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The journal is a powerhouse of data in the areas of dentistry such as Oral Medicine, Oral Surgery, Oral Pathology and Oral Biology
Journal of Oral Medicine Surgery Pathology Biology By Dr PC Anila Namboodiripad et al.
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Knowledge of dentistry on your fingertips.The journal is a boon to any person wanting to improve their knowledge in the fields of Oral Medicine, Oral Surgery, Oral Pathology and Oral Biology
A History of the Oral Surgery Club of Great Britain By John Bradley
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John Bradley describes the conception of the Oral Surgery Club of Great Britain as the first professional society for Oral Surgeons by Rupert Sutton Taylor in 1936 and its history from the first... More > meeting in 1937. He describes its subsequent progress as a travelling club for Oral Surgeons up to the present day.< Less
The Use of The Integrated Method In the Teaching of Oral Literature By Lorna Wafula
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The book uses a simple and precise language to deepen the teachers' understanding of the integrated method of teaching oral literature and enables them to use it effectively.
Career Success Secrets for ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL SURGEONS By Imtiaz Syed
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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Perform surgery on mouth, jaws, and related head and neck structure to execute difficult and multiple extractions of teeth, to remove tumors and other abnormal... More > growths, to correct abnormal jaw relations by mandibular or maxillary revision, to prepare mouth for insertion of dental prosthesis, or to treat fractured jaws. Sample of reported job titles: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon (OMS), Oral Surgeon, Dental Service Chief, Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)< Less
The Use of Integrated Method of Teaching Oral Literature By Lorna Wafula
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The researcher has conducted thorough research to compile a book on the use of integrated method of teaching oral literature.The findings use a simple and precise language that is easy to understand.
Oral Cancer Causes Diagnosis Treatment and Prevent By Dr.pratap jena
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The oral hole (mouth) and the upper piece of the throat (pharynx) have parts in numerous critical capacities, including breathing, talking, biting, and gulping. The mouth and upper throat are now and... More > then alluded to as the oropharynx or oral hole. The critical structures of the mouth and upper throat incorporate the accompanying: •Lips •Inside covering of the cheeks (mucosa) •Teeth •Gums (gingiva) •Tongue •The floor of the mouth •Back of the throat, including the tonsils (oropharynx) •The roof of the mouth (the hard front part [hard palate] and the gentler back part [soft palate]) •The area behind the astuteness teeth •Salivary organs Various cell composes make up these distinctive structures. Cancer happens when typical cells experience a change whereby they develop and duplicate without ordinary controls. Harmful tumors (cancers) of the oral cavity can infringe on and attack neighboring tissues.< Less
One man's tortuous foray into Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery By Laurence Oldham
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Laurence Oldham describes his training as a dentist soon after the second world war. The tedium of General Dental Practice and frustration of an unsatisfying academic job in the north of England... More > is contrasted with the inspiration of a Rotary Foundation Fellowship in the USA and surgical practice in East Africa with committed surgical mentors. Laurence Oldham widened the scope of hospital dental surgery after gaining the confidence of surgical colleagues and inviting friends to help him with operations he had not hitherto been trained to do. A milestone in this development was the changing of the ‘Dental Department’ sign in the hospital to ‘Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery’. This was carried out by himself and his house surgeon during the night. This is just one of many stories from his generation of how Oral and Maxillofacial practice evolved from hospital dentistry and how ambitious young surgeons developed their craft without anything approaching an adequate training by today’s standards.< Less
Speak to Us of Work: Bronx Oral Histories By
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In this intergenerational oral history collection, seniors in the Bronx share their life stories with students. Highlights include a memory about marching with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the meaning... More > of a $2.72 weekly wage back in 1926 when a frankfurter and soda were just 2 cents, and what it took to make bath soap from scratch in a coal-stove kitchen.< Less
Erotic Sorority Sex - Oral Sex - Erotica By Carli Fast
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Caution: This Story contains Sex and Oral Sex, Read at your own Risk...Find out what happens when you combine body paint and sexy sorority girls???? Excerpt: I actually had liked the two blowjobs... More > she had given me, and now she was saying she would take her time and I would get a real good one? Why not. "Ok." I said, albeit a little nervous. "Thank you." Maxine said and came closer and kissed me, which took me a little bit by surprise. Her lips were warm and soft and inviting, and she smelled great. "You won't regret this."< Less

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