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The OLP's Thought Leaders Guide to E-Discovery By The Organization of Legal Professionals
eBook (PDF): $9.95
eDiscovery hit the legal field like no other practice before it. Much has been written, much has been debated and even more has been fought in battle. More often than not, eDiscovery becomes a war... More > zone. Changes, disputes, lack of standards in definitions, differences in review, collection and processing, new rules of procedure, and technology has escalated costs. Over one million lawyers, paralegals and IT professionals have not been formally taught eDiscovery. This book is written to address that need. It covers frequent areas of concern and strategies for solving some of those problems. Just a few contributing legal icons: Anne Kershaw; Herb Roitblat, Ph.D.; Patrick Oot; Tom O'Connor; Douglass Mitchell; Joe Thorpe; Ron Friedmann; Daniel Garrie; among others. The need to provide continuing legal education for rapidly changing arenas is critical to the outcome of a lawsuit. The OLP stands ready to address that need.< Less
Art and Practice of English Boxing (1807) By Martial Arts Reconstruction Organization
Paperback: $13.64
Prints in 3-5 business days
Published in 1807 and heavily plagiarized thereafter, this book remains one of the seminal manuals of the early prize ring--the Golden Age of Cribb, Molineaux, Belcher, Pearce, and Gully. Also... More > included is Pierce Egan's brief "New Year's Gift to the Fancy", a brief "how to" on pugilism.< Less
Edwin Shaw's Teacher of Sparring (1886) By Martial Arts Reconstruction Organization
Paperback: $13.78
Prints in 3-5 business days
First published in 1886, Shaw's "Teacher of Sparring" combines thorough illustration with detailed instructions. It is comprehensive in its approach, containing striking, grappling, and... More > even a few "dirty tactics".< Less
Scientific Jiujitsu by Mori Ohashi By Martial Arts Reconstruction Organization
Paperback: $13.65
Prints in 3-5 business days
In an era when Japanese Jiu-Jitsu was only beginning to become known in the Europe and America, Mori Ohashi's Jiu-Jitsu manual was one of the first published in the West. Ohashi's system includes... More > throws, locks, submissions, "pressure points", and a wide variety of unique conditioning exercises. Definitely useful for the vintage Jiu-Jitsu aficionado< Less
E.B. Mitchell's Boxing (1889) By Martial Arts Reconstruction Organization
Paperback: $13.71
Prints in 3-5 business days
Once part of a larger volume (Fencing, Boxing, and Wrestling), E.B. Mitchell's book outlines the style of boxing he was taught by his teacher, Mike Donnelly--the foremost boxing "professor"... More > of the late 19th century. Mitchell was himself a winner of the Queensberry Cup, considered the most prestigious of the amateur boxing competitions in Victorian England.< Less
Benedict's Manual of Boxing (1881 & 1883 Editions) By Martial Arts Reconstruction Organization
Paperback: $13.76
Prints in 3-5 business days
George Benedict's writings on boxing are some of the most widespread and profusely illustrated of their kind in the late 19th century. In addition to his ability as an illustrator (he created all of... More > the diagrams himself), Benedict was a talented athlete. He held the amateur middleweight boxing championship of the West, the club-swinging championship of the West, and was knowledgeable in a wide variety of different sports--from caber-tossing to gymnastics. This book is a synthesis of the 1881 and 1883 editions of his boxing manual.< Less
Dick's Art of Wrestling (1887) By Martial Arts Reconstruction Organization
Paperback: $13.68
Prints in 3-5 business days
Wrestling manual published in the late 19th century, covering the Cumberland and Westmoreland and Catch-as-Catch-Can wrestling. Brief sections are also dedicated to Swiss, German, and Styrian... More > wrestling.< Less
Armstrong's Wrestling (1890) from Badminton Library By Martial Arts Reconstruction Organization
Paperback: $13.82
Prints in 3-5 business days
Written as part of the larger "Fencing, Boxing, and Wrestling", Armstrong's contribution contains a mixture of technique, history, and rules from England's three most popular wrestling... More > systems of the late 19th century--Cornish, Cumberland-Westmoreland, and Lancashire catch.< Less
I International Conference on Water and Sustainability By Organizing Committee ICWS2017
Paperback: $22.36
Prints in 3-5 business days
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The I International Conference on Water and Sustainability held in the UPC from June 26th to June 27th 2017 at ESEIAAT. This 1st congress edition is titled "Technology and Access to... More > Water" and aims to give space for a scientific debate and reflection on water and its importance with regards to the environment and wider society covering: - Water. Including most up-to-date scientific-technical experiences related to purification, water treatment and environmental analysis. -Cooperation and Sustainability. Research analysis and innovative projects within the cooperative world such as water management systems. -Education. It brings together teaching experiences and an analysis of the perceptions of water in educational centres. The congress has included the attendance of outstanding speakers, oral presentations, poster sessions and technical conferences. This book of abstracts collects all relevant information about participants and contains the summaries of the academic papers presented in the event.< Less
God's Exercise Manual By Keith Lopez Organic Fitness
eBook (PDF): $0.00
God's Exercise Manual is a book created to provide an understanding of health. It teaches a simple method to maintain a healthy body weight. In a time when all food is fast, and all movement is... More > minimal, this book is a necessity. Health is not an option; it is a desired state among all living creatures. I created this book after 10+ years of saturating myself in the world of health and fitness. Nutrition and exercise will make an impact in your life if you can live with the simple changes that will increase your health. A prescription does no good if it is not taken. This book was written to deliver powerful and effective theories on evercise. Simple and gradual changes in the way you move. This is not a temporary change your life; this is a permanent change of your life. This is created by God because he created all the movements in the program.< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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