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Patterns By MxJ Press
Paperback: $13.98
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Patterns, the fourth book designed by MxJ Press. (Matt van Leeuwen & Joseph Han). Celebrates patterns designed in Microsoft Word.
The Pattern By Douglas F. Carty
Paperback: $4.61
Prints in 3-5 business days
Is there a possibility that Christians today can be involved in churches just like those in the Book of Acts and Letters of the New Testament? With no doubt whatsoever, the answer is yes! What an... More > exciting prospect! We Christians can follow the same pattern God gave to His Apostles for the organization and function of the first churches. The way the Church began is the way it ought to continue. The fact that men have departed from that early way doesn't mean we have reached a point of no return. We can turn back. If the desire is there, it can be done. This book will tell how and why the First Century church ought to be the church of the present.< Less
Patterns By Mark Harris
Calendar: $14.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
This Calendar displays a selected variety of photographs taken by Mark Harris.
Paperback: $18.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
When you're a physician, nationally renowned fencing champion, art patron, author, poet, and member of dozens of philanthropic organizations over the years, you're bound to notice a pattern or two.... More > In fact, nothing escapes Dr. Ivan Gilbert's attention in PATTERNS--a compellingly thoughtful meditation on how humanity is networked and bound together by routines and programming that are as apparent as they are confounding. Genetics, relationships, social hierarchies, politics, impulses and urges, addictions, daily interactions, truths, lies, emotions, motivations, agendas, decisions and everything in between, are woven into the unique tapestry of this book. Delving deeply into how people (children, teens, adults, families, clans, tribes, and societies) behave, as well as why the world still operates on programming millions of years in the making, Gilbert takes the reader on a journey that reveals as much about connections as it does about mankind.< Less
Patterns By Ziggle Enterprises Limited
Paperback: $7.85
Prints in 3-5 business days
21 images and patterns seen throughout world-wide travels turned into complex line drawings. There is something for everyone, with the book divided into three sections. Fun Circles features designs... More > which all originate from a central point and have been inspired by tiles seen in countries such as Morocco, Turkey and Italy. Bold Design is a mishmash of imagery or fabrics seen in some of the worlds most amazing marketplaces. Zany Lines are just that, repetitions of motifs found in everyday life, and will be the ones which probably require a break away from the page every now and then – to rest the eyes.< Less
Patterns By Dandi Palmer
eBook (PDF): $0.00
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21 detailed line drawings. Suggestions for embroidery, greetings cards and other craftwork.
Girl's Blouse With Peter Pan Collar Vintage Crochet Pattern Annotated By Pattern Memories
eBook (ePub): $6.99
This is for instructions to make this simple vintage girl's crochet blouse with a peter pan collar and puff sleeves from 1941. This pattern has finished measures for size 4 (chest 26 1/2 inches),... More > size 6 (chest 28 1/2 inches), and size 8 (chest 29 1/2 inches). This vintage pattern is worked in six cord mercerized crochet Size 30 on a no. 8 and 2/0 steel crochet hook. Gauge: (2/0 hook) 7 sts make 1"; 5 rows make 1". (No. 8 hook) 12 sc make 1". This restored pattern includes pattern and original information. Additional information is also provided which includes yarn information, crochet hook chart, and crochet terms chart. Also provided are vintage measurement are provided with instructions to increase or decrease size by both length and width, general instructions for changing sizes, and fitting guidelines to help determine how snug or loose you may want the finished blouse to be. This information is to help you construct the pattern for a different sizes or adjust the pattern to your needs.< Less
How To Be An Ace Athlete By Max Pattern
eBook (PDF): $1.00
How To Be An Ace Athlete: Peak Performance Secrets Every Aspiring Athlete Should Know will help bring out the superior athletic skills you've always kept hidden within you, so you can start using... More > them until you become your own idol player. It will help you understand what the mind, body, and life of ace athletes are like, including never before shared secrets of honing various sports skills. As an athlete, you have many needs you may not even be aware of. And knowing them is the first step to seeing your future in the sports business. This report will not only let you see what and where you're lacking, but will provide your needs to become an ace athlete as well.< Less
SMART PARENTING: Raising Happy and Responsible Children in the 21st Century By Max Pattern
eBook (PDF): $4.95
"Who Else Wants to Become the World's Greatest Mom or Dad Without Putting Yourself to Wit's End in Raising Highly Successful Children?" There is not a perfect parent in the world, but you... More > can surely be the best parent your children can ever have. How will you do that?< Less
The AdSense Formula By Max Pattern
Paperback: List Price: $19.92 $4.98 | You Save: 75%
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This powerful training course contains everything you need to know – and we do mean EVERYTHING – so you can start making dramatic profits from Google Adsense…FAST!

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