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Perpetual Motion By Percy Verance
eBook (ePub): $11.99
The author has no apology to offer for the production of this book. He has spent his life in environments that have brought him into constant contact with mechanics, artisans and laborers as well as... More > professional men, engineers, chemists and technical experts of various types. He knows a great many men—young men, for the most part—are constantly working on the old, old problem of Perpetual Motion; that much money, and much time are being spent in search of a solution for that problem which all scientific and technical men tell us is impossible of solution. It is believed by the author that a classification and presentation of selected groups of the devices produced in the past by which it was by the inventor believed, self-motive power had been attained, will save much work in fields already thoroughly exploited. So far as the author knows no book on the subject has appeared since 1870. The various encyclopedias published contain articles on the subject, but they are necessarily brief except this book...< Less
The Inventions Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla By Nikola Tesla & Thomas Commerford Martin
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During the early twentieth century,the eccentric and brilliant inventor Nikola Tesla blazed the path thROUGH electrical engineering inventing scores of devices and gave us the promise of free... More > energy This fascinating Amazingly illustrated record of Teslas pioneering work gathers many of his most famous findings and theories, allowing contemporary readers to experience the amazing range of his thinking. It includes lectures, articles, and discussions particularly those bearing on polyphase motors and the effects obtained with currents of high potential and high frequency and gives us a rare glimpse of a genius at work< Less
The Crisis Equation A New Theory Of Life and Physics By Matthew Kosak
eBook (PDF): $0.00
In what could be the next big, out-of-nowhere scientific discovery, Matthew Kosak uses a decade of research on chemical-biology of human cells to make a compelling scientific argument for the... More > existence of a new force of nature, a Fifth force, which is based upon new understandings of the second law of thermodynamics. He argues that the establishment has it backwards. Life does not exist in an "open system." Life exists in a closed system surrounded by inanimate earth. In his controversial,"Autologous Work Energy Theorem", he argues that "only life can convert lower forms of energy, pure sunlight and air molecules, into higher energy polymers." The only way that is possible is if life creates a force. To do that, he argues, it must act as an entirely different causal System, not as particles. His new theory of life spells doom for Darwinism, as higher energy by-products cannot be originated by "accident". AWET and his new theorem S/N>1, independently confirms a Fifth force from life.< Less
Governor of the Universe By Ricky Mayers
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"Governor Of The Universe" is a declaration of a personal discovery by an electronics engineer, researcher and writer. The declaration greatly demystifies the subject of Electricity, and... More > lays bare the principle of universal electrical generation. Here, the simple but Earth-shattering under-all-our-noses secret of true free energy is finally revealed to the world, in layman’s terms. Here is the answer sought by scientists and physicists currently investigating the puzzle of existing free energy devices, seeking a fifth force in Nature, and attempting to dispel the persistent and confusing ideas held about perpetual motion. The author has spent over five years since building a very strange electrical machine tormenting over how best to present his discovery to the world, and tormented with good reason. The impact of easily-made free energy devices will be that the lives of everyone on this tiny blue rock will almost certainly be drastically, rapidly and unavoidably altered ¬ forever.< Less

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