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this is kamaus 1st line of work. with a illustrious of poems that brings any and every feeling you can ever imagine. throughout his life's struggles and happiness he brings you some amazing peices... More > which includes "black and blue", "fatso" and "i wanna be like master". its clear kamau is here to stay, and its even more clear no one wants him to leave.< Less
The Truth and Persona By Roberto Enamorado
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That time that I fell in love, surprisingly for me, over the internet!?!? I didn't realize how much our daily chats and phone conversations meant. It went from one email to speaking until sunrise... More > until ... oh the heartbreak. I would have never in a million years thought that would happen to me, the falling in love over the internet part (I’m currently smirking as I type this). I was embarrassed about it. Not to mention the sleepless nights. To cope with the anxiety of heartbreak, I ended up traveling to Spain where writing through a lens of romanticism and traveling internationally became an outlet, and a way hold on to the notion of the "Virtual Relationship". This collectible creative piece by yours truly, Roberto Enamorado (RobertoInLove), incorporates succinct autobiographical accounts and romanticism - hallmarks of spoken-word artists and poets - with photography and typography. . . . Enjoy! ~Roberto< Less
Revealed Persona By Tyffany Goria
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This book includes free-verse, terza-rima, acrostic, sestina, and villanele styles of poetry. All of them bring attention to the issues going on in society as well as the personal battles some face.
In Persona Christi… By Fr Jonathan Munn OblOSB
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Whilst having the highest regard for all human beings, male and female, the Anglican Catholic Church, like all other parts of the Catholic Church, does not ordain women to the priesthood. Of course,... More > this raises serious questions and this booklet seeks to show why Anglican Catholics hold this belief respectfully in the face of modern opposition.< Less
personaity of human By sarah AL-ajaji
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this book talking about humans and the personality of them, it's also talking about the body language, and others subjects.
The Libris Personae Volume 1 By Trent Troop & Ronald Smith
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Octavirate Games presents the Libris Personae, a collection of NPCs for your d20 fantasy campaign. Features more than 50 NPCs and enemy creatures ready to use. Use the pre-made scenarios, adventure... More > hooks and back story or invent your own. Non-player characters are the backbone of a good adventure. That is where the Libris Personae comes in. This book provides new characters for any d20 fantasy campaign. Full write-ups allow you to flesh out new heroes and villains applicable to any number of scenarios and optional-rules support allows you to adapt characters quickly to your rules variant of choice. Most importantly, these characters serve your needs as the game master. Alone or in groups they are ready to stand against or walk beside the PCs in whatever realm you choose.< Less
The Alternate Persona System By Joshua Calkins-Treworgy
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TAPS, The Alternate Persona System, is a rules-lite D6-based tabletop roleplaying system devised by author Joshua T. Calkins-Treworgy. Primarily designed for use in horror-themed campaign settings,... More > this basic primer is arranged to get GMs and players up and running their own terror-drenched sessions with a minimum of fuss and the 'crunchiness' that accompanies many tabletop roleplaying systems. Primer includes a basic bestiary based on the Amelia City Stories by Calkins-Treworgy, as well as a broad-brush setup for a starter campaign.< Less
Juablo La Persona By Fabio Seymour
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Me llamo Fabio. Soy de Wausau pero ahora yo vivo en Mt. Horeb en el estado Wisconsin en el país Estados unidos. Mis pasiones son jugando los videojuegos de Madden, comiendo Ghardettos, y... More > estudiando la clase de español. Yo soy en la clase de español cuatro. Yo dedico mi libro a mi primo Nick. Él es muy guapo e inteligente y vivo una vida buena.< Less
Raven Creek - Dramatis Personae By Jason Kaus
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Raven Creek is a collection of brief, often dreamlike stories set in strange town inspired by both traditional and Internet folklore
Persona Non Grata By Bart Wolffe
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This collection of stories explores the life of individuals and minorities in an African context. Heightened description of a world of wonder, danger and hidden emotions comes to light at every turn... More > of the page. The white refugee from Mozambique accused of murder, the National Parks Ranger on the run from the ZNA - Zimbabwe National Army, the ex-Rhodesian soldier coming to terms with his past and finding himself crossing the colour barrier of multi-cultural relationships in the process, the Film Professor with an obsession for capturing his victims forever in memory, the alcoholic artist angry with his muse, the young journalist with a personal story that won't make the pages of the daily press: here are several lives that are so much more than characters, fleshed out with passion and individual problems, adjusting to their African context - a lost generation from a white tribe in black Africa, perhaps?< Less

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