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Why & How Restore Old Houses By European People
eBook (ePub): $4.01
In the project “Exploring house through curiosity and social learning” , co-funded by the European Union, institutions from seven European countries. recorded the complex history of old... More > houses, their architecture, their construction, their social history and the used materials. Specialists, craftsmen, suppliers did provide information and detailed explanations to support you in the realization of your house renovation. These tutorials and experts’ tips might help you catching some practices related to old houses. We hope to inspire you to more value your living environment, learn about old houses and dare a restoration.< Less
Old By Stan Charnofsky
Paperback: $13.50
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Ted Bronte's life is filled with energy that belies his seventy years. Age, he insists is a self definition. As a young man, he has a stormy relationship with Kacey Cloud that cannot last. After an... More > incident, he meets Annie, the love of this life, yet their connection is destroyed by tragedy. Annie's sister, Julie, leaving a bad marriage, mother of winsome daughter, Megan, approaches Ted, seeking friendship -- which turns out to be more. An old schoolmate, Tillie De Main, appears on the scene, with bizarre dreams; disappointed by the loss of his own marriage, he hooks onto Julie, suffering from the loss of teen-age Megan, who has run off. Despite Ted's warning, the two unhappy people form a bond that turns nasty, and causes Julie to sink into a deep depression. Ted's life-long friend, Zandor, cautions him to let Julie find herself. In present time, Zandor's own illness complicates the denouement, which, despite a tragic loss, ends on a positive note, as stepdaughter Megan surfaces again after an absence of ...< Less
The People By Richard J. McQueen et al.
Paperback: $28.01
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The subject of the People, based on the research topics conducted by Fernand D'Amico and Jacques Wisman, is proposed in this book as a themed walk through the passages of Scripture from the Old and... More > New Testament. The biblical text (KJV) is presented deliberately devoid of additional comments to offer an immediate and direct perception of the selected track. The thematic reading of the biblical text opens to the reader as a fascinating experience that allows him to benefit in a short time, a surprising and rich picture of content. In the Scriptures are treated many interesting aspects about the People. The elements that identify the people are the subject of lengthy debates in anthropological studies. The history, philosophy and the law have made their contribution. The reading of the biblical text allows us to perceive the fundamental structures of a community on a journey towards a goal, a view which is organized and find a way to everyday life.< Less
Old People's Shoes By Jesse Foster
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Two Old People Find Fun and Adventure in Ireland By Clyde Evely & Betty Bailey
Paperback: $15.60
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These are the travel adventures of two old people after retiring twice. They enjoy the sites of ancient and modern history, the beautiful landscapes and the gregarious citizens of the Emerald Isle... More > and they reflect on their rich experiences. With many photographs.< Less
Prose and Poetry for Old People Like Me By Larry G Lemons
Paperback: $15.00
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Mostly written with one finger on my iPhone Notes app while sitting in my brown recliner, this book is full of inspiration, introspection, humor, and fun as it is directed at the aging population of... More > baby boomers at and near my age.< Less
People of Ironville By Arthur Lupton
Paperback: $15.95
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Welcome to Ironville. Family tradition claims Granny Lupton was a dour and unexciteable woman, and this quality may be seen in her portrait taken in 1903. As if to make up for this lack of... More > personal charisma she was endowed with a great passion for photography, and she photographed and interviewed almost everybody who lived in Ironville between 1886 and 1925—including the more unorthodox and peculiar characters of the town (many of whom were her relatives). This is why we proudly claim her as a pioneering photographic journalist. All of the stories and captions in this book are comedic farces drawn entirely from my imagination, and are in no way intended to be considered as factual biographies or actual accounts of the person or persons who appear in the photographs. Ironville is an imaginary place and the people described herein are a literary invention inspired by old photographs.< Less
Strange Aeon 2nd Edition By Forever People
Paperback: $22.72
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"The Mist meets Silent Hill meets Lovecraft meets Doctor Who... a uniquely terrifying game." Lovecraft's strange aeons are here. The stars were right and yes, in time even death may die.... More > Humanity exists on the precipice, a handful of survivors teetering on the brink of extinction. The dominion of Earth is lost. The Old Ones have returned. Strange Aeon is a roleplaying game in which you, the player, take on the role of survivor and scavenger in a terrifying post-apocalypse setting. With the help of fellow players you must remain alive while battling the forces of the mythos, enduring the toxic fumes of the Morbus mist and the ever crumbling state of human civilisation. You have only one advantage over the other humans still clinging to life in the aftermath of The Event; you have in your possession a mythos relic known as The Celestial Sphere. With the sorcery contained in this artefact you can travel through time, into future and past versions of the Earth.< Less
The People of the Aybss By Ja London
Paperback: $4.99
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Tale of slum dwellers and other in the ghettos of Old London a century ago.
Hurting People By Larry Slater
eBook (ePub): $0.00
They come from all over. Young. Old. Rich. Poor. It really doesn't matter what they are, only who they are; a child of God.

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