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Osiris By Nhys Glover
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Ta-khara, princess, priestess and healer, dreamed of the god Osiris. Such a dream makes her an unwitting threat to the power of her father, the Pharaoh. When a man looking just like her Dream Osiris... More > appears out of nowhere to save her life, she believes the god has incarnated to claim her as his wife. Daniel Stillwater is an anomaly in New Atlantis. He has a disease that’s killing him. And he's running out of time. His only hope of a cure is to be found in an, as yet, undiscovered cache of the Divided Knowledge of Atlantis. So, despite being a reclusive, theoretical mathematician with poor people skills, he joins the time-travel mission to Ancient Egypt. But when he’s separated him from his team and tossed back in time to save the life of an Egyptian princess, it becomes apparent that something more than simply an unprecedented glitch in the portal is at work.< Less
Birth of Osiris By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $9.41
The Curse of Miriam and the Birth of Osiris in the Holy Bible. "Much as in the times of Miriam; nowadays, everybody can tell the day of your marriage and whether you possess an Ophiuchus... More > ascendant or not."< Less
On Isis and Osiris By Plutarch
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Plutarch's ON ISIS AND OSIRIS. Translated by Charles William King.
The Osiris Numbers By Michael James Quinlan
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The wealthiest nations, religions, and corporations have colonized the solar system. Human combat has been reduced to hand-to-hand warfare; non-secular conflict is averted by the threat of elite... More > soldiers. For approximately 750 years, there has been relative peace and prosperity. However, science threatens the human species with warfare not across one planet, but on a solar system-wide scale. A plan is devised to stop the experiment, but are the conspirators really prepared to resort to genocide, using one of the deadliest viruses ever to plague the human species, in order to stop it?< Less
The Bride of Osiris By Otis Adelbert Kline
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Doris Lee is kidnaped and carried to an underground city beneath Chicago to become the bride of Mezzar Haskin, who rules there in Egyptian fashion under the name of Osiris. Alan Buell and Dan... More > Rafferty, trying to find and rescue Doris, are captured in the subterranean city of Karneter and led before Osiris for trial. Rafferty is assigned a post as electrician, but Buell is chosen to impersonate the Osiris N at the Festival of Re when he will be put to death.< Less
The Eye of Osiris By R. Austin Freeman
eBook (ePub): $2.53
John Bellingham is a world-renowned archaeologist who goes missing mysteriously after returning from a voyage to Egypt where fabulous treasures have been uncovered. Bellingham seems to have... More > disappeared leaving clues, which lead all those hunting down blind alleys. But when the piercing perception of the brilliant Dr Thorndyke is brought to bear on the mystery, the search begins for a man tattooed with the Eye of Osiris in this strange, tantalisingly enigmatic tale< Less
Quest for Osiris By Charlotte Constantin
Hardcover: $26.08
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Kendra and her little brother, Jake, get lost in a sandstorm in the Egyptian desert and emerge to find themselves on a quest which will change their lives forever. Together they come face to face... More > with hunger, cold and some fearsome characters while they chase across Egypt in search of very unusual treasure. The angsty teenager and her courageous little brother visit some of Egypt's most famous sites and travel by train, camel, caleche and felucca to unravel one of Ancient Egypt's most fascinating mysteries. Just when it appears that all is lost, Kendra and Jake discover the greatest prize of all, a prize which changes their lives forever.< Less
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This book contains a modern magical technique based on the esoteric bedrock of he Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead. This work was compiled by the Chief Adept of the Magical Order of the Aurora... More > Aurea, Nick Farrell. This book as a limited distribution because it is innovative modern magic which works and is based on a manuscript which has previously only been available to adepts in his Order. Farrell is also concerned that many modern readers can’t handle what this system will force them to deal with. Using spirit vision, and active imagination techniques, this book takes the reader through a serious of magical ordeals before finally uniting them with their Higher Self. It has similarities in its goals to the Judaeo-Christian Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage but its methods are focused on Ancient Egypt< Less
CSSC Sculptfest09 By osiris Hertz
Paperback: $10.50
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The Carving Studio & Sculpture Center Sculptfest09 book.
THE TALE of URIU By Osiris Street
Paperback: $3.07
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If you like sugar and spice and everything nice with a side of EXPLOSIONS! Than this book is just for you.

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