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Bride of the Mutant's Tomb By Larry Blamire
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1958. Low budget director Harry Leeds has two days to finish his sci-fi epic "Aliens From Outer Space", with an aging European horror star, a psychic consultant who might be insane, a wife... More > who's never acted before, an actor who doesn't show, and various other calamities in this hilarious and touching comedy, a forerunner of Larry Blamire's cult classic, THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA. 3f, 9m, Performance rights and royalty contact info: see book, page iv. "What keeps Bride from being just an amusing, dismissible send-up is Blamire's real affection for his targets. Being good isn't the only point of filmmaking, Blamire suggest; doing it, for good or ill, for the love of it, is. This blend of affection and amusement comes through beautifully…" --BOSTON HERALD< Less
Radiation By P. Phillips
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Radiation hardening is the act of making electronic components and systems resistant to damage or malfunctions caused by ionizing radiation (particle radiation and high-energy electromagnetic... More > radiation), such as those encountered in outer space and high-altitude flight, around nuclear reactors and particle accelerators, or during nuclear accidents or nuclear warfare.Most semiconductor electronic components are susceptible to radiation damage; radiation-hardened components are based on their non-hardened equivalents, with some design and manufacturing variations that reduce the susceptibility to radiation damage. Excerpt from: Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book.< Less
The Power of Unified Physics! By Isaac Lasley
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All matter is composed of electromagnetic particles, waves, fields, and energy flow. Now we may apply the unified physics technologies proven to be possible in “Gravity Now!!”.... More > Technological breakthroughs of truly unified physics will function to improve humanity have now been proven that the basis for everything, including the universe, is pure positive and negative electromagnetic energy! Humans created the sundial!! Time Is A Man Made Conception! Earth time does not exist in outer space, as biological time has been proven to exist on planet earth as a result of planetary electromagnetic energy. Biological age is the result of the electromagnetic energy on the cells to do cellular work on a magnetic level due to the energy of gravity in the atmosphere pushing down from above and earth’s gravity pulling down on us from beneath. With unified physics we will be able to travel the universe faster than light, create replicators, disintegrators, teletransporters, and more with A Hopefully Prosperous Future!< Less
EM wave By Louis Jasper Jr.
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The book is meant to be read and studied by those interested in understanding an electromagnetic (EM) model of our galaxy. The model shows that an EM wave originates at the center of our galaxy and... More > travels outward with a half wavelength periodicity of about 32 million years. Coulomb and Hankel Wave Functions characterize the central and outer region of the galaxy respectively. It is interesting that at the center of the galaxy, a current flows perpendicular to the plane of the spiral, and that Coulomb Wave Functions are necessary to solve the boundary value problem. These functions are used in quantum physics. It is most fascinating that our galaxy can be modeled using functions that are used in quantum physics. Also of interest is that the EM wave will concentrate ionic particles in spatial distributions around the wave maxima. The ionic particles will blanket the space occupied by the earth as the EM wave maxima reach the earth at intervals of about 32 million years.< Less
The Narthex By Zali Krishna
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Sequel to Dashanka Junction Rayne Keller is back from outer space. To understand why she is hurtling back across the cold parsecs, ascii-ised and dancing upon the head of a pin, and what is the... More > meaning of any of the ballet of symbolic violence that occurs in the fabled arcology of Embelyon, we must look back to events that took place on a rooftop in Caesarea Philippi many centuries before. And to understand why several veterans of the Helicopteur Police found their way to that same rooftop, we must interrogate the smashed head of Imperator X, that is rumoured to be found beneath the Costcutter at Elysian Quadrant. All of this aside: what does all of this have to do with the wayfarer Soma Jones, and the former psychogeographer Maurice Donne? Is it related to the relationship between the singularity up-time at Les Pyramides and the deep-nested realities of The Empire of Parentheses? Who is writing who? Some clews are provided within.< Less
Voyager By Carl Rackman
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Voyager One is the remotest human object in existence, hurtling through the void of outer space more than twelve billion miles away. It should be all alone. Callie Woolf, Project Manager at... More > NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, is stunned when the tiny probe unexpectedly downloads a series of highly disturbing images. Within 24 hours she is running for her life. FBI Agent Brad Barnes is assigned to the case and unwittingly stumbles into a conspiracy which threatens to bring the United States to its knees. Unable to tell friend from foe, Brad and Callie must play a deadly cat-and-mouse game with the conspirators’ shadowy agents as they confront the unthinkable – that mankind may not be alone in the Universe.< Less
Travel diary from elsewhere By M .B
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Lazily drifting in outer space, an object dances among the stars. Gradually, it approaches a blue planet, bathed by the rays of a sun. Thus a good day, this object is placed on the wet sand of a... More > beach. The waves toss, walking from tides by tides. A young boy running on the beach noticed the object. Intrigued, he picks it up. Then he observes. But he really does not see what it can be ! To what use is this strange metal roller? Suddenly, the object becomes luminescent, releasing a ballet images while a serene and monotonous voice announces: "This is the diary of my ship charged with exploring the galaxy. » Surprised, the boy away some of the strange object. Yet despite the fear he feels he is intrigued and curious about more ...< Less
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Living Færie: Looking for the Green Man By John A. Mills
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This book of poetry and original art explores the realm of færie in the world around us. In our highly rational, analyzed, and explored world our sense of enchantment has become dulled. We do... More > not pay attention to the magic and wonder around us except in bits and pieces. But there is a whole realm of mystery, magic and enchantment shining through nature, through outer space, and through our everyday lives. This realm is populated by fairies, those mythological images of the divine shining through the creation. These poems offer visions of the færie world around us and tap into the bond between being human and being nature. The poems provide readers the chance to sharpen their sense of magic and enchantment. Through that sixth sense readers can live in a world of magic and wonder and discover that their ordinary lives can be enriched with beauty and excitement. Enjoy and experience living færie. Look for the Green Man!< Less
The Water Bearer Diaries By Bud Dharmadha
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The Water Bearer Diaries is a personal journal I kept leading up to, during, and after an ... experience that took place in Portland, Oregon in early 2003. Although a personal journal, my mindset... More > was definitely global and there may be material in this book that will help modern spiritual seekers. From The Water Bearer Diaries: During the time immediately before I was taken to the psych ward... I recall having problems breathing and perceiving that I needed to keep things in my mind or contact with life, or else I'd die. From a series of visions whizzing by I remember seeing (among other things I can't remember) my Mom, Dad, brother, nephew, some friends, the sun, an alien or aliens, the earth -this after I laid down on the bed [this image of Earth as seen from outer space is the clearest image I have of this period of visions.]< Less

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