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The Great Moon By Offshore Press
Paperback: $4.18
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On Tuesday, 25 August 1835, the newspaper The New York Sun began publishing a fictional account of lunar discoveries supposedly made by Sir John Herschel. The narrative, which continued over six... More > days, listed a series of amaz- ing astronomical breakthroughs and revealed one stunning achievement in detail: The discovery of life on the moon. The articles caused enormous excitement throughout New York and were republished in the whole U.S. and even in Europe.< Less
Offshore Islands By John Francis Kinsella
Paperback: $19.97
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This is the story of the adventures of a naive Irish businessman. During the year 2000 the new technologies market bubble creates fortunes overnight and its crash transforms its golden boys into... More > fugitives, seeking to save what they can and leaving behind them a trail of financial chaos. At the same time others make fortunes from money laundering and narcotics as the Russian Mafia expands its multi-billion dollar business to the West< Less
Offshore Havens By Arnold Goldstein
eBook (ePub): $2.99
The smart investors guide to financial privacy, wealth protection and international profiteering.
Bowman Offshore Bank Transfers on Offshore transfers By Winema Gaven
eBook (PDF): $8.99
A non-UK domiciled but resident client has used the remittance basis since 2008/09 and made an election under TCGA 1992, s 16ZA. Remittances have been made to the UK from a mixed offshore fund. My... More > non-UK domiciled client has used the remittance basis since 2008/09 and made an election under TCGA 1992, s 16ZA. He remitted a significant amount of funds to the UK in 2011/12 from a “mixed fund” foreign bank account (one of several). The deposits have been analyzed between (broadly) income, gains and clean capital for every year. However, my queries concern the treatment of withdrawals that are not remittances to the UK or transfers to other foreign bank accounts.< Less
Offshore Company by Bowman Offshore Bank Transfers By Kawamoto Chikaze
eBook (PDF): $8.99
Incorporate a company is a prerequisite for any serious business.
Luxembourg Offshore Tax Guide By IBPUSA
Paperback: $102.31
Prints in 3-5 business days
Detailed info on offshore corporate and personal taxation system and regulations in Luxembourg
The Limits of Offshore Balancing By Hal Brands et al.
Paperback: $16.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
The United States is likely to face crucial grand strategic decisions in the coming years. This being the case, it is essential to have a rigorous, well-informed debate not simply about the... More > nation’s current grand strategy and policies, but about the most salient grand strategic options and alternatives open to the United States as well. In this monograph, Professor Hal Brands contributes to that debate through a probing analysis of one particular grand strategic alternative that has become increasingly prominent in recent years—the concept of “offshore balancing.” Offshore balancing entails a large-scale strategic retrenchment of America’s current presence overseas, and it has often been touted by its supporters as a sort of grand strategic panacea—an option that will allow the United States to improve its overall geopolitical position while simultaneously slashing the costs of its global posture.< Less
Luxembourg Offshore Tax Guide By Ibp Usa
Paperback: $129.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Luxembourg Offshore Tax Guide: strategic, practical information, contacts
Luxembourg Offshore Tax Guide By Ibp Usa
eBook (PDF): $129.95
Luxembourg Offshore Tax Guide: strategic, practical information, contacts
Hardcover: $58.74
Prints in 3-5 business days
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The second edition of this book offers updates analyzing the complexities of establishing an international banking presence removing the veil of secrecy presiding over escaping high taxation... More > countries and the involvement of respectable business practices in the grey markets serving tax avoidance and money laundering advocates. The book goes into detailed discussion of a wide range of subjects including, among many others: (1) The Current State of Privacy & Taxation (2) A History of Money Laundering (3) Preferred International Financial Havens (4) Implementing an Offshore Banking Presence (5) International Investment Vehicles (6) Establishing an Offshore Corporation (7) Multi-Layered Partnerships (8) International Tax Reduction Techniques (9) Clandestine Communications (10) Digital Cash Transactions (11) Transferring the Corporate Tax Base (12) Expatriation (13) International Tax Structures (14) Offshore Cultural Attractions (15) The Future of Offshore Banking< Less

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