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Offsetting Nature By Mike Hannis, Sian Sullivan
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New planning rules, currently being piloted, allow the environmental impacts of increased development to be offset by purchasing conservation credits from habitat banks. This ‘green... More > economy’ measure is presented as reconciling economic growth with environmental protection. Mike Hannis and Sian Sullivan explain where this controversial idea has come from, before asking what effects it might have and who stands to gain from it. They argue that by encouraging us to think that one bit of nature is much like another, biodiversity offsetting undermines the unique place-based relationships between people and nature, moving us further away from ecological sustainability.< Less
Zodiacal Offset By Klaudio Zic
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Your "trusted" horoscope may be subject to up to six signs of zodiacal offset.
Zodiacal Offset in Aussie Horoscopes By Klaudio Zic
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PLUTONIC DIDO Pluto rising in Aries where it rules. There are three swindles here. First: Pluto never enters Aries at all; and neither does it enter Pisces for that matter. Second: Aries does not... More > rise at east. And third: Pluto can not rule where it was never present at all. How did this superstition pass unobserved?< Less
Zodiacal Offset - The P-Zodiac By Klaudio Zic
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The full zodiacal offset can be studied within the P-zodiac framework. The premise is that we temporarily allow planetary status for Pluto. The rationale is that we are studying the zodiac right from... More > the year it was produced, 1972. Pluto was in Coma Berenices.< Less
Zodiacal Offset - Seven Signs Apart By Klaudio Zic
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There will be those who believe in “one sign only” of zodiacal offset. These of course have no idea of the structure of the zodiac. There are people who assume that the Sun rises at east,... More > the earth is flat and the Sun also determines the zodiac. This may come either from an extremely primitive mind-frame or through the so-called thief in the temple that sold a kindergarten zodiacal model to the marketplace. The marketplace passed it n and never kept any check at all. People who passed it on never took a single glance at the skies – of course – their assumptions lose any value when confronted with the real sky.< Less
2012 Chronicles #0353 - Diabolic Offsets By Klaudio Zic
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Uranus in Cetus is but one symptom of floods. Others are shown as Deucalion and Varuna.
Illuminati Astrology #0016 - Zodiacal Offset By Klaudio Zic
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So you know everything about your own horoscope as well? Time to meet Alixe, then. Here are her natal data: • Ascendant Cetus. • Moon (ascending) in Cetus. • Mercury in... More > Sextans. • Venus in Orion. • Juno in (zodiacal) Scutum (Venus transit 2014). • Pluto in Serpens Cauda (USA ascendant). Are you still so sure that you know everything about your own horoscope?< Less
Zodiacal Offset - When Pluto was in Coma Berenices By Klaudio Zic
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Rumors will probably have it that zodiacal offset climbed up to three – no longer “only two” signs, but plausibly so, the proper current maximum is six zodiacal stations and... More > counting. Thus, the next zodiacal offset is seven constellations and so on. The victims of this extended aberration are mostly the northern hemisphere wintertime nativities.< Less
30 Horoscope Signs #0002 – Zodiacal Offset By Klaudio Zic
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As we write this, maximum zodiacal offset in a horoscope steadily climbs from 6 towards fantastic 7 constellations. That means that horoscopes are not offset “by one sign only” as someone... More > naively thought, but by several signs, or rather constellations. Taking for example Sai Baba, his natal Sun is in Libra on November 23rd.< Less
Zodiacal Offset in Daily Life and Medical Astrology By Klaudio Zic
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It is sometimes hard to speak to someone who has no idea of one’s own identity. In such dire circumstances, both parties in interest may consult the NASA Sun ephemeris, in order to learn which... More > Sun sign one really had at birth. In addition, somewhat special Sun signs such as Sun in Orion are provided by It is immensely more rewarding to address someone who is more or less oneself than someone who is out of one’s own mind. More or less? A “high degree” of being oneself is found in a becoming guru. As one progresses towards one’s own true self, false identifications are left behind: sometimes painfully, sometimes with joy. The spiritual path is burning all the bridges behind. Bridges back to what? To default ego, the faux personality complex that keeps one’s true identity in petty chains. Ever consulted the popular Devil card of the Tarot? Precisely.< Less