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A Change in Thought By Will McCrotty
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Will opens up about his life and experiences he has learned through the game of baseball and people who have impacted his life such as Brad Wear, Tommy Lasorda, Del Crandall, Denny McCrotty and many... More > more influential people. In this book, you will learn about The Fellowship of the Miserable, how to Turn It Over to God, the Warrior Spirit, Professionalism, and many more life lessons which will help guide you in living a grateful and fruitful life. Learn from Will's experiences as you start your journey through life. This is the perfect book for a young adult or any one to read and gain knowledge on how to handle adversity and challenges that may await you during your life. Remember three things : 1. Live for God 2. Live Passionately for your Purpose 3. Live Compassionately for Others. Thank you for looking and enjoy the book.< Less
Solidarity With The Flesh Eating Mosaic And Other Poems By Raj Dronamraju
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Following up on THE RETURN OF THE MAGNIFICENT NINNY AND OTHER POEMS, Raj Dronamraju returns with his second poetry book, SOLIDARITY WITH THE FLESH EATING MOSAIC & OTHER POEMS – with 60 new... More > works that demonstrate a broadening and deepening of perspective. More than thinking out loud, here we find dignity at odds with circumstance—where too many live a “wax fruit life,” Raj’s poetry opens un-romanticized “raw reality” that can’t be explained “away with pie charts” even for the “window shopper” in the “marketplace of ideas” or those who would “practice self-doubt in a daily workout routine.” Dronamraju time and again coins original turns of phrase, as he thinks through the inner mind out into a world of intimate and estranged relationships, personal soul searching and questioned social consumerism—a scarred life in an imperfect world that is not monumentalized, but rather examined with a profound passion.< Less
The Socialization of the People a [Conversion or a Charistmatic] By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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I tell it this way. In 2018 it was a bad religion but as the Peoples republic of Ghana stood in the beginning it even was the same. I believe so called Socialization an exclusion of faith. And... More > there were million that got caught in the cross fire. Its bad habit was dirty water. A baptisimal that wasn’t to submerge the whole body; but the faith. Honestly it were the Charismatic that weren’t helpless. He could use his hands. And just like all of the Pioneers before us; they did. Invested back in protection, other continents, our country and a future that could be outlived. It’s passion is a debacle. But not like my future. I have less and less to offer anyone. And like a child not grow up with out my mother; father, or its negative disciple. A poor faith and lack of representation like the reapportionment of the 5th and 6th District of the State of California. Bears no fruit.< Less
Please Don't Circumcise My Clitoris By Roxanna Gómez Sequeira
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"Please Don't Circumcise My Clitoris" is an invocation arranged by Roxanna Gómez Sequeira with the fertile blood of her life experience of a woman, lover, and visionary. Her word is... More > the fruit of her peculiar existence—the umbilical cord of her intellectual passion mixed with the fear, pleasure, and pain that living life may produce. Like her ovaries, which are the transmitters of the biology of her sensations, her poems are the transmissions of her sensorial, dreamful experience transformed into art. This book is a record of her life—a manifesto of the ecstasy and pain of being a "daughter of Eve" in a world dominated by a religious-military brotherhood. It is her loving embrace to all the women in the world whose clitoris is circumcised by the men they create. These sons of Eve violate their mothers, daughters, and wives in a futile attempt to negate the true source of their lives and feminine fate. Humberto Gómez Sequeira, Editor< Less
Wisdom of Solomon By Mark Carroll
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The book treats the excellence of wisdom,the means to obtain it, and the happy fruits it produces. It is written in the person of Solomon, and contains his sentiments. It abounds with instructions... More > and exhortations to kings and all magistrates to minister justice in the commonwealth, teaching all kinds of virtues under the general names of justice and wisdom. It contains also many prophecies of Christ's coming, passion, resurrection, and other Christian mysteries. The whole may be divided into three parts. In the first six chapters, the author admonishes all superiors to love and exercise justice and wisdom. In the next three, he teacheth that wisdom proceedeth only from God, and is procured by prayer and a good life. In the other ten chapters, he show the excellent effects and utility of wisdom and justice.< Less
101 Quick Vastu Tips to Harmonize Your Home By Kairesh Jeevant
