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Get Connected - Linking Older Adults With Resources on Medication, Alcohol, and Mental Health By Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
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Alcohol and medication misuse and mental health conditions can be significant problems for older adults. Our growing life expectancy, coupled with the aging of the “baby boom” generation... More > make the need to address these issues more critical than ever before. As with other age groups, by preventing these problems from occurring in the first place, and by addressing them promptly when they do arise, we can enhance the lives and health of millions of older Americans. The Get Connected Toolkit was created to help health and aging services providers learn more about alcohol and medication misuse and mental health conditions in older adults so they can address these issues more effectively. It has been designed to help health and aging services providers undertake health promotion, advance prevention messages and education, and undertake screening and referral for mental health conditions and the misuse of alcohol and medications.< Less
The "People Power" Love/ Lust Superbook: Book 32. Love & Sex for Older People By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $4.00
Regardless of how well any man or woman takes care of themselves, everybody loses their primal magnetism bit by bit one year at a time as they age so everyone will reach a point where they know they... More > ain't got it anymore. If you want new human connections, you either have to buy them or charm people with your dazzling personality. That's the biological clock. It affects women way more than it affects men because a woman's value in society is her beauty. A man can look sophisticated as he ages, a woman just gets old. The reason I'm saying all this is because it's the truth. A person's primal attractibility is very important to our identities. Most couples are not physically attracted to each other anymore after ten years of marriage. Some psychobabble expert on the radio said that sex stops after the second child and he was dead serious about it.< Less
40 good poems minus a couple of so-so ones By Luca Merloni
eBook (PDF): $4.58
When I was twenty I wrote poems. Without giving it much thought I just grabbed a pen and paper and wrote. It gave me a huge sense of freedom. Later, as I grew older, this sense of freedom diminished.... More > I thought too much, reflected, dwelled on things and the pages stayed blank. I was abandoning the world of poets to grow closer that of adults, leaving freedom behind to inch slowly closer to death. And so I locked up these papers in the prison of a drawer and there they remained, condemned to a life sentence without even an hour of fresh air. For more than twenty years. Then one day the pardon and amnesty of memory made me open the drawer once more, to see if time had taken its toll on that freedom and beauty, as things are good only if they endure the test of time. I read and counted them: 35 were good, a couple not too bad. I then wrote three new ones. Will I write poetry even as an adult? I don’t know. For now I have written 38 good ones and a couple of so-so-ones. We shall see.< Less
It's All Coming Back To Me Now By Lovely Whitmore & Lovely Whitmore
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Latrease Wilson falls for an older man who doesn't want the same things in life. He's not ready to settle down. A traumatizing event causes her to develop a rare type of Amnesia, forcing her to lose... More > sight of who she is and the people around her. Randy Jackson, a child psychiatrist, is the older man she's been dating and comes to her rescue only to discover she doesn't remember him. Even more surprising, he learns that Latrease is pregnant. The only choice he has is to take her home and begin helping her recover, while hoping her lost memories aren't gone forever. During this time, Randy battles his own emotions and discovers his feelings for her are deeper than he'd been willing to admit.< Less
Forgiving Heart By C.K. Hawk
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Lucy met her love in medical school. After a couple of years together, her and Daniel made plans for their wedding and future. Lucy to be a pediatrician and Daniel an orthopedic surgeon. A fatal... More > accident ended their dreams. Years later, Lucy, a single, successful pediatrician with her own practice and a mother who sets her up with every single man she knows. Will Lucy continue feeling guilty for surviving the accident? Will she ever forgive herself?< Less
The Blueprint: Designing a Successful Remarriage By Angela B. Chester
eBook (ePub): $4.95
The Blueprint is a couple directed guide for those getting married for the second (plus) time or the mature first time couple. As a counselor, Dr. Chester, sees that too frequently, couples enter... More > remarriage naive of potential problems and unprepared for the challenges step-family life will bring. With The Blueprint, couples will learn not only about each other but also about themselves, their social skills, and their compatibility as a couple. There are millions of divorced couples in America; more than 75 percent of them will remarry. When planning for another marriage, it's not just the coming together of two people trying to share their goals and dreams; they're healing from divorce and want to feel safe and secure before taking a major step again. This modern and easy-to-use premarital workbook will help individuals and couples prepare for that journey.< Less
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