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Five by Five PDF By Jeff Moore
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Five by Five (fīv-bī-fīv) adj. 1. In radio communication on a scale of 1 to 5 measuring signal strength and clarity, "Five by Five" indicates the best possible strength and... More > clarity of signal. 2. Condition or state of being the best you can be; perfect. (slang) Five by Five (fīv-bī-fīv) noun. 1. An original game system and RPG Toolkit by Jeff Moore. Five by Five is a “choose your trait” style RPG that makes unique use of six-sided dice to create an easy to learn and easy to play universal game system. The game is flexible enough to satisfy a variety of settings and easy enough to pick up and play right away. The core of the system is the 5×5 die roll. Players roll two dice (reading a 6 as "0") and multiply the results. This gives an average unskilled person around a 30% chance of success and each rank of skill improves this chance by 5½ percent. The game includes sample adventures for both a fantasy setting and a superhero game, example characters and a character sheet.< Less
Turbotax 2018: Learning the Basics By Dale Michelson
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Timely and accurate filing and payment of taxes is an important role for all taxpayers. In an effort to improve this process, tax service software have become a popular feature during tax season;... More > varying in what they offer and attempting to cater to every need of the taxpayer. Among the more renowned tax service software is TurboTax. This software was first created by Michael Chipman and dates back to the mid-1980s. The software is designed to offer a number of features to enhance the convenience of preparing and filing the 2018 returns. Among the features that users of the 2018 software will be able to enjoy is its one hundred percent accuracy guarantee, its maximum refund guarantee as well as the ability to import a still image of content for use in the returns. New to the software is the new debt-to-income ratio calculator, credit score calculator, timely e-fling, guaranteed audit support, personalized on-call service with trained tax experts, and the ability to auto-import he full W-2 form.< Less
Adult Website Business By Alan Haas
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Why Should You Start An Adult Web Site? Because Sex sells, especially to Web surfers The number of pornographic Web pages has grown 3,000 percent since 1998. There were 14 million pornographic Web... More > pages in 1998 and 420 million today.It's incredibly easy to start a money making Adult Web Site right from the comfort of your own home. Millions of people just like you are enjoying the freedom--and extra income--of working for themselves. You can too. Webmaster Stephan G Kent shows you how to achieve your work-at-home dream. Inside you'll learn the secrets to: Choosing the Adult Web Site business that's just right for you Getting Started in your business with minimal cost Building your fortune doing what you love Running a business from home while keeping your day job Using the Internet to advertise and promote your Adult Internet business And much more!< Less
A Witch's Magic By H.T. Night
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Sahara is new to the witch life. She has two decisions hanging over her head that she can't quite choose between. Love and witchcraft. Two men vying for her love. Her heart tells her Robert, but... More > Donavan still managed to pull her heart strings to the point she can't 100 percent commit. Sahara's quest for black magic and power leads her in circles. Will Sahara realized the pitfalls of black magic or will she trust Paris? All choices are turned upside down as Sahara stalls on who and what to choose Privately, she had been working her black magic Sahara was now put in a situation where her trust was in question in her relationship with Paris. What will Sahara try to do? Who and what will she choose? Donavan or Robert? Black Magic vs good magic. See how the Trilogy unfolds in book 2 of the Heart of the Witch series.< Less
India 95% Youth ,Young’s Indian Muslims Indian christen, are unemployed , =Kashmir, Assam Miapur, Red zone, ++ while unemployed rate in Hindu only 0.7% ,less then 1% By Ruhel Chisty MRACI CChem A
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India 95% Youth ,Young’s Indian Muslims Indian christen,are unemployed ,which cover these area =Kashmir, Assam Miapur, Red zone, ++ while unemployed rate in Hindu only 0.7% ... More > ,less then 1% , upper cast Hindu, lower cast Hindu Hindu OBC is only 0.7% =only zero point seven percent even not 1% it self , Indian government, states government police , army, Intelligences =JIC,IB,MI RAW ,CID , ED , Civil servants Foreign affair , business small business , shops , all Bazzars rich , middle rich shops mall , industries all are with Hindu only upper cast Hindu ,Lower cast Hindu ,Hindu OBC !!?? North Block, Delhi made forcely these states as failed states from past 50 years it self , like Afghanistan Somalia !!?? to rule these with out any problem , it was Delhi based powerful Hindu Brahminst Sikh ,Jain=Baniya lobby planed successfully, past 67 years , as these state all people are Not Hindu< Less
The House of Goldsborough By Paul Feist & Mary W. Feist
