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Peace Out By Kat Bourne
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A photography book showing lovely original pictures of quiet moments in life and nature. Taken in Florida.
Peace Out By nia smith
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This book is for African American's to under stand the importance of these famous American people. That's why we are free now. There way be some race still going on but not as much as used to.This is... More > for studying and for you to be more supportive on history. This is very important and good to know. :)< Less
In and Out By Bill Little
Paperback: $17.00
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This is a book describing the struggles we encounter in trying to live the Christian life. We always fall short and experience personal frustration. There are ways to become more consistent and... More > live with peace rather than frustration.< Less
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Peaceful Snapshot By Jacob Dhaenens
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A young man searches for answers that many of us seek out. It leads him on a journey that will shatter his world. From those shatter pieces, he finds something he never imagined he could.
Peace on Earth By Gary Parker
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In the final part of the Letter opener saga, find out what the mysterious Agency has been plotting when Declan Grey discovers he is a prisoner at their pleasure. Can he escape and save the world from... More > more peace than it needs? Or will civilisation be consigned to a future decided by a madman?< Less
The Peaceful Times By Daria Sherman
Paperback: $36.40
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For a brief moment in time, two families previously linked together through the friendship of their sons, decided to embark on a mutual dream to create a place for others to come relax, renew, and... More > inspire their souls. Out of a shared vision, numerous expenses, and hours of hard work “The Retreat House B & B Holistic Center” was born. This book is a collaboration of articles and recipes from “The Peaceful Times Newsletters” written during the time period I directed the Retreat House. A place that for a time, offered sanctuary and renewal to many people.< Less
War and Peace! By Ronald Pattinson
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War! Peace! Two books that so enraptured the public they sold literally a couple of copies. Now these two blockbuster books are busting out of the blocks full of bluster. Printed on the highest... More > quality toilet paper, this book will last for seconds, possibly even minutes. Unless you should open or attempt read it. Your glances could easily fade the the print into illegibility.< Less
Death Peace By Dominic J Clark
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His debut published work ‘Death Peace’ is a book of poems from out of the creeping mist of a Megalith crowned Cornish Moor and on into the shadow clothed alleyways, bleeding sunsets and... More > humid easy summer nights of Adelaide. Death Peace sweeps in deliberately assembled contrasts from melting paradise landscapes to narrative city street gothic gloom and closer down into pure split-second moments, treasured in expanded time. It is an anthology of deconstructions borne of melancholy, kicks and overdrive thought that yield delving visions, lysergic romance and blank nothing-ism coexisting in the same space. An understated dynamic exhibition, the marks, dots and imperfections of the blank canvas have been worked, joined and built on as foundation, the hidden structure splashed with colour and drawn out.< Less
Manifesting Peace By Marcellas Hill
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This is more than a book of poetry. It is the poetic expression from the thoughts of a meditative mind. A deep thinker, I am always wondering what is out there. I often wander around time mindfully... More > meditating, asking the universe what my purpose in life is. Each poem is from a place of solitude, inspired by the world that surrounds me. The natural world. A world filled with trees, water, animals, sunrises, sunsets, beautiful scenery and God. Spiritually these poems are thought provoking, can be life changing in ways and enlighten a reader to a gain a new perspective in life. Thank you for sharing your time with me.< Less