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Trip to Spain 2010 By OLÉ
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Ole's trip to Spain 2010 (final version)
Olé By Nelly Pérez
Paperback: $9.34
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Stanislas est courtier en bourse, mais n'exerce plus sa fonction pour avoir escroqué la majeure partie de ses proches. Sur le point de se faire passer les bracelets d'argent, n'écoutant... More > que son courage de gringalet cravaté, il s'exile vers les glaciers du Groenland, accompagné de sa mallette à roulettes et de ses mocassins vernis. Son maigre bagage est certes mal équipé pour braver les intempéries, pourtant c'est le coeur solitaire du bonhomme qui est encore moins disposé à trouver en ces terres polaires, la chaleur d'un foyer.< Less
Journal of Ole Anderson By Ole Anderson
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This is a journal and diary of Ole Anderson and his mission to Denmark around 1913-14
Ole' Rabbit By J.N. Prioleau
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Ole Rabbit is a crazy, old Rabbit that tries to help an old friend. However his mischief ways got the best of him and he tries to cover it up in funny ways. A fun read for kids that will have them... More > "cracking" up. Ole' Rabbit is a new children's book series by J.N. Prioleau (author of the Clyde series). Watch out for the 2nd book in this series, "Ole' Rabbit and the Missing Carrot. Enjoy.< Less
Oles oppgulp By Ole Kristian Nalum
Hardcover: $36.70
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The OLED Handbook (2017 edition) By Ron Mertens
Paperback: List Price: $187.49 $149.99 | You Save: 20%
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The OLED Handbook is a comprehensive guide to OLED technology, industry and market - brought to you by OLED-Info (Edition 2017).
Ole Bull: A Memoir By Sara C. Bull
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Ole Bull: A Memoir was published in 1883 by Sara C. Bull, Ole Bull was in Sweden years ago when the “union mark” was adopted, for use in the Norwegian and Swedish flags. He would himself... More > never float any but the pure Norwegian colors, and, from the first, was most earnest and pronounced in his opinion that none but the naval and customs flags should have the union mark, as the two countries were politically united only in their relations to foreign powers. For years he was almost alone in this feeling, but the subject has recently given rise to much debate, and even heated controversy. I speak of this here, because a paragraph relating to the matter was omitted by mistake from the body of the book.< Less
Ole' Wives' Tales By Andrew Patton
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Four Wives are summoned to a mysterious castle for the reading of a will by their late husband, each having been married to him unbeknownst of each other. The Stipulations of the deceased as he... More > appears on a video monitor is for each of his wives to read a tale from ancient books put before them. Their late husband was an eccentric, scary butlers roam the castle, and just about every kind of exotic animal runs loose as his pets creating havoc and laughs and pauses of relief when each story is told and the scary book is closed shut. The four stories are all different and all dark, and the intermissions between each story is a story in itself. This is an unproduced screenplay.< Less
Sayings of Good Ole Barbados By Nanya: `Agul El
eBook (PDF): $8.99
Sayings of Good Ole Barbados is A Bajan Dialect Edition that gives you the reader the proverbs exactly as it is spoken and pronounced by Barbadians. It is known by many who has visited the island of... More > Barbados that this dialect is very much unique as it usually takes some time to if not at all for persons visiting the island to understand. The old folks are really the ones who were fluent in the usage of these proverbs and the dialect as oppose to modern day Barbados where the European culture of speaking Standard English is being widely used and publicized.< Less
Ole Mammy's Torment By Annie Fellows Johnston
eBook (ePub): $1.00
Annie Fellows Johnston (1863–1931) was an American author of children's fiction who wrote the popular "Little Colonel" series, which was the basis for the 1935 Shirley Temple film The... More > Little Colonel. She was born and grew up in McCutchanville, Indiana, a small unincorporated town near Evansville, Indiana.< Less