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The history of the Goldsborough Family, it’s contributing family lines, and it’s descendants, from Anglo-Saxon England through the 17th century, are a fascinating study of the history of... More > Eng- land and the associated family lines. This one family has its roots in families who signed the Magna Charta (de Clare, d’Albini), Sir William Marshal, Lord Protector of England and the “Greatest Knight that ever lived”, the Plantagenet Kings of England, the Earls of Warwick, and Rollo the Dane (Hrolf Ganger), First Duke of the Normans. This first volume of the massive six volume work was originally written by Eleanora Goldsborough in the 1920’s and 30’s, and remained un- published until now. The original has been verified and expanded where possible beyond the works of Eleanora Goldsborough. Modern references have been added to supplement the original research. One hundred percent of the original text has been retained, with all notes and expansions clearly noted.< Less
Road to Prosperity: Advocating a One-Party System and a Socialist Economy In Nigeria By Charles Okeke
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Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country, but the majority of its people live in abject poverty, even though the nation is awash in crude oil and other natural resources like iron ore, gold,... More > zinc, limestone, and more. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Nigeria was worth 405.10 billion US dollars in 2016. The GDP value of Nigeria represents 0.65 percent of the world economy. But still its people suffer. In this well-researched commentary, the author argues that the country needs a responsible and responsive government to achieve its full potential—and not necessarily a democratic one. Having tried the Western democratic scheme with miserable results, he urges adopting a new approach based on socialist economic principles. In promoting the revised system, he exposes the shortcomings of the plural political system presently practiced in Nigeria. He also explains why a hitherto mixed economy has failed to yield financial rewards for the nation’s long-suffering people.< Less
Witch Lessons By Henry Harvey
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With ten percent of the hamlet of Potter's Mill, PA, being witches, life can be a challenge. Be careful what you eat. Be careful what you drink. And don't make the women of Potter's Mill angry, no... More > matter what age they are. A pig just might be a pig, or it could be someone who looked at Angelina, the town librarian wrong. And every single snapping turtle in the O'Hanley River used to be a lawyer. Lawyers were never that popular here, but at least, now they have the waterwheel at the mill to ride on. Dolyn, the young witch-in-training,like any other teenager, is full of herself and has ALL the answers, until she accidentally turns half the residents into possums and lizards when she tries out her new recipe for Merry Cakes on them. Are any of these witches BAD people? Depends on who you talk to. Not much is it what it seems to be here. And there are THREE romances blooming...young, old, and in the middle. Dating a witch is challenging and learning to ride a broomstick is harder than it looks.< Less
The North American Sea Ducks By Paul Johnsgard
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The 21 species of sea ducks are one of the larger subgroups (Tribe Mergini) of the waterfowl family Anatidae, and the 16 species (one historically extinct) that are native to North America represent... More > the largest number to be found on any continent. This book is an effort to summarize succinctly our current knowledge of sea duck biology and to provide a convenient survey of the vast technical literature on the group, with over 900 literature references. It includes 90,000 words of text (more than 40 percent of which is new), 15 updated range maps, 31 photographs, over 30 ink drawings, and nearly 150 sketches. Lastly, the North American sea ducks include the now extinct Labrador duck, the only northern hemisphere waterfowl species to have gone extinct in modern times. Considering recent population crashes in other sea ducks, such as the Steller’s eider and spectacled eider, it should also offer a sobering reminder of the fragility of our natural world and its inhabitants, including us.< Less
Screening for Cervical Cancer - Systematic Evidence Review (Number 25) By U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
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The evidence we reviewed indicates that a reasonable age at which to initiate cervical cancer screening in women is age 21. Screening before this age is complicated by relatively high rates of... More > transient HPV and regressive cervical abnormalities, with very few actual cancer cases. Current data cannot assure that beginning screening after this age is clearly safe, particularly in the United States, which has no centralized national cervical cancer screening program. For cytology-based screening, LBC does not differ from CC in sensitivity, specificity, or relative CIN detection, but may yield a lower proportion of unsatisfactory slides. Cost, overall screening strategy, and other considerations may also pertain to local decisions on which approach to use for collecting cytology samples. In women older than age 30 years, a single HC2 test is clearly more sensitive for CIN2+ and CIN3+ (about 40% greater) than cytology alone. However, a single HC2 test is also 3 to 5 percent less specific than cytology.< Less

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