reasons why hoarders keep their stuffs -3 types of hoarding behavior -7 essential principles to guide hoarders out from their destructive behavior -three essential tasks that must be carried out before you start helping a hoarder -checklists to early identify hoarders before things got worse -and many more< Less
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Cognitive / Behavioral Therapy for Fast Effective Treatment of Anxiety, Panic and OCD.
Gudh Elf & Bad Elf: Book 1 a Picture of Elf By Robin Pauc
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In a land where this world ends and at least a footstep within the realm of fantasy lived a little boy called Badh Elf. Bestselling author Robin Pauc (Is That My Child?) takes you to Elfland, where... More > through the medium of fantasy, he looks at the learning and behavioural disorders of childhood. Each story (with a sprinkling of childish humour, brilliant illustrations and some fairy magic) looks at an individual issue and helps both children and parents understand the cause and treatment. Dyslexia, dyspraxia, attention deficit, tic disorders, obsessions and silliness syndrome all receive the attention of the Good Doctor, of Tiddleton-on-Sea, Elfland. Bullying, obesity and the importance of friendship are also addressed as the lives of Elves, Goblins, Fairies, Boggarts, Bogles and even Trolls unfold in this magical land.< Less
Anxiety Attack 101: Women's Edition By PJ Richards
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Women's Reference Guide to Anxiety: Information and resources re: Types of Anxiety Disorders, Anxiety risks Women face, Age at which most disorders strike, Which Anxiety Disorders tend to run in... More > families, Alternative, Natural and Medication Treatment Methods & More.< Less
Desiree, a midsummernight's dream- Medley By YAEL Dubono
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This is the diary of an adolescent girl diagnosed with mental illness. She seems obsessed with celebrities such as Melissa Manchester, Styx, Madonna, Barbra Streisand, and affected by the book Carrie... More > White by Stephen King. Her writing is based on sound associations, leading to rhymes, but sometimes incongruous, and in line with a perceptual disorder. So that a statement at the beginning of a sentence may be totally contradicted by its end. Her thoughtprocessing at times is like a train that switches tracks in the midst of a trajectory. Many times however it does make sense. It is hoped that this book may forge the way to innovative approaches to the treatment of thought disorders, which is a the basis of paranoid disorders, enlisting the strength of the affected individuall to "put the train back on the correct track", and use more education and less drugs. Yael describes herself as a flying swan, therefore the cover.< Less
Tackling Anxiety - How to Regain Your Peace of Mind - Second Edition By Ernest S. Schmidt, LCSW
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My goal in writing this book is to give you an easy-to-use guide that can help you change your struggles with anxiety. After having read numerous books on the treatment of anxiety and learning from... More > top professionals in the field of mental health, I wanted to put together some of the best ideas. Although the words in this book are my own, most of what I have learned has been taught to me by great authors, clinicians, teachers, and clinical supervisors. By using clear and simple writing, I have adapted the information I’ve learned as a student and as a therapist into language that is easy to understand. Anxiety, though very treatable, is often misunderstood and not properly managed. Through the process of learning this information, you can improve your life and begin to tackle your anxiety. By learning the most effective methods used in treating anxiety, not only will you feel better, but you will be able to live without the roadblocks connected with this difficult emotion.< Less