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Bad Boss Bad Salary Part 1 By Gie Ocha
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Peraturan Perusahaan Pasal 1: Bos selalu BENAR. Pasal 2: Bos TIDAK pernah salah. Pasal 3: JIKA Bos melakukan kesalahan, baca pasal 1 dan 2. Manusia paling kebal hukum di perusahaan tentu saja... More > makhluk langka bernama Bos. Tak heran Bos jadi makhluk yang nyebelin, ngeselin, dan manja. Apakah Bos Anda tergolong makhluk seperti itu? Jika ya, tenang! Karena Anda tidak sendiri. Di dalam buku Bad Boss Bad Salary ada banyak kisah karyawan hebat yang senasib dengan Anda, lengkap dengan solusi yang bisa digunakan untuk "Fight BACK" si Bos. Tapi ingat, adalah hak Bos Anda untuk marah-marah. Adalah hak Bos Anda untuk nyebelin. Namun, adalah hak Anda juga untuk bekerja dengan baik dan adalah hak Anda juga untuk memberikan yang terbaik.< Less
Bad Boss Bad Salary Part 2 By Gie Ocha
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Peraturan Perusahaan Pasal 1: Bos selalu BENAR. Pasal 2: Bos TIDAK pernah salah. Pasal 3: JIKA Bos melakukan kesalahan, baca pasal 1 dan 2.
Manual de Santeria Lukumi (OCHA LERI) By David Camara
Paperback: $34.95
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El Manual de Santeria Lukumi OCHA LERI compendia todos los suyeres de las ceremonias de Ocha y es un poderoso instrumento de comunicacion para el desenvolvimiento del Olocha que le facilita bajar a... More > La Tierra el Ache que Olofi le dio a su Eleri. Es, mas que un libro, la compilacion de todas las llaves para abrir las puertas de acceso a Los Orichas y a su Bendicion.< Less
The Gnosis of El By EL DAVID
eBook (ePub): $0.00
In 1994 El David began a year long spiritual quest with many spiritual leaders of different faiths, beliefs and cultures. He spent that year seeking knowledge peace,and love, and each day jotted down... More > one thing that he learned, either from someone else, his mistakes, his successes or just life experience. The result was the Gnosis of El; 365 summarized lines or paragraphs of what he learned each day. After much thought and at the requests of many of his closest family and friends, he decided to publish the Gnosis, with the hopes that it would help others in same way that the words continue to help and motivate him.< Less
NSALA BACHECHE. Kimbisa Treaty of Signatures By David Camara
eBook (ePub): $14.99
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The Signatures are The Foundation which unites Palo, Ocha and Ifa traditions. Paleros, Olochas and Babalaos have as common element using Signatures for all kind of Nsala. The author explores the... More > epistemological sources of knowledge that make possible to interpret the contents of The Signature of the Order Kimbisa Ntoto and discover the reader that the Orders of Palo, Ocha and Ifa have their origin and Foundation in Sutumutukuni Rule. Sutumutukuni Rule is Ntoto since Nsambiampungo sent the Spirits to inhabiting Ntoto, The Earth, long before Obatala drop to model them and give them Ori, their head.< Less
The Anagó Language of Cuba By Maria Oggun Gbemi
eBook (PDF): $19.99
The author presents the results of 25 years of field work studying the ritual songs prayers and language used in the Afro-Cuban Lucumí tradition. Presented as a Master's Thesis at Florida... More > International University, Miami FL in 2012< Less
The Anagó Language of Cuba By Maria Oggun Gbemi
Paperback: $25.00
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An examination of the Anagó language of Cuba. Based on over 25 years of field research in Cuba, Venezuela and the United States. The Anagó language is used in Lucumí religious... More > ceremonies and celebrations in Cuba and throughout the diaspora. Includes a historical and linguistic overview along with examples of Anagó from academic, folkloric and religious context.< Less
Ritual Use of Plants in Lucumí Tradition 3rd edition By Maria Oggunbemi
Paperback: $45.00
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The Ritual Use of Plants in Lucumí Tradition is an in depth look at the importance of plants for the Lucumí community. Explains why certain plants have hierarchical position and power... More > for healing and why they are essential for the completion of Lucumí rituals.Includes translations of over thirty patakíns, with the English, Spanish, Anagó and Latin scientific names and sixteen black and white photos. A CD with color photos of over fifty plants is available at The author, Maria Oggunbemi is a student of Lucumí tradition, Osainista and Oba Oriate. She has extensively researched the language and the ethno-botany of the Lucumí religion as it is practiced in Cuba and the diaspora. Her first book, The Anagó Language of Cuba focused on the language used in Lucumí rituals for songs, prayers, rituals of consecration, initiation healing and celebration.< Less
The Book of Tea By Kakuzo Okakura
Paperback: $6.99
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"The long isolation of Japan from the rest of the world, so conducive to introspection, has been highly favourable to the development of Teaism. Our home and habits, costume and cuisine,... More > porcelain, lacquer, painting—our very literature—all have been subject to its influence. No student of Japanese culture could ever ignore its presence. It has permeated the elegance of noble boudoirs, and entered the abode of the humble. Our peasants have learned to arrange flowers, our meanest labourer to offer his salutation to the rocks and waters. In our common parlance we speak of the man "with no tea" in him, when he is insusceptible to the serio-comic interests of the personal drama. Again we stigmatise the untamed aesthete who, regardless of the mundane tragedy, runs riot in the springtide of emancipated emotions, as one "with too much tea" in him." -The Book of Tea 1906< Less
AJITENAS By Alejandro Escalona
Paperback: $90.59
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Tratado de las Firmas de los Santos es el manuscrito de la libreta secreta del santero que recibe pinaldo para empezar a realizar las obras y trabajos de máxima envergadura. Ochenta ajitenas... More > para todos los santos y trabajos: salud, dinero, evitar la muerte, negocios, protección, guerra, evitar problemas de justicia o cárcel, buena suerte, evolución y prosperidad. También puede ser empleado por babalawos ya que contiene cada ajitena el odu por dilogun y por ifá, y el Orisha que lo rige. Contiene varias ajitenas de Olodumare para evitar la muerte y salvar. Manuscrito original en pdf. 80 páginas. Tratado práctico exclusivamente para el santero y el babalawo. Nota: Cada página manuscrita contiene la ajitena (firma),sentido de la obra, Santo, Odu por diloggun y por Ifá, ebo y adimu a ofrendar sobre la ajitena.< Less