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God's Tithe By Dr. Steve Newton
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According to financial advisor and Christian author Larry Burket, 40% of church families overspend every month. 34% of church families pay tithes. 40% of church families give 3% or less. And 26% of... More > church families give absolutely nothing. These figures are absolutely staggering considering all that the Bible has to say concerning money and tithing. The Bible refers to prayer 500 times, faith 250 times, repentance 70 times, baptism 20 times and to material possessions over 1,000 times. Of the thirty-eight parables Jesus taught, sixteen pertain to stewardship; yet many of God's precious children are ignorant of what the Bible teaches concerning stewardship.< Less
The Culture Is I-God Book I & II By Divine39 Allah
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It requires only a small book to explain the truth of science, history, law, psychology, sociology, mathematics etc. However, it requires a very large book to cover up the truth of science and/or... More > history by using Mythology, Theology, Isms, Race, and Fiction. The Black men, women and children continue to be economic and social slaves, because of a lack of knowledge of history and science the world over. The Great Pyramids of Gaza was built by Khufu a great Asiatic builder see Black man of Nile and his family. The fallen sons and daughters of the Asiatic Nations need to learn to love instead of hate and to know of their higher self and lower self. This is the uniting of the tribes and families, for teaching and instructing all families of the planet earth, and in the universe. Upon The Nature and Significance of the Culture of the Asiatics, The Book Culture is I-God has for its primary object the construction of a map of the history of the world from an Asiatic Blackman’s perspective.< Less
MIRL States by the Numbers By Frank Wilson
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“When am I ever going to use this?” It is a question that has plagued teachers and learners for decades. Now, with the help of Make It Real Learning Company, you can answer the... More > question. States by the Numbers is a real-data math adventure across the United States. Learn about your favorite state or states by delving into place values, rounding, estimation,fractions and percentages. There are 50 workbooks in the series – one for each state. The data in each workbook is taken directly from the Census Bureau’s 2008 Statistical Abstract of the United States. Each workbook includes basic instruction and 80 practice problems. Additionally, the “What’s the big idea?” pages give learners the opportunity to reflect on the things they’ve learned. Throughout the workbook series, we have consistently sought to address the content and process standards of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.< Less
Essays for the 99%: The Collection - Class Warfare By John David
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". . . every American not currently in the 1% should read this book and think hard about the ideas." The "Essays for the 99%" are the voice of the speechless, the dream of the... More > hopeless, and the passion of the true Patriots who love this great nation enough to want to save it. This is "The Collection," and "Class Warfare." It contains Parts I-VI, and the newly available Part VII. They are the "Must Read" for every election season. Agree or disagree, THINK before you vote. What kind of American are you? Is it even possible to "rebuild the dream?" Are you waiting for someone else to fix the nation's problems? These and other questions are asked and answered in the Essays. You can preview them by listening to the free read at the author's website. "Complacency is complicity, and both are absolutely unacceptable." If you already own a previous volume of the Essays, this is your opportunity to acquire the entire collection (with bonus content) at a special price.< Less
Math From A to Infinity By Christopher Langhorn
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Fractions, Decimals, Percents, Circles, Triangles, Radicals, and more. Learn a simple way to solve math problems.
Math Mammoth Grade 6-A Worktext International Version By Maria Miller
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Math Mammoth Grade 6-A International Version is the student worktext (in full color) for the first half of grade 6, and part of the Math Mammoth Grade 6 complete curriculum. This book covers a review... More > of the four operations with whole numbers, beginning algebra concepts, decimal arithmetic, ratios, and percent. The worktext contains both the necessary instruction and the problems and exercises (the 'text' and the 'work'; thus a "worktext"), and is for the most part self-teaching. Please note this is a student worktext and does not contain the answers. The answer key book is available separately on Lulu. The other parts of Math Mammoth Grade 6 curriculum are: grade 6-B student worktext, grade 6 answer key, and grade 6 tests and mixed revisions (all available on Lulu).< Less
The Complete Guide to Decimals By Damien Brown
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Math on the Fly presents its simple and easy-to-understand ebook series to the public! Dozens of examples with step-by-step explanations, along with a wide variety of practice problems, sets this... More > book series apart from others in its industry. Written in a language that children and adults alike can learn from, this book discusses place values and expanded form, rounding and estimation, reading and writing decimals, as well as scientific notation. This book also covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of decimals, fraction and percent conversions involving decimals, and much more! This book is perfect for anyone that wants a top-to-bottom understanding of decimals. The author, an Electrical Engineering graduate, relies on his years of experience as a professional math tutor to show that math fundamentals can be mastered and learned at any age. Make Math on the Fly your number one source for math knowledge. Simple and easy, like it should be!< Less
I See Math the Basics - Think Visually Discover Your Math Brilliance By Debra Anne Ross Lawrence & David Allen Lawrence
eBook (ePub): $4.99
I SEE MATH: THE BASICS - THINK VISUALLY - DISCOVER YOUR MATH BRILLIANCE. Do you think you have “math brilliance”? If not, it is because of the way math is taught. The usual way math is... More > taught, by rote using a jumble of words and symbols, just doesn’t work for everyone. We live in a picture-based world, so why can’t we learn math visually using pictures, diagrams, and clear presentation? With I SEE MATH you will SEE how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. You will SEE what fractions, decimals, and percents really are, and how and why they can easily be converted from one to another. So, are you ADD, ADHD, or dyslexic? Or do you just hate math? Don’t be discouraged! You can learn to SEE MATH with this pioneering, inventive, breakthrough approach to SEEING MATH! Author of top selling: Master Math books: Basic Math and Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, Calculus, and Essential Physics. Recommended by Professor Channing Robertson, School of Engineering, Stanford University< Less
GARFIELD STRONG By Keith Appleby et al.
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GARFIELD STRONG is event that takes part in a city-wide Cyclovia-like event that directs bikers and pedestrians through the city of Pittsburgh (and through Garfield along Broad Street) and provides... More > fitness classes and other active-lifestyle focused events.< Less
Garfield Strong By Keith Appleby et al.
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GARFIELD STRONG is event that takes part in a city-wide Cyclovia-like event that directs bikers and pedestrians through the city of Pittsburgh (and through Garfield along Broad Street) and provides... More > fitness classes and other active-lifestyle focused events.< Less

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