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Os X Yosemite By Michael Glint
eBook (ePub): $8.99
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The OS X Yosemite is the newest operating system released by Apple Inc. This new software was announced in June of 2014 and finally made available to the public at the end of the following month.... More > The release came with heightened expectations and reviews which deemed its launch timely, its design beautiful and its capabilities amazing and efficient. While facilitating ease of use, they have emphasized security that will be monitored by the efficient use of the Apple ID. The purpose of this piece is to elaborate on these capabilities and their purported efficiencies. We will attempt to answer the question of what the OS X Yosemite can do for users and expand the knowledge base surrounding this newest operating system and it applicability in today's modern but dynamic computing environment.< Less
Mac OS X Leopard By ngao dan
eBook (PDF): $19.00
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Os X Yosemite: A Beginner’s Guide By Mark Beams
eBook (ePub): $3.99
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What is OS X: The OS X has been classified as the operating system that enhances the power of all your Mac devices. It has been created using the greatest and firm technology of the UNIX and is... More > capable to unlock the full capabilities of the marvelous hardware like never before. Not only it gives you a pleasant feeling by its elegant looks, but is also pretty easy to use. It has a large collection of amazing built in apps that you would love to use every day. Not only this, the OS X basically connects all of your iOS and Mac devices like never before. The latest features: OS X Yosemite has been given on the most elegant designs that not only gives you a completely fresh feeling, but also gives you a familiar experience that you have loved so much for years. With its latest and more powerful features it is bound to change the way you looked at your Mac devices for good. It gives your iOS and Mac a fabulous new interface that you will enjoy.< Less
Gradekeeper Users Guide for Mac OS X By Daniel Ethier
Paperback: $10.28
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This is a spiral bound printed copy of the users guide for Gradekeeper for Mac OS X. Gradekeeper is the powerful and easy to use gradebook software for Windows and Mac OS X. If you use both Windows... More > and Mac OS X, you do not need both users guides. They are essentially the same except for the screen shots.< Less
Mac OS X Server Mail Service Administration By Brad Irwin
eBook (PDF): $0.00
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For Version 10.4 or Later
OS X® Mountain Lion Server FOR DUMmIES By Chris Burgess
eBook (PDF): $186.95
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The ink was barely dry on my copy of Lion Server For Dummies when Apple announced Mountain Lion. In Lion Server For Dummies, I said that I would never write another book. People took me seriously. A... More > reviewer at Amazon said that my pledge was the best part of Lion Server. I suspect that this is not the case, but I’m not completely unbiased on this subject. In the past, the time between Apple revisions of its operating system was just long enough to make me forget how much work it is to write one of these books. But Lion Server For Dummies wasn’t even six months old when Apple announced Mountain Lion. Naturally, I was hesitant to take on the new project. I pointed out the Amazon review to my publisher. The publisher then offered to pay me, so I put aside the humiliation of deceiving my readers and relented.< Less
Macintosh Support Manual - for Mac OS 7.x to 9.x By Creative tech writer
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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This is a short and straight to the point manual (36 pages) for troubleshooting older Macintosh computers running on Mac OS 7 to 9. I spent 10 years troubleshooting and supporting Mac's in every... More > imaginable department and type of work, and the same tasks for keeping your computer running smoothly and preventing crashes and loss of work remained the same. There are step by step instructions on how to maintain your operating system, keep it running smoothly and bug free, troubleshooting software problems, printing problems, application problems, memory problems, desktop issues and much more. If you need to reinstall a new clean version of the Operating System, there are step by step instructions with screen shots walking you through every step of the way so you won't lose all your work. This manual does not cover any Operating system past 9.x because the OS for Mac's changed to UNIX starting with OS X.< Less
Aprende a manejar Mac OS X By Gerardo Fernández Pérez
eBook (ePub): $1.97
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Muchos usuarios están dando el salto de Windows a Mac, sobre todo después de haber adquirido algún producto de Apple como un iPhone o un iPad, y ver lo bien que funciona su... More > sistema operativo, su estabilidad y su facilidad de uso. Todas estas características ayudan a decidirse para cambiar el viejo ordenador con Windows a la estabilidad y facilidad de uso que nos proporciona un ordenador Mac. Éste libro quiere ser una guía para todos aquellos que quieren cambiar o han cambiado su antiguo ordenador con el sistema operativo de Windows, y quieren empezar en el apasionante mundo de Mac OS X. Ante todo decirles que no se arrepentirán de realizar este cambio de un sistema operativo a otro. La facilidad de utilizar Mac OS X y su potencia, y altas prestaciones habrán merecido el sacrificio del cambio. En muy poco tiempo el nuevo usuario de Mac OS X se habrá acostumbrado a manejar este nuevo sistema operativo, que le sorprenderá gratamente por sus altas prestaciones y su facilidad de uso.< Less
FireMonkey Development for iOS and OS X with Delphi XE2 By Graeme Chandler
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FireMonkey is Embarcadero's new cross-platform application platform for Delphi. With FireMonkey, applications can be developed for iOS, OS X and Windows. Part 1 introduces FireMonkey and describes... More > what you need to get started: the resources required from Apple and the steps needed to set up your Mac and Windows environments for both OS X and iOS development. Part 2 looks at styles, effects and animations, multilingual support, 3D applications and controls including cameras, lighting and materials and dealing with models. Part 3 looks at iOS application development, including resources in the application bundle, playing sound, performing background tasks and using the camera. We see how to provision an iOS device in the Provisioning Portal and submit an application to the App Store. Part 4 provides a broad overview of OS X development. This section covers the essentials such as the file system, Delphi's OS X libraries and the project Deployment Manager.< Less
Apple OS X - using the built in Apache Web Server in OSX By Kyle O'Hare
eBook (PDF): $3.99
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A easy to use, step by step guide to implementing the built in Apache web server in Apple OSX