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The Pets By A. F. Tesson
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The Pets were just animals–the dogs of their home planet, really. Their owners loved them and they showed affection for their owners. That is, before all their owners had died. Now they were... More > a plague on the earth.< Less
Do Pets Go to Heaven? By Laura Cintron, Marianne Cintron
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This is read-aloud, for teachers, parents and grandparents to read to children. It is co-authored by me and my young daughter, Laura, to comfort those who have lost a pet. It is 32 pages and filled... More > color photos that everyone will enjoy. It talks about our love for our cat, his illness, and making the difficult choice to put him down. The book is evangelistic in nature and talks about God’s love for us, which is far greater than our love for our pets; and about salvation only through Jesus Christ. We believe being in heaven with our pets and more importantly Jesus Christ can be a reality. The timing of this book coincided with the illness of Laura’s Grandpa Joe. It ends with a poem of dedication to “Poppy,” a World War II veteran and one of Laura’s heroes. Great reading for Christian bookstores, Christian and private schools, and the public sector or your choice.< Less
Brittney's New Pet By Dee Dee Rivera, Eva Lawrence
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Four year old Brittney is in a bad spot. She just lost her pet Chihuahua named Groucho, who dies mysteriously one gloomy spring morning. But her mother, Rosa, allows her to try and find another pet... More > to replace Groucho. So, Brittney goes off around the neighborhood to try and find an example of the perfect pet. She tries many different things, but does she manage to find the right second pet? What does she try first? And what actually works out for her? Find out in this story, full of comedy, sadness, as well as drama. Based in part on actual events, this story is great for children of all ages! But parents, tell your kids not to try this at home! This project was written by Dee Dee, who was Groucho's actual owner, and supervised by Eva Lawrence, who is also a mother of 10 children herself.< Less
Fat Cats & Lucky Dogs: How to Leave (Some of) Your Estate to Your Pet: Everything You Need to Know to Protect Your Pet If You Become Sick or Die By Barry Seltzer, B.A, LL.B, TEP, Gerry W. Beyer, J.S.D., LL.M., J.D., B.A.
eBook (ePub): $8.99
By taking a few easy steps, you can improve your pet’s chance of survival should you be unable to look after it due to temporary or permanent illness or even death. But if you want more than... More > survival for your pet you will need a comprehensive plan that legally allows you to provide a caregiver and the funds needed to look after Fido or Felix. This book, by Toronto lawyer and estate law practitioner, Barry Seltzer, and Texas Tech University School of Law professor Gerry W. Beyer takes you through a step-by-step process for making sure you can provide long-term care for your pet. Fat Cats and Lucky Dogs will interest pet owners in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and other countries whose legal system is based on English common law. While it cannot replace a lawyer in your jurisdiction, it can offer ideas and strategies for protecting your animal friends.< Less
dying for a fix: easter and resurrection By dr david mcdonald
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Easter is about something so mysterious it cannot be reduced to trinkets and charms. Easter is about something so incredible it cannot be appreciated properly without study and devotion. Easter is... More > about something so transcendent it cannot be gotten hold of even with an understanding that it concerns a past action, with present context, and future consequence. Sound fantastical? Well, you’re welcome to continue petting bunnies and sucking on eggs, but please don’t suspend belief before you suspend dis-belief. This book explores the historical proofs for the resurrection, as well as the social and interpersonal ramifications of Jesus’ return, as well as exploring bits and pieces of the significance the resurrection contains for every lover and follower of Jesus. We’re just scratching the surface here, but we live in an itchy world and this may bring some relief.< Less
Ethereals - Episode 1: Dying to Kill By Dr Ivor Jo
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Ethereals are an alien influence on the conductive earthlings among us (eEthereals). Dr Ivor Jo, a retired internet spy, hunts them. Following the suspicious death of his pet student, Ivor launches a... More > worldwide eEthereal safari with his two research assistants and a supercomputing artificially intelligent virtual robot.< Less
•If I Should Die Before I Wake: Life Celebration By Gail Washington
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We are all going to die. That's a solid fact. In knowing that have you given consideration to what should happen once you expire - who handles the funeral arrangements, where will your pets go, who... More > has the passwords and user names to all of your accounts, will there be cake!! It's your day. Make certain your wishes are known.< Less
Grandpa, When Animals Die...Do They Go To Heaven By Bonnie May
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If your child had a loss of a pet or loved one and is having a difficult time getting through it or if your child is having a hard time fitting in with his peers, this book is for them! This... More > touching Chapter Book story is about a little boy asking his Grandfather a question. "Grandpa, When Animals Die...Do They Go to Heaven?" It's a wonderful story for a child who has lost a pet or loved one. His grandfather tells him of a little Indian boy named Rohan and his trusted pony Dakota. They have many exciting adventures with their animal friends. Rohan is made fun of by the tribe's children because he doesn't want to kill animals not even for food. He ends up saving Chief Peta's prize horse Black Star and is finally a respected member of his tribe. Shortly afterwards, he finds himself stranded in a blizzard with no way of getting home. He then finds out how truly special he is and his greatest adventures are about to begin. For Grades 3rd through 6th< Less
Ninja (the Goldfish) By E. Sipila
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Sure being a goldfish is fun. But so are adventures. Although Ninja has grown very old, maybe he's not too old for one last adventure.
Letters to Pushkin By Sharon Discorfano
Paperback: $15.99
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The collection of letters written by Sharon Discorfano in the weeks after Pushkin’s passing, and the inspiration behind the web site After the death of her beloved beagle... More > Pushkin, Sharon decided to write a letter each day to him during the season of Lent. The collection of letters begins on Ash Wednesday — just a few weeks after his passing — and finishes on Easter Sunday. During these weeks of grieving, Sharon reaches out to different perspectives on death and life by drawing on literature and philosophy, personal experiences, and the people and animals around her. Meanwhile, life is still happening — people are visiting, events are unfolding, and decisions have to be made. In the process, life takes some surprising new directions. Share the journey and the hope that it brings.< Less