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The Nutritional Treatment of Osteoporosis By Daniel Cobb DOM
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This book will explain how to prevent/treat and even reverse osteoporosis with inexpensive nutrients and better dietary choices. It will also explain how and why the nutritional treatment of... More > osteoporosis is much superior and less dangerous then conventional osteoporosis treatment.< Less
Osteoporosis: Not A Woman's Problem By Eliot Trimberger
eBook (PDF): $7.00
A short article which describes the complexity of modern medicine as it relates to osteoporosis. This article would be good for educational use for students in classes as they relate to health and... More > medicine or for use as a handout to give to neurologists and other medical professionals for further education on the complexities that surround anticonvulsant medication. The material in this article is also a preview for the material that I present in the book that I have written, The Epilepsy and Osteoporosis Link.< Less
Osteoporosis. Fitoterapia By Reyes Rodrigo Segurado
eBook (PDF): $8.46
Osteoporosis. Fitoterapia (pdf 0,68 MB). Contenido parcial del CD Osteoporosis correspondiente a la Enciclopedia Temática de Terapias Naturales Volumen I "Huesos y Músculos".... More > A lo largo de sus 5 páginas, comprende los siguientes apartados: Fitoterapia: Se expondrán 23 diferentes plantas adecuadas al problema en cuestión, indicando sus aplicaciones, forma de preparación y sus posibles efectos adversos. < Less
La osteoporosis By Maria Luisa Morillo Romero et al.
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La osteoporosis es un problema muy prevalente en la actualidad. Es una enfermedad que afecta a numerosas personas. Me parece un tema muy importante porque creo que una buena educación para la... More > salud por parte de la enfermería puede prevenir muchos casos.< Less
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Dos millones y medio de españolas sufren osteoporosis. El 80% de las afectadas no es consciente de los factores de riesgo antes de que se le diagnostique la enfermedad y sólo un 10% de... More > las mujeres con osteoporosis reciben tratamiento. La osteoporosis es reconocida como enfermedad específica desde épocas remotas, habiendo sido descrita ya por Hipócrates. Sin embargo, sólo en los últimosDos millones y medio de españolas sufren osteoporosis. El 80% de las afectadas no es consciente de los factores de riesgo antes de que se le diagnostique la enfermedad y sólo un 10% de las mujeres con osteoporosis reciben tratamiento.< Less
Osteoporosis (Danish version) By Robin Drinkall
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The first Osteoporosis book in Denmark to address compliance of medicine. The book was supplied at no cost to patients participating in an Osteoporosis medication compliance e-health support project... More > at Hvidovre Hospital, Denmark< Less
OSTEOPOROSI? NIENTE PANICO! By Francesca Cosmi & Alessandra Nicolosi
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“Come mai un professore di progettazione meccanica si mette a studiare l’osso? perché vuole prevenire le rotture, tutte!” Credo che far resistere le strutture sia un... More > desiderio innato negli ingegneri ed una costruzione complessa ed organizzata come quella dell’architettura interna dell’osso rende la sfida ancor più affascinante. In un materiale così articolato, il calo della massa ossea non basta da solo per spiegare tutte le fratture osteoporotiche. Da questa considerazione è nato in me il desiderio di approfondire il problema della valutazione del rischio, studiando come la complessa struttura trabecolare influenzi la distribuzione delle forze all’interno dell’osso per migliorare la conoscenza della situazione specifica del paziente.< Less
45 Osteoporosis Meal Recipe Solutions: Start Eating the Best Foods for Your Bones to Make Them Strong and Healthy By Joe Correa CSN
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This book is a collection of delicious recipes that are packed with calcium, vitamin D, protein and other nutrients critical for maintaining and building strong and healthy bones. Osteoporosis is a... More > disease where your bones become weak and likely to have some sort of fraction and even break. Several risk factors affect the occurrence of bone loss and osteoporosis. This includes gender, age, body size, ethnicity (White and Asian women are at high risk, Black and Hispanics have a lower risk), and family history. Other factors include low levels of estrogen, low calcium, magnesium and vitamin D intake and use of steroids in medication, smoking and alcohol consumption. Eating a balanced diet rich in calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D can improve bone health and prevent osteoporosis.< Less
90 Osteoporosis Juice and Meal Recipe Solutions: Make Your Bones Strong and Healthy In Less Time By Joe Correa CSN
eBook (ePub): $5.99
Our body is a magnificent living structure with the amazing ability to regenerate and heal itself. With some small daily habits, you can actually do wonders and prevent this unfortunate disease. This... More > book is the first step in that direction. It contains osteoporosis preventing and curing juice and meal recipes that are based on natural and healthy ingredients to help your body defend itself. Foods that are rich in calcium include dark leafy greens and dairy foods. While there is evidence that high amounts of oxalates in vegetables such as spinach, leeks, and beets hinder calcium absorption, people who consume a balanced diet will not be affected. A diet rich in grains, seeds, whole grains and seafood contain high amounts of magnesium which is essential for calcium absorption and retention. These juice and meal recipes are healthy, delicious, and easy to make! Try them all and see how your bones start to feel.< Less
The Osteoporosis Factor: What Medical Doctors Don't Disclose About Medication By Eliot Trimberger
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Articles for classroom discussion about the link between epilepsy and osteoporosis. These articles give a summary of Chapter three and four in my book when I underwent a transformation of my own from... More > an accountant to a teacher after a hip fracture in three places that left me on crutches for six months. Also includes two chapters from The Epilepsy and Osteoporosis Link. If you are a teacher purchasing this for students, you may also want to read about my life experience in the book that I have self-published.< Less