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Paisley and Plaid By Bridgitte Lesley
eBook (ePub): $5.99
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Over the years Malcolm and Irene had become friends. They met once a week and had a meal together on a Friday evening. They gradually got to know each other until one evening when Malcolm decided... More > it was time. It was time to start dating! They didn’t ease in to a relationship but it was a whirlwind romance. They did abnormal things and combined their bucket lists and made sure that they did everything on their lists. Even though there was an age difference that didn’t hold them back. They were the perfect couple and supported each other in every way possible. Until Malcolm did a personal favor for his mother. He was torn! Torn between his home, his assets and Irene. Without realizing it, his mother had driven a huge wedge between Malcolm and Irene. Irene said her farewells even though it almost broke her heart. She had something special coming her way and she vowed she would not let anything or anyone get in the way of her happiness. She would be strong!< Less
Deep Paisley By CM Tweel
eBook (PDF): $5.00
A collection of essays and short stories to enlighten and enliven any mundane life.
Deep Paisley By CM Tweel
Hardcover: $42.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
A collection of essays and short stories to enlighten and enliven any mundane life.
Waterfall full of tears By Paisley Blue
Paperback: $10.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
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This book is filled with my emotions and how my teenage years are. Full of anger and love all mixed in the same book also with a little nature and some memories of childhood. I think most people... More > could relate to these poems. I would also say thank you to Photo bucket because I found wonderful pictures on there for my covers.< Less
The Winter Woods By Paisley Poyle
Paperback: $8.10
Prints in 3-5 business days
Paisley's story about a witch and a little girl on an adventure. It was written by Paisley, age 6 as part of story mountain practice for her SATs
Chemical Z By Paisley Eubanks
eBook (PDF): $3.99
In the year 2013 with the threat of the end of the world over, scientist try to create a super human by bringing back the dead. Fortunately, they succeed with Chemical Z. Unfortunately for them and... More > the rest of the world, hes a army private and can't be controlled. Just his exsistance threatens to bring down the world< Less
David Rowand's Paisley By David Rowand
eBook (ePub): $6.27
David Rowand's Paisley is the sequel to the best selling 'Silver Threads'. This, the author's fourth book, continues his fascinating historical journal of Paisley and its characters. David Rowand... More > has uncovered a rich and entertaining collection of new and archive material from his home town of Paisley.. where else!< Less
Ponderings from Paisley By Rashelle Reid
Paperback: $8.01
Prints in 3-5 business days
Ponderings from Paisley shares tales of some of the crazier realities of life in the United Kingdom in the early years of the 21st Century. Discussing many of today's more controversial topics this... More > collection aims to spark questions rather than provide answers. First Awakening then Dissolving the Illusions before finally Breaking the Bounds the author weaves the political and mystical together in a light-hearted and down to earth manner, that leaves the reader hungry for more. Rashelle Reid has featured in the Enlightening Times magazine and The Great British Write Off - A Way With Words anthology. With the next project already in the pipe-line collaborating with other Paisley Pen's, 2015 looks set to be an amazing year for this new Scottish author who loves to ponder from Paisley. To arrange a book reading or for more information visit< Less
Color Me Paisley By Genevieve Gollan
Paperback: List Price: $11.99 $6.00 | You Save: 50%
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This is my first hand drawn adult coloring book.I hope you enjoy it!
Paisley is Miss Positivity By Lindsey Tharpe
Hardcover: $25.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Greyson is a 3rd grade student who considers himself a regular guy, and he is. Sometimes when things don't go his way, he gets a negative attitude; but who doesn't. Then, one day a little girl... More > named Paisley enters the classroom as a new student and she takes the seat right next to him. She teaches Grey to be positive by using her motto "Positivity is power, negativity is nonsense."< Less

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