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A Lot By Jeff Eaton
Paperback: $30.60
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"A Lot" displays thirty two color photographs of lots in an urban area. One-upping Ed Rusha's "Thirty Six Parking Lots" (in which only thirty one photographs appear) and a nod to... More > Gordon Matta Clark's "Odd Lots". "A Lot" is not simply a comment on urban land use, but an undermining of pictorial photography's capability of documenting. Jeff Eaton uses photography to collect, offer, and reinterpret, in order to suggest that the meaning of the photograph is outside itself.< Less
Transit; Parking Lots By Allison Backovski
Paperback: $23.70
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Collaborative poetry written in a parking lot by Miami University 651 English graduate students. Graphic Design by Allison Backovski.
Gurus in the Parking Lot By Dr. Michael Schleyer
eBook (PDF): $12.50
Spiritual experiences at Panther Meadows--7800' on Mt. Shasta in northern California. Includes actual experiences with Spiritual Masters, UFOs, astral travel, Beings of Light, Native American sacred... More > events, and Forest Service information. Included are channeled messages from the Masters of Light within Mt. Shasta, and a well-tested technique for out-of-body travel.< Less
If You Give a Llama a Parking Lot... By Joey H. & Hayden R.
Paperback: $16.40
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If you give a llama a paring lot...
Lot's Journal By Heiland Hoff
Paperback: $16.00
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Ashland, Oregon The trees are blooming in Lithia Park. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, but a mysterious disease has suddenly wiped out nearly all of the world’s human beings. ... More > Roberta Neville is alone. She surrounds herself with animal companions as she stoically sets about ridding the town of corpses. Two thousand miles away, in Huntsville, Tennessee, a schizophrenic trial lawyer named John Lot sets out in a pickup camper on a quest to find other survivors. Fueled by religious zealotry, he believes that God has spared him from the Calamity because of his own holiness, and he is convinced that any survivors he finds will share his extreme religious convictions. At last he encounters Roberta. How will he cope with a strong woman with opinions of her own?< Less
The Sand Lot By Jerry DeShone
eBook (ePub): $1.49
Baseball, Softball, any kind of ball it all is fun when it is being played and if it is being won it is even greater at that. Our boys have all tried their best to hit it out of the park today and... More > even when it didn’t make it, it was fun. What if, just say if the old ball field was demolished because the team wasn’t good enough to play there any more what then? Life goes on and so does the live of each and every player on that team, but what happened to each one of them. Do you care to know or do you want to know, if so then read on in our little story of “The Sand Lot” and see if you fully understand why things happen as they do.< Less
Revolver in the Parking Lot: Notes on Surviving in Corporate America By Aaron Bryant
Hardcover: $35.97
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The relentless churning wheels of the new American Century of Business grind most heavily on the “common working man” these days what with lower wages, less vacation time, massive... More > corporations, shrinking benefit packages, and tenuous job security. Yet, it seems we while away the hours, days, and years at the corporate grindstone for little more than subsistence living without really asking, “Why?” However, the very canary in this the vast corporate coal mine of shame and degradation, a venerable salesman has compiled great lessons of wisdom within his final manuscript and memoir: Revolver in the Parking Lot: Notes on Surviving in Corporate America. You will hear of his tales and trials on the road truly discovering the foul nature of business in America, and the possibility for what can be for the seeker of true meaning and purpose in life.< Less
Walmart Paking Lot Regeneration By yimiao li
Paperback: $30.37
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how to transform walmart parking lot into green area. It takes me 1 year to finish it.
Adventures in the Park By Mire Bothma
Paperback: $20.00
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Counting Adventures in the Park begins with counting numbers 1,2 and 3 and ends with the reader being able to count from number 1 through to 10 and backwards. This fun to read book use interactive... More > sentences to encourage the reader to count within the actual illustrations. This book includes lots of white space and vivid, colorful pictures. Adventures in the Park we see, is an fun, interesting place in which to learn numbers< Less
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