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The Movrekt Warmongers By Irene Wendy Wode & William Alexander Righetti
eBook (ePub): $2.99
The balance of power in the city is shifting. Nash Harkesh is deliberately pushing it toward collapse. His business interests squeeze the community further into desperation, poverty and addiction.... More > His soldiers prowl the streets, and his sons hunt humans for food. When mankind lies in ruins he’ll be there to pick up the pieces, and dragons will once again own the world. Alsander Aubertin wants to eradicate the dragons. It’s the legacy of a Silene Knight: Avenging a centuries-long trail of human deaths. But the lives of his enemies are interwoven with his own in ways he never thought to prepare for. Jacan Jantus is stifled by a clan holding tight to its set ways. He sees plainly that the age-old war is a hair’s breadth from re-erupting. Jacan can wait for someone to listen, or he can take a side before it’s too late. When the enemy is tearing up the fabric of your life strand by strand, the line between holding your ground and chasing ghosts can prove elusive. How far do the dead want you to follow?< Less
Hiding in Plain Sight By Ginny Grudzinski
Paperback: $11.40
Prints in 3-5 business days
Bill Boston spent 35 years on the force solving clues and hunting down criminals, so what did he choose for a hobby when he retired? Geocaching, a hobby where you solve clues and hunt down so called... More > treasures using a GPS. As a detective in Florida, Bill had a reputation for solving every crime he touched. The Midas touch some called it. But his perfect record was marred by that one crime, the triple homicide of the Rehnquist family over a decade ago. As hard as he tried there were no clues, no leads, and no way to solve this gruesome murder. Bill retired regretting that someone got away with murder… literally. He moved across the country, and began pursuing his geocaching hobby, but with every cache he found he began to get the feeling his past had caught up with him. He knew geocaching had its own rewards, but he never imagined that this hobby, coupled with his move to California just might provide the key to unlock a decade old crime< Less
The Successful Ham Radio Operator's Handbook - PDF Version By Fred Cady - Vic DiCiccio
eBook (PDF): $20.00
This book is for the newly licensed ham trying to understand where to go next and the old-timer coming back to the hobby. It explains how the the transmitter and receiver work and how these are being... More > implemented using software designed radio technology. Operating techniques for VHF/UHF repeaters, HF radio DXing techniques, and the new digital modes are covered. Radio propagation, antennas, transmission lines, SWR and the mysteries of baluns are explained. Building your HF station, choosing a radio, connecting your radio to a computer, and mobile and portable operation are extensively. For more information see This edition has been formatted for electronic publication and reading. It contains all material found in the printed edition except an index. No part may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means without the written permission of the author. Purchasers may make physical and backup copies for their own use but may not distribute it in any way.< Less
MLM IGNORANCE TRAP By John Carson Lester Jr
Paperback: $9.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
“John Lester’s Pied Piper Principles are good. I have known John since the early days of Internet Marketing. In fact, he helped me fight off MLM scam artists on the old AOL MLM Forums.... More > I’ve subscribed to his newsgroup for years and respect John’s marketing wisdom highly. In fact, I have beat him about the head and shoulders to print it in Book format. In fact, I took his CDs and sent the MP3 files to my transcriptionist and am pushing him to get it edited now. WHY? Because it needs to be kept on hand every day as a quick reference on “How To Do Internet Marketing” or any Marketing for that matter. When he gets the book done it will be one of the few books that I sell on my MLM Consumer Protection website.” -Rod Cook aka The MLM WatchDog To see a synopsis of John Carson Lester Jr's 947+ pages of testimonials click:< Less
A Double Shot of Ha Ha By Scott Cherney
eBook (PDF): $2.99
DOUBLE YOUR PLEASURE-DOUBLE YOUR FUN! (chewing gum not included) Two complete comedy melodrama play scripts in one volume. LEGEND OF THE ROGUE or MASK ME NO QUESTIONS Brian Ryan, the... More > mild-mannered sheriff of Parched Throat, Arizona is summoned to rescue the Clayfoot Indian tribe from the clutches of an ex-Confederate general out to steal their gold by adopting the guise of the mysterious masked avenger known as ...The Rogue. A comedy western that's more fun than a barrel full of lizards on a tequila bender. and ROXANNE OF THE ISLANDS or THEY'RE PLAYING OUR SARONG tells the story of the brave and beautiful Roxanne who must contend with a lovesick witch doctor, a 1000 year old goddess with daddy issues and a volcano that just won't give a girl a break. This tropical adventure comedy is jam-packed with action, laughs and optional musical numbers. Both scripts are perfect for professional and amateur theater productions. Performance rights are available.< Less
Back in the Game By Timothy Law, Sr.
Paperback: $17.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book serves as an aid to people who have experienced the chaotic emotions of grief through loss, tragedy, or traumatic events. Unfortunately, the faith of Timothy Law, Sr.’s family was... More > tested by the sudden death of their eight-year-old son, Timothy Law, Jr., which brought about immense hurt and disappointment. Back in the Game emphasizes the reality of loss and despair, which society seems to overlook most of the time. As a minister, Timothy Law, Sr.’s realities are not minimized by mere parables but are conquered by honesty and vulnerability to God, the only One who can bring healing to the hurting. Lastly, Back in the Game seeks to connect those who have overcome tragedy to those who may still be suffering silently in torment. Included with Back in the Game is a reflection journal that will help you track your progress within your stages of recovery. Back in the Game is written to get you off the bench of tragedy and back into the game of life!< Less
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Age Verification Required
The Catnip Papers By Zanada Green Maleki
Paperback: $16.98
Prints in 3-5 business days
(3 Ratings)
The Catnip Papers by Zanada Green Maleki is an adventure, fantasy, folkloric read for cats and their two legged companions of all ages. ’Twas the night before Catnip….. Sounds... More > familiar, doesn’t it? Follow the Catnip Calendar to plan festivities for Catnip Advent, through the 12 Days of Catnip, and into December 25th, the Feast of Peace and Happiness. Closing with the Legend of St. Kyt you will get to know just how special the Catnip holidays are. Catnip is not a cat’s Christmas. It is a season of humorous revelry for cats! Catnip is coming! The mice are getting fat! Please,to put a penny in the old cat’s hat…. Are you going to wait for your local cat to tell you about Catnip? The dawgs are already spying...Find out for yourself in The Catnip Papers. It will change your life, chuckle by chuckle! (For Catnip mugs and other Catnip Papers stuff visit Get yourself a copy of The Catnip Papers. Excellent for gift giving, too. Merry Catnip!< Less

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Inside Secrets Inside Secrets By Joseph Stumpf
Paperback: $3.25