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World of Old By Daniel Klabbers
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This is a poem describing the idiotic needs of mankind.
Old World By Anca Dumitrescu
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Old World is a memoir on living with bipolar disorder. it is one of a series by author Anca Dumitrescu.
The Old Old World By Horace Knowles
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Rhyming couplets written by a 93 year old man, a World War II veteran. His ruminations on being among the "old old" yet still having all his mental capabilities and his sense of irony and... More > humor.< Less
Quick Guide: Old Goriot By College Guide World
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Old Goriot or Father Goriot is an 1835 novel by French novelist and playwright Honoré de Balzac (1799–1850), included in the Scènes de la vie Parisienne section of his novel... More > sequence La Comédie humaine. Set in Paris in 1819, it follows the intertwined lives of three characters: the elderly doting Goriot; a mysterious criminal-in-hiding named Vautrin; and a naive law student named Eugène de Rastignac. Originally published in serial form during the winter of 1834/35, Le Père Goriot is widely considered Balzac's most important novel. It marks the first serious use by the author of characters who had appeared in other books, a technique that distinguishes Balzac's fiction. The novel is also noted as an example of his realist style, using minute details to create character and subtext.< Less
Stories of the Old World (Illustrated) By Alfred John Church
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“The son of Cretheus, Æson, bequeathed the kingdom of Thessaly to his brother Pelias, to keep for Jason, his son, whom he had sent to be taught by Chiron, the wise Centaur. Now when Jason... More > was returning from Chiron he came to Anaurus, which is a river of Thessaly, and would have crossed it; but there was an old woman on the river bank, and she entreated of Jason that he would carry her over the river, for she feared herself, she said, to cross it. But the old woman was in truth the goddess Heré, who had taken upon herself the likeness of an old woman to try the young man’s heart. Jason therefore carried her over, but in crossing he lost one of his sandals, for it cleaved to the sand that was in the river; and so he came to the dwelling of King Pelias, where they were preparing a great sacrifice and feast to Poseidon and the other gods.”< Less
Old World Kitchens 2013 By Jeff Isaak
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Professional photographs of high-end custom cabinetry manufactured and sold by Old World Kitchens & Custom Cabinets.
Old World Kitchens 2016 By Jeff Isaak
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Old World Kitchens 2016 Calendar. Creating beautiful custom cabinetry since 1999.
Old Town New World By Jason Broadwater
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The Internet, cowork, urban renewal, the creative class, collaboration, and the punk rock economy comprise tomorrow’s Main Streets of small town USA. Old Town New World is a glimpse into a... More > new cultural era in our nation, called by author Jason Broadwater The Connectivity Age. Written through personal stories, experiences, and musings on both broad shifts and specific tactics for economic development success in small cities, Old Town New World is part treatise, part memoir, and part case study of Rock Hill, SC.< Less
The wonderful world of The Old Craft By Deborah Mills, psychic
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A short brief book about Kitchen easy magick in the Old Craft. short spell work to bring the things we need such as love drawing, money drawing, protection, healing. candle work, stones, herbs are... More > brought to the magick< Less
A Postcard from the Old World By Jozef Baran
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Baran resists attempts at neat categorization. If there’s anything of peasant provenance in his poetry, it’s his tenderness toward the earth and the natural world and his stubborn,... More > even defi ant independence from literary fads and trends. Steve Yarbrough. American novelist, and essayist, professor at Emerson College in Boston.< Less