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THE following discourse is intended, not merely as an answer to any particular book written against the doctrine of Original Sin, but as a general defense of that great important doctrine.... More > Nevertheless, I have in this defense taken notice of the main things said against this doctrine, by such of the more noted opposers of it as I have had opportunity to read: particularly those two late writers, Dr. Turnbull and Dr. Taylor, of Norwich; but especially the latter, in what he has published in those two books of his, the first entitled, The Scripture-Doctrine of Original Sin proposed to free and candid Examination; the other, his Key to the Apostolic Writings< Less
Original Sin By Burton Skomal
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This is a collection of poetry that depicts a child's loss of self and his struggles of surviving in a loveless environment.
Original Sin By Gary Lee
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Old West meets new wave in this mystery murder that takes place in the 1880's and 1980's!
Original Sin By S. Fowler Wright
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Short Story by S. Fowler Wright. Excerpt: I am XP4378882. I write this with a pen, on sheets of paper in the old way, instead of speaking it into a recorder, because I want it to have a chance of... More > survival, even though a time should come when no more of those instruments can be made or preserved; and because it is a very private thing. If this should be seen by one who could read its words, my death would be nearer even than are those of the men and women among whom I move. I am writing on the 28th day of September, 2838, being nineteen years of age yesterday, and my friend Stella being two minutes younger than I.< Less
Original Sins By Miss Irene Clearmont
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Book-One in another collection of femdom fiction from the glorious Miss Irene Clearmont that contains the agony-aunt letters of the divine Ms Maxine by way of an introduction to stories containing... More > women from everyday backgrounds whose fantasies and the way they fulfill them are anything but. This femdom eBook, contains adult material involving foot worship, oral servitude, forced feminization, CBT, and male chastity.< Less
Sins: Original Sins By Adam Schlosser
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The original comic that started it all! Presented with its original majestic writing and horrible, horrible art.
Original Sin Vr. Original Blessing By Dr. Kay Fairchild
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We should see ourselves as in God's image and likeness, with a divine nature, all men as saints and holy ones, unlimited, immortal/incorruptible, eternal/infinite, and walking by faith/knowing. But... More > if we are in an 'UNDER THE SUN' awareness, we see ourselves as in Adam, sin nature, unholy, limited, corruptible/mortal, finite/temporal, and walking by appearances. Remember, Jesus said that we are IN the world, but not OF the world. We are in the Tree of Life as opposed to the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Now, Paul wrote the book of Ephesians according to the ETERNAL PERSPECTIVE. In fact, Paul begins the book of Ephesians by showing that Jesus REVEALED a finished work in the sense of who we have always been. In verse 4 he begins Ephesians1 by showing a 'before time began' narrative. This book explorers the depths of the questions surrounding original sin and original blessing. You will gain a different perspective on an age old question. Where you born in original sin or original blessing?< Less
The Psychoanalysis of the Buddha and the Original Sin By Elitheo Carrani
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The book analyzes the deep and hidden meaning of that is defined in the Bible original sin. Comparing biblical story, Buddhist and western philosophy and the modern psychology emerges the true... More > nature of this "sin", that, more than with the transgression to God, it has to do with our most intimate mental and psychological trials. Its individualization reveals how much arduous to overcome it is, to the point that can be defined to good right "Original", being of fact to the origin, to the base, of ours "way to think." The general, clear and discursive formulation, near to the psychological treatment, it makes also the easy reading to whom doesn't have a specific preparation< Less
The Psychoanalysis of the Buddha and the Original Sin By Elitheo Carrani
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The Original Sin exists. It is inside your mind. And is always stayed there. Discover it.
The Psychoanalysis of the Buddha and the Original Sin By Elitheo Carrani
eBook (PDF): $6.26
The Original Sin exists. It is inside your mind. And is always stayed there. Discover it.

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