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The First Man In Space By Alistair David Todd
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The First Man In Space is a dramatic poem taking the symbol of the astronaut to meditate on humanity’s ability to develop and control their environment right to the very limits of the... More > skies. Written in four parts it looks at the life of the unnamed astronaut in his childhood, his training, his experience in space and, finally, him growing old back on Earth. Reflecting on the philosophic as well as the scientific and also on the isolation it takes to achieve such a feat. The First Man In Space takes you to outer and inner reaches of the human will and human capability to overcome.< Less
Astrology in Open Space By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $28.80
As the universal Cartesian house system takes astrology beyond the polar regions and into outer space, the board astrologer is operating within local zodiacs. "In the case of Cruithne, Venus... More > crosses the polar region while entering the exotic constellations of Hydrus, Tucana, Indus and Pavo. The colons will have to deal with Venus in Vulpecula or Cygnus in order to determine a horoscope. Beyond our board mainframe, the cosmic horoscope art requires extremely gifted astrologers."< Less
The Clayton Astounding: Vagabonds of Space By G. W. Thomas
eBook (PDF): $4.99
The first in a series of reprints from the classic SF of the early 1930s. Before John W. Campbell's "Golden Age" (beginning in 1938) editor Harry Bates created an SF Pulp that was meant to... More > entertain with stories of adventure and action in outer space and on far planets. This magazine has become known as "The Clayton Astounding" to delineate it from later incarnations. The first volume, VAGABONDS OF SPACE, represents the best Space Opera from the magazine's first run of 1930-1933. Features stories by Harl Vincent, Edmond Hamilton, Anthony Gilmore, Sewell Peaslee Wright, Nat Schachner, Edwin K. Sloat and Jack Williamson. Each author is introduced with commentary by G. W. Thomas.< Less
Space Age Ash Tray By Don Fields
Paperback: $11.00
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SPACE AGE! That umbrella that covered post-WW2 pop culture which gave us elaborate offerings like Martin Denny Records, tiki bars, 8-track tapes, the Las Vegas Strip, disco movies and, most of all,... More > old oddball buildings that looked like they came from Hawaii or outer space (which ever was closest). SPACE AGE ASH TRAY is a bulk of one fanboy's failure to join in this party. With art, articles, rants and comics, DON FIELDS pays small personal tribute to those days of daring cultural do.< Less
Worm Logan's Space Party By L.M.K. Worm
Paperback: $16.99
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Logan's Space Party is a unique and special story written for all children, especially boys and girls with type 1 diabetes. This isn't a book about diabetes though. This is a magical adventure in... More > which the hero of the story just happens to have diabetes, and he finds that having diabetes gives him the strength and power to undertake a marvelous journey, meet robots, fly into outer space, befriend monsters, and ultimately save the day. L. M. K. Worm's colorful and dream-like illustrations immerse readers in this fantastic world. Logan's Space Party is sure to spark important conversations among all children and empower boys and girls with type 1 diabetes.< Less
Peter Burgin And The Lords Of Space By Charles Lockwood
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‘Certainly not,’ the stranger said. ‘We use androids for that, mostly. No no no.’ He licked his lips and leered, momentarily revealing needle-sharp incisors. ‘We need... More > people for, er, quite different reasons. “Extra-Terrestrial Removals” at your service. That's us. Deal?’ The human race is in grave danger. People are disappearing daily, taken away by a race of technologically advanced monsters from outer space with the ability to take on human form, led by one who calls himself the ‘Noble Lord’. Follow the adventures of teenager Peter Burgin and his friend Vicky, daughter of millionaire businessman David Brannigan, as they battle with the aliens in a desperate race to save the world. To read the first chapter of this book, click ‘Preview'.< Less
Bullard of the Space Patrol By Malcolm Jameson
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A FICTION HOUSE PRESS REPRINT: JOHN BULLARD was born on Terra, in the ancient district of Ohio, in 3915, and his story is science fiction in the tradition of fine storytelling. No bugeyed monsters... More > of the "space operas" here, but the adventures of a clever man, not physically outstanding in any way, who passed almost unnoticed from the Patrol Academy into the Service, there to become the almost legendary hero of the space fleet. Keeping the peace of the inner and outer planets was no easy job. It fell to Commander Bullard to put down the rebellious criminals long since banished to other planets, to fight in grim wars which encompassed not the nations of our time but the planets of the universe, and last but not least, to cut through the red tape of Terra's bureaucracy. His clever use of the extraordinary machines and weapons of a future age brought him a fame unequaled among the mariners of deep space.< Less
Ruff! Guide to Space Opera By Leigh Reynolds
eBook (ePub): $2.99
The Ruff! Guide to Space Opera is a comprehensive guide to large scale and romantic outer space adventures in all media. Movies, television, games, animation, comics, role-playing games, books,... More > stories, computer games and more. Let Ruff help you develop your fascination with fast spaceships roaming the deep void, sword swinging raygun duels on other planets, aliens and the conflicts of Galactic Empires. From the planetary romances of Edgar Rice Burroughs and Leigh Brackett, past Larry Niven and Joe Haldeman to the brilliant New Space Opera of Iain Banks, Alastair Reynolds and Neal Asher. Find visual feasts from Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers via Blake's 7, Dune, Babylon 5, Cowboy Bebop, Dead Space and Farscape to Star Trek, Star Wars and Avatar and beyond. Discover groundbreaking comics from DC, Marvel and others like the Omega Men, Dreadstar and Starslayer along with old favourites. Ruff will not let you put a paw wrong in your quests through hyperspace and ancient Martian landscapes.< Less
Hawking For Kids: A Brief History of Space By Kaitlyn House
Paperback: $9.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
A short children's book teaching a basic level of theoretical physics with a focus on black holes
Hawking For Kids: A Brief History of Space By Kaitlyn House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
A short children's book teaching a basic level of theoretical physics with a focus on black holes

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