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Chamorro Creation Myth By Skye Seo & Chamorro Oral Tradition
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An illustrated story book of a Chamorro oral tradition regarding the creation of the world and mankind.
Breaking Oral Tradition with Publication By Ken Ludden
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Globalism and business expansion have begun to push ancient traditional cultures and communities out of their homelands. In thousands of places around the world there are traditional and indigenous... More > peoples who have lost their lands, their livelihoods and their sustenance resources to this greed-based expansion. The International Center for Cultural Studies (ICCS) holds a Gathering of Elders every 3 years, to amalgamate the collective wisdom of these elders. In 2015, one of the papers presented is found here in this publication. It is on the subject of breaking oral tradition with publication in order to preserve ancient cultures and traditions. This paper will be helpful to anyone who is worried about the future of their own ancient traditional teachings.< Less
Jump Jim Crow- the science of oral tradition By Ital Iman
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Prophetic dance is a ritual dance in which the purpose is to obtain a communication from or to God (gods) or spirits in order to receive a favorable response (rain and good harvests, for example). Is... More > also present in modern Christian culture, in which the term is fixed. Christian faith "Prophetic Dance is a distinct form of Sacred Dance in which revelation is received by the dancer from God and manifested into movement to bring forth a message to people. It is important to understand that revelation is revealing or communicating divine truth that is revealed byGod to people. God gives revelation through people in a number of creative ways, such as singing, writing, drama, instrumental music, and dance...If someone would have come to you yesterday and told you that today you would find your body jamming;I bet you would not have belived thembut you bare witness that today you feel your body Jamming...< Less
The Oral Tradition of Africa: Words as Intellectual, Cultural, and Spiritual Nourishment! By Akinjide Bonotchi Montgomery
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African philosophy
LITERACY AND ORALITY the South Pacific experience By Ruth Finnegan
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The doyen multi-award anthropologist Ruth Finnegan examines the age-old issues of the significance of orality and literacy. A unique, authoritative and readable account on an absolutely fascinating... More > area. Riveting. Not to be missed. Read more in Ruth's fabulous series SWHC series THE SECRET WAYS OF HUMAN COMMUNICATING in the scintillating Callender Press collection.< Less
Voices of Maya Midwives: Oral Histories of Practicing Traditional Midwives from the Mam Region of Guatemala By Sarah Proechel
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This original field study is an oral history project that tells the stories of six traditional Maya midwives from the Mam area of Guatemala. The midwives interviewed are from in and around the town... More > of Concepcion Chiquirichapa, Guatemala. Part one explains the motivation behind this project, the methodology used, and my reflections and analysis. Part Two provides the broader context of Maya healing traditions and the issue of high maternal mortality rates in Guatemala and their relationship to midwifery care. Part Three contains the stories of six midwives who were interviewed in or near their homes in March of 2004. Part three also contains seven profiles of individual plants that are used medicinally by the midwives and women of Concepcion Chiquirichapa. There are additional profiles of the temascal (traditional Mesoamerican sweatbath) and the jabon negro (a black soap made by women in the community.)< Less
The Oral Transmissions of the 52 Soto Zen Ancestors: An Overview By Marilynn Hughes
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THE ORAL TRANSMISSIONS OF THE 52 SOTO ZEN BUDDHIST ANCESTORS: Shakyamuni Buddha founded the path of the successive 52 Soto Zen Ancestors when he awakened to the Way. The transmissions of the... More > teachings to the 52 Ancestors in Zen Buddhist Tradition were never meant to reach the eyes of laymen. 'The Denkoroku: The Record of the Transmission of Light' was originally written only for the eyes of Zen monks. Shasta Abbey's late Abbess, Jiyu Kennett, who translated the text into English often said that the long sentences used in Zen would likely annoy American readers. But she made the decision to share some of the deeper teachings of Zen with the lay public even if they were unable to penetrate into the deeper meaning of the words. This book gives you an overview and insight into a subject otherwise only understood through lengthy study.< Less
Plants for your oral and dental health By El-Hassan Shabana
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This book is the first to treat alternative medicin in the domain of Dentistry in Arabic language. Over 50 plants are described for the treatment of oral and dental problems. Color photos are... More > included for almost all plants. The author, Dentist, university Lecturer and researcher, presents proven facts in a simple language. Most useful plants are selected from hundreds of scientific reviews and described for there traditional and scientifically approved uses. عزيزى القارئ، نظراً للفراغ الكبير فى علم الطب التكميلى لأمراض الفم والأسنان فانى أعتبر هذا الكتاب رائد في مجاله. وهو يهدف لإيجاد حلول لمشاكل طبية طارئة مثل الألم والنزيف الدموى وكذلك يقدم وسائل منع تسوس الأسنان وأمراض اللثة. لايخفى على أحد عدم توافر طبيب الأسنان فى أنصاف الليالى وفى العطلات نهيك عن توفر الخدمات الصحية وفى القرى والنجوع النائية. هذا الكتاب يقدم النصيحة المفيدة وغير المكلفة لعلاج بعض المشاكل إن لم يتوافر الطبيب او الدواء. بعض هذه المشاكل من الطوارئ التى يلزم حلها سريعاًمثل الألم والنزيف الدموى. ومعظمها وصفات ذات كفاءة علاجية عالية< Less
Africa Presents the Congo RDC And Traditional Law By Bepona Collection
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Authenticity of the Congolese Traditional Law in Bandundu Province (Le Munsong Tribe) is flawless. Oral traditions are based on the integrity, justice, and honoring of their... More > “Nzambi-Mpungu,” (The Great Being). Impunity is an unknown fact to African traditional judges. In this regard, a trial verdict is to be announced fairly due to the fear of their “Nzambi-Mpungu,” who could strike on them out of anger, should they act inappropriately. This actually shows the difference between contemporary and traditional law in the Bantu/Congolese society.< Less

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