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baked in the oven ! By Bernadette Maréchal
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Each year, during the last days of september, this little village of the French Jura celebrates its saint patron Saint Michael. The author herself sets and takes care of the fire in the communal... More > oven during four days so as to bake home made pies, dishes and other gratins, which each family prepares according to its way, before eating all together in a fraternity. But an oven that big, has to be tamed and meditated. Here is all the living adventure, related with humour, tenderness and philosophy. This book, colorfully illustrated by the author, will teach you, in a funny way, the leading of the fire and the baking, the traps to avoid and the sometimes unexpected reactions of the oven, besides the sharing of magical moments when the sublimated fire in its stone nest becomes a messenger beneath the stars.< Less
Out of the Oven By ZC Yancy
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Sixty years ago, the earth was invaded by creatures that were once thought to be myths, taking the world by surprise as they seemingly sprang from the pages of the books that were once their only... More > domain, taking the world by force. Today there is only a small group of humans left, holed up in sanctuaries, which are all but demolished. The human race has one last hope: the Cause, which is an organization bent on ridding the world of these creatures. When the leader of the Cause dies, it falls upon his one and only son, Aldous Kaine, to take the reins of the dying organization and save what is left of the human world. But there’s only one problem: Aldous has never even left Symphony City, and though his father seemed to have faith in his abilities, others do not. In Out of the Oven, the first volume in the epic Rebirth Trilogy, Aldous must prove himself to his companions in order to gain their trust - and their help - to save the world that is so far gone.< Less
How to Build a Pizza Oven By Rob Zappone
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How to Build A Pizza Oven. A step-by-step guide to building a wood-burning pizza oven, with a easy to follow photographically illustrated plan, including special tips and tricks. Building your own... More > using this guide will save you thousands when compared to buying an expensive kit, and will give you the thrill of authentic Italy in your very own home! Treat your family and friends to the best pizza in town...< Less
Dutch Oven Cookbook By Adam K Randle
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Dutch oven cooking lends a special flavor to foods that comes only through cooking using seasoned iron. You can cook almost anything in a Dutch oven that you can cook in a conventional oven. If you... More > are not cooking in the great outdoors, you can still use your Dutch oven in your regular kitchen oven. Anything you can cook in your oven or crock pot, you can cook in a Dutch oven. Whether you want a meal of chicken and rice, pot roast and potatoes, chili or even pizza, a Dutch oven does a great job! All you need to do is practice and have confidence. Using a Dutch oven at home is also very popular since the food gets cooked at a constant, all-around temperature. There's nothing better than a wonderful Dutch oven meal served for friends at home. Here are some sample recipes from this cookbook: Apple Cider Pot Roast, Baked Spinach with Cheese, Beef and Lentil Stew, Braised Red Cabbage, Chicken and Sausage Gumbo, Smothered Round Steak, Veal Breast with Herb Stuffing, White Lasagna and many more recipes…< Less
Sterilization of Instruments in Solar Ovens By Anders Jørgensen
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The sterilization of instruments in rural health clinics in less developed countries is an increasing problem because chemical methods can no longer be recommended and wood fuel is becoming more and... More > more scarce. Thus, it seemed obvious to try to utilize solar energy for sterilization purposes. A solar oven was designed and manufactured using local materials and simple tools. The solar oven was tested by physical, chemical, and microbiological methods. A mathematical model for the sterilization effect was developed and programmed into a microprocessor that was connected to a thermocouple. The microprocessor switches on a green light when the sterilization is completed. After successful testing, the oven was built into the west-facing wall of a rural health clinic and used daily for sterilization.< Less
Watching Cookies in the Oven By David Peterson
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Most inspirational and self-help books are written by experts, celebrities, or people who have compellingly unique life-changing stories to tell. This one isn't. Watching Cookies in the Oven... More > chronicles mundane events in the author's daily life, then shows that, with introspection, everyday life can become sublime. From overcoming depression to breaking up with girlfriends, the true stories of each chapter are filled with optimism, hope, and an abiding trust in God. Breaking from the genre's tradition of to-do lists or resolutions, Peterson invites readers to see the world in a different way, promising that each shift in paradigm will effect a change in actions and results. In the end, readers leave lifted, refreshed, and ready to find their own symbolism in everyday life - proof that you don't have to have a PhD to be inspired.< Less
The Philosopher's Stone Oven By Honoria Lockhart
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A fantastic collection of magical recipes, potions and mixtures.
Waiting on the Oven 101 By Writing Buffs
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Anthology of student writing incorporating recipes and memories.
VooDoo Queen By Billie Ovens
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Voodoo Queen is a story that takes place in Lake Charles, LA. Dating 1940. In this book you will travel the roads leading deep into the swamplands where Voodoo takes place unbeknownst to many... More > others. A young woman, Nelda, celebrates her eighteenth birthday. Little does she know that on this particular day her life will turn upside down. She is the only daughter to James and Sally Hebert. Or so they thought. When this young woman experiences things that not many do she finds that life isn’t as grand as one would think for an only child of a wealthy Banker. James and Sally find that their daughter bears a mark. Making her tied to Voodoo that is thought to no longer be practiced. A woman begins to follow Nelda and her parents claiming that Nelda is her daughter. Which places fear into the Hebert family. The events that follow lead them all deep into the swamps of Louisiana into a gathering of Voodoo magic. There is human sacrifice and more that comes.< Less
'Halogen Oven Cooking' Southern Style By Tempie Williams
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This 2012 Calendar featuring ' Halogen Oven Cooking' is specially dedicated with love to my sister Lavern Thomas. Discover 'new ways' of cooking foods for yourself or for others that is faster,... More > heathier, keeping natural flavours and juices inside using infrared waves from a halogen light source. I'll share some of our mom's 'Favorite Ole Fashion Southern Style Recipes' such as : cornbread, roasted chicken, black-eyed peas with okra and egg coconut pie, plus more the Halogen Oven Cooking Way! Love and thanks also, to my husband Albert Williams and his 'green thumb' for our homegrown vegetables, flowers and roses in our garden. Sincerely, Tempie Williams< Less

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