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The Coffee Table Muse - Ponderings on our Ego and its Insanity! By Rev., Samantha Rayn Bachman
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“With all the ‘self-help’, ‘laws of how to’ and ‘you-can-do-it’ information out there - including how to "succeed-in-business" and take control of... More > your life, we are no better off - in fact, we have more depression, feelings of hopelessness and financial debt than ever. We are unhealthy, unhappy and way from our true potential as humans. We appear to be happy, yet we are dis-eased and suffer emotionally. Our happiness is brought about by the wants of our Ego. We never really know our self let alone connect fully with another. All our relationships are shallow and mostly Ego driven. We have surrounded ourselves with material things and knowledge, yet we still seek true happiness. We have lost our way; it is time to reclaim our life, our health, our spirit and our soul from the man made Hell we have created by living through our Ego. Time to ponder on all! Enjoy my Ponderings on the Ego and its insanity Love from me to you Samantha Rayn Bachman The Coffee Table Muse -The Soul with Attitude< Less
If I Love You, Why Is It So Hard to Live With You? By Susan Gleeson
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EMPATHY IS THE KEY : NO MATTER WHERE WE ARE IN THE LIFE OF AN INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP, EMPATHY IS THE QUALITY WE NEED. “After all is said and done, to thrive in an intimate relationship, the... More > quality most required is that of empathy extended from each partner to the other. We can attain this state after both partners have learned to know and accept themselves, and after they know and fully accept the other. In addition to empathy, we need to become curious and diligent students of our relationship, the We that we create, which is an entity unto itself and is as real as each of us as individuals.” In If I Love You, Why Is It So Hard to Live With You?, Dr. Gleeson discusses how we can tackle the process of learning how to know and accept ourselves, how we can make a healthy choice of intimate partner, and how we can come to understand our relationship.< Less
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Black Lives Matter and So Does Black Business How Do We Keep Them Both Above Ground? By Terrence Underwood
eBook (ePub): $4.99
This book is about taking control of our lives and our culture and I don’t mean hip hop culture. I’m talking about African American or Black culture. It’s about creating our own... More > wealth to be self-sufficient and self-fulfilling as a people. This book shines a light on our inability to be our brother’s keeper and the disadvantages of not being able to feed ourselves, clothe ourselves, shelter ourselves, and quench our own thirst.< Less
When All Else Fails, Succeed!: Principle 3 Living in Sync - Relational Harmony By David Khalil
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Principle 3: Living in Sync – Relational Harmony is the third principle of a 12 part series from the book; When All Else Fails, Succeed! The A-la-carte format now allows the reader to pick and... More > choose which practical principle they wish to try and test to build a successful life without purchasing the whole book. Each Principle has been carefully selected and can be applied individually in its own right. Yet, there is a compounding effect when the principles are strung together that can build a momentum of success in your life. This principle focuses on the power of getting the right perspective in relationships in every sphere of life. So that you can develop relational harmony in 4 key areas that includes our friends, our work place, our family and ourselves. So go ahead, take up the challenge as you read —and when all else fails, SUCCEED.< Less
Biblical Money Management: What to Do with a Rolls Royce Lifestyle, When You Live on a Honda Paycheck By Kerry Beck
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Have you spent every last dime, trying to live a Rolls Royce lifestyle? We live in a culture that wants everything ... NOW! We compare ourselves to our friends on social media, thinking we need that... More > lifestyle. But what does God have to say about lifestyle and money? Kerry Beck looks to the Bible to determine the best approach towards managing your money, which includes debt and the all-consuming credit card debt. Credit card debt can put more stress on a family than any other problem, especially families on a Honda paycheck. Isn't it time you stopped worrying about paying off your credit card debt and mortgage each month? Discover practical examples to manage your money, that you can implement this week.< Less
How to Heal your Pineal Gland to facilitate Enlightenment optimize Melatonin and Live Longer :The Enlightenment App By Joel Blanchard
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In this revised, 2018 version of this book, nutritionist Joel Blanchard offers information and tools designed specifically to help us create a reality of health, happiness, and enlightenment for... More > ourselves. Our pineal glands have been damaged by environmental contaminants. Your pineal gland produces the majority of your melatonin and the melatonin molecule may very well be the most powerful cell-protecting molecule in existence. Joel discusses your pineal gland’s role in perception, intuition, self-mastery, and insight. Explore the role cannabis (marijuana) and dimethyltryptamine (DMT) can play in creativity, melatonin production, and personal epiphanies. Are you ready to turn your pineal gland back on and start receiving the creativity, joy, and body energy you had as a child, before your pineal gland became calcified? Are you ready to use your built-in Enlightenment App?< Less
You Don't See Many Chickens In Clearance: Essays on Faith and Living By Cory L. Kemp
eBook (ePub): $8.99
In You Don't See Many Chickens in Clearance: Essays on Faith and Living, author Cory L. Kemp, creator and founder of Creating Women Ministries, presents a variety of thought-provoking articles that... More > will inspire you to consider what you believe and prompt you to define your faith by how you live your day-to-day life. "If Paul Had Email" ponders the important tradition of the Biblical Epistles and how they still inform our faith today. In "A Farewell," Peter Jennings is remembered as a man who touched our lives in profoundly simple and important ways. "Searching for the Kingdom" observes a modern-day treasure hunter digging for gold in his front yard, reminding us of Jesus' story of another soul seeking great wealth on someone else's property. Also included are readings on faith, family, national and world events and new parables for our lives. This book encourages each of us to know ourselves, each other and God more intimately, and to become better acquainted with how we live by what we believe< Less
How to Heal Your Pineal Gland to Facilitate Enlightenment Optimize Melatonin and Live Longer: The Enlightenment App By Joel Blanchard
eBook (ePub): $4.99
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In this revised edition, nutritionist Joel Blanchard cheerfully offers information designed to help us create a reality of health, happiness, and enlightenment for ourselves. He relates how he... More > shifted out of his linear, relatively unconscious state of mind. Joel explains how our pineal glands become damaged by environmental conditions. Melatonin, which is primarily produced in the pineal gland, may well be the most powerful cell-protecting molecule in existence. Research studies have demonstrated that melatonin plays a significant factor in how long you are going to live. Joel also discusses your pineal gland’s role in perception, intuition, self-mastery, and insight, and relates some amazing personal experiences. He also discusses the truth about cannabis (marijuana) and dimethyltryptamine (DMT). Are you ready to start receiving the kind of creativity, joy, and body energy you had as a child, before your pineal gland became calcified? Are you ready to use your built-in Enlightenment App?< Less
Anxious Reflexions By Enrique Wulff
eBook (PDF): $8.99
As it is well known by everyone by now… the way we live and love in the present determines our future quality. In this changing present in which we live in the midst of a whirlwind of... More > technological advances in practically all areas of civilization, we have no alternative but to try to be an active part. The participation of the active love we feel and share deserves a parallel learning of the changes that are taking place in many areas of our societies. For this learning, acquisition of educated information will help us adapt cognitively and emotionally to all these metamorphoses of humanity in recent decades. Topics of our internal and external realities need our discernment and reflection. With the intention of trying to be active part in my society, "Anxious Reflections" was written.< Less

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