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Her Majesty the Palm Tree By Francesco De Santis & Gianfranco De Micheli
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Botany, religion, mathematics and art: four chapters that decline the crowd of the anglings from which we can observe and analyse the palm tree, "essential element of perfection and... More > happiness." "mother and sacred origin of the life."It is able to transmit us, the "harmonious image that accompanies the look beyond the perception", it becomes the excellency of all pan religious symbols. We finds again the palm tree represented in the Renaissance pictures as in the Indian art, in the algebraic formulas and in the gardens of the most splendid buildings of the world. "The light head of its hair, at times dense of fruits, is composed by spiral from a forgetful stem of the height, evoking dizzy exactness and delicate decorations."< Less
The Palm Tree Resort By Ryung Kweon
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Humans, in general, have come to that point when everything they do can be analyzed and viewed from many perspectives until they become satisfied with the whole outcome. Only then can they say a... More > thing is worth doing over and over again, with a slight variation, perhaps, but always with the basic elements or conditions present. We all want control in our lives. That is the price to pay for being masters of our own lives and builders of our own dreams, whatever they may be.< Less
The Palm Tree Resort By Sarah Vaccaro
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Everyone expects to spend a vacation and have a free-rolling time and come home refreshed and lugging a bunch of memories for another year or more. Of course, not to mention a ton of selfies with the... More > tigers or the elephants and still-life photos of newly-served, delicious steaming meals you ate. But nothing makes or breaks a vacation more than the quality of the place, and it follows, the accommodations and amenities that comprise the environment where you “vacate” yourself of the stresses of work, city-life and all the people and things that justify spending good money for that process we simply call vacation. Removing something unnecessary requires replacing it with something better or more enjoyable to make the time worthwhile. At least, that’s how we might look at what having a vacation must accomplish.< Less
Palm Tree Island By Herbert Strang
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Herbert Strang was the pseudonym of two English authors, George... More > Herbert Ely (1866–1958) and Charles James L'Estrange (1867–1947). They specialized in writing adventure stories for boys, both historical and modern-day.Both men were staff members of Oxford University Press, which published their books, giving them a patina of social status and approval for the parents of their intended audience. Their work showed a broad general debt to that of Jules Verne; Round the World in Seven Days was one of their most popular books. Excerpt from:< Less
Palm Tree Time Machine By Tyler Porter & Isaac Bunch
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This book is about two children who adventure in another dimension, in a broken time machine they dubbed the, PTTM, or Palm Tree Time Machine! Cue the dramatic music as you go along this hilarious... More > quest as they try to get back to their own time and place!< Less
The Palm Tree of Deborah By Shelomo Alfassa
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'The Palm Tree of Deborah' (Tomer Deborah) is an ethical discourse devoted to the doctrine of the imitation of the Almighty. This pietistic volume was written by Rabbi Moshe Kordovero in the 16th... More > century. In his book, Kordovero proceeds systematically through the various known attributes of God and explains how we as humans can work on improving ourselves by imitating those attributes to the best of our ability. It was named after the Book of Judges 4:5: “As she sat under the palm-tree of Deborah between Ramah and Beth-El in the hill-country of Ephraim; and the children of Israel came up to her for judgment.”< Less
The Electric Palm Tree By Miriam Sagan
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The Electric Palm Tree was written out on the salt flats in Wendover, Utah as part of a residency with land use interpretation. Its themes are desertification, water use, weapons, ecological... More > well as solitude, beauty, and inner seeking. Excerpt: WHERE AM I? In a landscape pitted and mined. At the edge of three million acres of the military's bombing range. Where bombs are buried in undocumented locations. Where I can see old munitions mounds spreading out over the landscape like the ancient MIssissippian city of Cahokia. Craters. Historic aircraft. A landscape big enough to lose a plane or a bomb in. A landscape that seems to make people want to drive really fast, crash into things, and blow them up. On the boundary between Wendover, Utah and West Wendover, which is Nevada, and which sports casinos and strip clubs. This isn't exactly Walden Pond.< Less
Landscape With Dancing Palm Trees By Joye Beckett
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Ernest Edward Pritchard and his wife Muriel were missionaries sent out by the Primitive Methodist Church to Nigeria from l9ll to l933, to the Eastern Region, Calabar district, Oron circuit and Adadia... More > village. They were known there by the Efik people as Etubom and Ma. Etubom is the Efik word for minister, teacher or master. This is a collection of the stories handed down in the family and gleaned from journals of their time in Adadia.< Less
Cocktails & Palm Trees By Adam Hempenstall
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What if I told you the things in your business that are stopping you from living your ideal life are easily fixable? How would you like a “fill-in-the-blank” solution that will increase... More > your revenue, reduce your working hours and improve your happiness? Here are just a few of the things this book will teach you: - How to increase profits by doing less work - Which systems to use to automate your business - How to organise your enquiries, clients and contacts - How to create ‘Award Winning’ proposals - How to effortlessly follow up with enquiries - To automate your business finances - A very different, fun kind of goal setting< Less
Loose Leaves & Palm Trees By Charles Knause
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This book is a compilation of a Salon Magazine blog that deals with current and past world events as well as some personal autobiographical material.The polemical essays include some serious... More > philosophical arguments that attempt to be an non ideological as possible while at the same time not shying away from taking an ideological position when such seems warranted.< Less

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