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Reading People By John Cremer
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Understand yourself and other people using a highly insightful system of types based on observing physical characteristics. This material draws on ancient teachings to give rapid yet penetrating... More > insight into individuals, organisations and cultures. Increase personal effectiveness and avoid conflict by knowing who you are dealing with. Intriguing and eye opening material which is quick to acquire yet takes years to truly master.< Less
Networking Personalities By Carol Merlo
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If you are looking for a way to be more effective in your relationships with others, Networking Personalities is a must read. Applying the skills in this book will have a significant impact on every... More > one of your business and personal relationships. You may have attended workshops, listened to numerous audios, or read various books on communication and personality types. Networking Personalities puts it all together in one place, with practical comparison charts and insights to help anyone build a successful team. Contains easy to read information that will help you identify and communicate with different personality types so you can work with and motivate them more effectively! Includes a terrific tear-out cheat sheet you can take with you.< Less
In The Third Person By Robert Goodier
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This collection of poetry is dark and powerful. I make no apologies for any of them as I am writing from my own life experiences. Many of the pieces where written during particularly bad and... More > stressful periods, so therefore come from the mind of a troubled soul. But underneath many of the sad, shocking (and some silly) pieces in this book there is an underlining black humour, as each poem leaves the reader in no doubt that not all poets write about trees and fields of flowers. The threat of war, broken romances, family fallouts and internal mental struggles have all been written about in this anthology. Behind this collections intention is to highlight that depression, heartache, the “unfairness” of life should also have a place in the written word and shouldn't be quietly ignored. I recommend that only one poem per day should be read, digested and read again, repeated 46 times and then back to the beginning< Less
The Personal Realm By Zabdiel
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The Personal Realm is one of four books from 'The Rhythm of Life' collection. It is a poetic marvel that consists of poems and commentaries that will touch your spirit and expand your mind. Using the... More > power of words with rhyming grace, the author touches on various topics such as God, the soul, human potential, birth, death, and love. Whether you enjoy a light reading or a deep philosophical perspective, this book will provide your mind and spirit the outlet it seeks. If you love poetry, this book is a must have for your collection. It’s truly a treasure.< Less
A Personal Record By Joseph Conrad
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A Personal Record is writer Joseph Conrad's autobiography. The writing is lyrical and atmospheric and commonly believed to be somewhat embellished. It does, however, give great insight into his... More > Polish childhood, his sailing adventures and his aspirations in the eyes of the British public. It also documents the process of writing Almayer's Folly. The preface to the work contains the much-quoted lines: "Those who read me know my conviction that the world, the temporal world, rests on a few very simple ideas; so simple that they must be as old as the hills. It rests notably, among others, on the idea of Fidelity."< Less
Personal Revelations By Douglas Hughes
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Thousands of people have read the "Conversations With God" books by Neale Donald Walsch. But despite the inspiration that these books offer, one question often remains ... How do you... More > translate such spiritual wisdom into the realities of day-to-day living? Douglas Hughes takes us through these "New Revelations" from the point of view of someone - a lot like everyone - who blends a bit of spiritual introspection with a truly fascinating memoir. This intriguing book brings the wisdom of the "CWG" books into a familiar and personal perspective. For more information, visit:< Less
Psychotic Crap By Rod Read
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PSYCHOTIC CRAP ELECTRICAL HYPERSENSITIVES PERSONAL STORIES Rod Read ElectroSensitivity-UK EHS=Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, being made ill by electricity, radio frequencies and microwave... More > radiation. "This is yet another example of the modern disease of compulsive risk assessment psychosis - otherwise known as Crap."< Less
Delete Me: An Argument Against Facebook By Ronald Read
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Delete Me: An Argument against Facebook details how Facebook users are lured into using the network and then deceived into sharing large amounts of personal information about themselves and their... More > contacts This collection process is very efficient and it raises questions such as how did Facebook get here, what role does it play in government, and where is it headed? The text sets out to answer these questions and more for readers who may be interested in understanding what Facebook really is.< Less
Easy Speed Reading - Improving Your Reading and Retention By Malcolm Ayres
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Learn How to Read Fast and SKYROCKET YOUR POTENTIAL TODAY! It's getting more and more difficult as the economic slump plods forward. There just doesn't seem to be any end in sight! Hopefully you... More > are still working and haven't been let go yet. Not everyone gets the axe. The more your perceived value the greater your chances of keeping your job, even in the midst of budget cuts. It's the guys that take that extra step to make themselves more valuable to the boss that are keeping their jobs. What can you do? Increase your value. Learn how to get more done in less time. Impossible you think? Not so says our author. Find out how to increase your value to your employer and keep yourself off the chopping block. Do it now - you just can't afford to wait! Download Your Personal Copy and Start Applying this Knowledge Today! Please Don't Procrastinate. Your competition in the workspace will still be there tomorrow. Will you be ready to position yourself for success?< Less
Only Read at 4am By David Holland MBA
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A book to remove - or at least reduce - the classic anxiety trap within every small business owner. Unchecked at 4am, they become a distracting vicious circle. How to rationalise them away and put... More > them into the context of 'F.E.A.R' . Just a thought at 4am< Less