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Vasthu is getting popular in West like Feng Shui. When Vasthu principles are applied correctly wealth, health and many fruitful things in life can be achieved with less struggles. As a consultant,... More > beginning as a hobby and now a passion I have helped hundreds of household and businesses who are at their worse and now seeing improvements after applying my advices correctly. This little pocket book can equip you in your decision making on your properties and businesses. Every tip written is based on this book is based from experience and it is result oriented. It is illustrated wit diagrams and straight to the point for easy understandings and empowers you to benefit from this beautiful piece of science. Many of us have already known what Vasthu is but very few apply it correctly. To have a positive a healthy and positive mindset, you need a living space with good vibes, which is why Vasthu plays an integral role. Just try these simple tips in this book and observe the results.< Less
Sluts A Love Story By Bobby Walters
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Todd's fantasy is to watch his wife, Annie, with another man. Fantasy quickly turns to fear and jealousy as Annie embraces the forbidden fruit with a vengeance. There is nothing she won't do,... More > especially when the mood is right. Todd is a successful businessman. Annie, his wife, is a kindergarten teacher with a Master's Degree in Education. She is bright, beautiful, and passionate. Their life together is everything she had ever dreamed of, but Todd wants more. His fantasy is to watch her with other men but Annie is adamant that she remain monogamous. Undeterred, Todd chips away at her resolve until, finally, she agrees to explore her sexuality outside their marriage. Annie, tentative at first, quickly becomes out of control. Todd figures Annie will include him in her sexual sojourn so he can watch; indeed, that is the cornerstone of their arrangement. He is wrong. His fantasy is soon dispelled as Annie takes on more and more lovers with, and without, Todd's approval or knowledge.< Less
The First Dish To Cook in The Zone Diet By SStella G
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This recipe book is mainly dedicated to those who already follow the "Zone Diet" to have some extra recipe available, eating well without feeling diet. But It can be extended to all... More > people who want to cook simple, light but tasty Italian recipes. In his books, Dr. Barry Sears, explains the key to the diet strategy in the diet zone. When you have little time the meals can be quicker and a good help comes from packaged products already balanced in "blocks" but when you have some time to cook, it is a pleasure to me and I dedicate myself with passion by taking simple recipes from my family tradition and not only. first dish is one of the strongest pieces of our kitchen. That is the pasta. As Dr. Barry Sears in his Books The best "good" carbohydrates are definitely the colored vegetables and fruit because with a low glycemic index but you will not have to say no! to the pasta that only needs to be resized and when you want to cook the pasta open this book :-)< Less
A Driving Experience By Vicki Walker
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"This is a true story of how it is possible to turn a dream into reality. All the hard work was definitely worth it, the sense of achievement will remain with us always, as will the memories of... More > of running our own carriage business." Vicki was born in North London in 1946 and moved to Surrey when she was five years old, which is when her passion for horses probably began. There were many totters yards in Mitcham at that time and fruit and vegetable sellers, all with horses and carts, who trotted up and down the road where she lived with her parents and older brother, and she got to know them all! Vicki started riding lessons when she was ten years old and purchased her first pony, Mist, when she was fifteen. She met Peter when she was eighteen and they married three years later. They have three children who are all now married with children of their own. Peter had no knowledge of horses at the time they met but now totally shares Vicki’s love and interest in anything equine.< Less
Poetry: The Todd B. Waldo Collection, Vol. 1 By Todd B. Waldo
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“You are an artist without art. You were created to create.” These words of self-discovery were loud in the soul of Todd B. Waldo some years ago. The truth of that revelation moved him... More > to commit to capturing as many moments as he could from his life in his poetry. This collection is the fruit of those efforts. These poems share his heart for faith, family, love and the wisdom gained from the success and failure that fill his life. His work has been featured in various venues over the years and each time his passion and energy has captured the audience. As he “pours the oils of words,” there is a salving effect that persists beyond the finale. The same effect can be felt as you read and meditate on the poems featured in this collection. Let these poems inspire you to express in your daily living what you value most. Let these poems give you strength as you struggle through the pain of the journey. Let these poems give you hope as you look forward toward your promised future.< Less

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