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Parrots 2016 By Sheara Camacho, Various Photographers
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2016 Calendar of the Parrot Family, from Africa to the Amazons and more
Echo's Haven 2009 Parrot Calendar By Gail Martin
Calendar: $18.32 (excl. taxes)
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This delightful 2009 calendar has photos of your favorite Parrots. Every purchase helps Echo's Haven Sanctuary save an unwanted, abused or neglected bird.
My Calendar By Michelle Warner
Calendar: $12.72 (excl. taxes)
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Parrot Chatter's 2009 Photo Contest Winners
My Calendar By Crystal Heck
Calendar: $15.50 (excl. taxes)
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This calendar is filled with the beautiful parrots that have been in our care or who are still in our care. The proceeds from the sale of this calendar benefit the birds currently in our care.
My Calendar By Dizzyhippypics
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Jack Russells and Friends
Calendar: $19.99 (excl. taxes)
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Animals around the world
My Calendar By Anne-Marie Tiplipli
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You want a cute, colored and original calendar that can help someone in the process? Each months contains a funky-design never seen before, made by me, with as the main subject: my rescued birds!... More > They took the pose for me - they are sweet models. This calendar will help me to raise funds - to help the 30 birds I have saved. It will help me to buy them food, new toys, and also vet cares. At the same time, I will promote my website - in which I give a lot of help and infos about birds. -------------------------------------- Come take a look at this cute calendar - fun to share everywhere, nice for kids, teens or adults! This is a nice gift that can improve life of a pet-bird! thank you for your attention -< Less
2014 Calendar By Claire Tompkins
Calendar: $14.99 (excl. taxes)
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calendar of photos taken in New York, Oakland and Mexico, along with a few shots of my own artwork Jan (and cover): DiaBeacon art museum Feb: Main post office, NYC Mar: Plastic parrot and... More > houseplants Apr: View from the High Line, NYC May: Cuernavaca, Mexico Jun: Transmatic Transmission, Oakland, CA Jul: Swallows, Cuernavaca, Mexico Aug: Cuernavaca, Mexico Sep: Staten Island Ferry view Oct: Cuernavaca, Mexico Nov: Poetry assemblage by me Dec: Paper tableau by me< Less
Green wing macaw. Calendar 2012. By Liliya M.
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Green wing Macaw Calendar 2012. Buy Green wing Macaw Calendar. Green wing macaw parrot.
Mysteries of the Maya Calendar Museum By Laanna Carrasco, Davíd Carrasco
Paperback: $11.95 (excl. taxes)
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Did Maya peoples and their calendar predict the end of the world? Will the world end soon? This book has an answer to these questions and more in language and pictures that kids are sure to enjoy.... More > Come join Carlos, Lucia, and their new friend Julia as they learn about the Maya calendar and go on a dream journey to find the truth about the end of the world! Along the way, they meet a talking macaw named Octavio, discover the secret of the Maya glyph for the end of time, fly down a portal to the ancient city of Chichén Itzá, hear the song of the daykeeper Smoking Parrot, and learn the magic of the phrase “the beginning is in the end.” Authors Laanna and Davíd Carrasco are a father-and-daughter team with ethnic roots in Mexico who descend from generations of schoolteachers and an artist from the United States–Mexico borderlands. Illustrated with drawings by Marlo Garnsworthy and photographs.< Less