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Off The Mark By Nick Abear
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By Summer 2005 the lure of the Premiership had relegated cricket to a minority sport in the eyes of many a child. That changed with Freddie Flintoff’s exploits as England won the Ashes on home... More > soil and captured the hearts of children across the country. In 2006 Tadworth fielded its first Colts team which performed creditably but struggled. By 2007 it looked like the now U10 side would not happen with so few players. Worse still there was no manager to run the side. Nick Abear came to the rescue and offered to manage the team. His boundless enthusiasm and energy molded a team spirit which was to prove a greater force than the often arrogant individualism of our multi-talented big club opposition. Whilst the team enjoyed unparalleled success on the square it will be the camaraderie of the players and the performances that it inspired that will live in the memory of the spectators. This book represents an exciting record of a wonderful year in the lives of these children.< Less
Gone Off With The Angels By Mark Kelly
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Gone Off With The Angels is the memoir of Mark H. Kelly’s son, Benjamin-Hayes Door-Kelly, who passed away at age nine after a two-year struggle against leukemia. The work is based on newspaper... More > columns, magazine feature stories, and personal reflections written by Kelly throughout his son’s illness and two years after his passing in October 1999. Much of the story is based on Benjamin-Hayes’ communication with angels, a phenomena the young boy termed “Golden Love.” Gone Off With The Angels is also a story of a parent-child relationship expressed with a search for Jesus the day after Christmas, a chance encounter with a reindeer, and coming to the aid of Santa Claus when the jolly old elf is overcome with the reality of Benjamin-Hayes’ illness. A work of spiritual non-fiction, Kelly’s Gone Off With The Angels takes readers into the heart of grief and into a life of faithful observance of his son’s life.< Less
First Mate: Off Course By Mark Love
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The twins have graduated now, but the adventures that we had together had been forgotten once we came back when they were young. Now that they were heading off to college, the dreams turned into... More > screams while the life that my Son was living when he closed his eyes haunted him. He was living a double life now and couldn't control the horrors that he was committing in his nightmare. He found a way to get answers to them by articles he had stashed away on the Sea Pirate in our own ocean at home. Once the family got wind of his double life, we joined in as a crew again and fought off his biggest adversary; Himself.< Less
Hitting It Off (screenplay) By Mark Kilner
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18 pages.
Mark of the Shadow By Devin Curtis
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Mark of the Shadow is a novella following the life of Anne Tills, a girl who finds herself apart from her father for the first time during The Civil War. She’s shipped off to Utah to live with... More > an Uncle, but things don’t go as planned and Anne finds herself in life or death situation. Mark of the Shadow a historical fantasy adventure about what it means to be family. It’s a fun quick read.< Less
Wulalowe: The Mark of the Black Fox By Jeremy Carter
Paperback: $7.92
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When Governor George Peterson of Delaware abducts the Lenni Lenape people off of their homeland and forces them to work in his casino, it’s up to the last remaining brave to become the... More > legendary warrior spirit known as Wulalowe to rescue and restore peace and order to his people. Will he succeed?< Less
Malaak 4: Marked by Fire By Joumana Medlej
eBook (PDF): $5.99
Malaak: Angel of Peace is Lebanon's sole full-length comic series. In this fourth volume, several story threads run parallel as Adrian goes off to investigate a mysterious pillar of smoke, Malaak... More > follows a new trail onto the Dream Plane, and a very distant past begins to reemerge .............. These e-books are a means of supporting this comic which receives no exterior funding. In addition to the story pages that can be read on, this e-book contains 41 pages of unpublished extra material: sketches, fan art, location photos and outtakes.< Less
I Take Thee Mark By Susan Joseph
eBook (PDF): $8.69
After dieting off twenty pounds, Molly was sure she’d finally earned Mark Callahan’s attention in a romantic way. He asked her out on a date! Her disappointment at learning he was wining... More > and dining her to ask her to work for him filled her with helplessness, and she angrily decided she was a love-sick fool and made a public scene by dumping dessert over his handsome head. Mark is determined to spank the sassy Molly, and no one is more shocked that he when he discovers his feelings for his high school buddy have blossomed into love. Molly isn’t so sure she wants a traditional marriage, complete with spanking, but Mark won’t have it any other way.I Take Thee, Mark continues the story of the Callahan brothers and their brides began in I Take Thee, Matthew.< Less
Great Cricketers Series: Mark Waugh By Students’ Academy
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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Waugh is regarded as one of the most elegant and gifted stroke makers to ever play the game. Waugh was primarily a right-handed batsman, batting in the No.4 position in Test matches, and was also a... More > handy medium pace bowler, who changed to an off-spin bowler after back injuries restricted him. He is regarded as one of the best slip fielders ever to play cricket, and held the world record for most Test catches by a non-wicketkeeper until Rahul Dravid broke it in 2009.< Less
Break Pointe (Marked Ones Series) By Melissa Darnell
eBook (ePub): $2.99
As a Marked One doomed by bad genes to die early, Edel has a limited amount of time to make her mark on stage as a professional dancer and pay off her student loans. But first she has to graduate... More > from the Academy and be chosen to join a company. To ensure she achieves this dream, she's worked every day for the past five years training for this one goal. But all her hard work and dreams are threatened, along with her very freedom and her life, as family and friends reveal shattering secrets and the truth behind years of lies meant to keep her safe. Now with the dark truth revealed, Edel not only knows who she really is, but she also learns about a secret society of men and exactly what they do to broken dancers who can't repay their student loans through dancing anymore. Including her and her best friend...< Less