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Locusts and Wild Honey By John Burroughs
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Founded in 1923, John Burroughs School (JBS) is a private,... More > non-sectarian preparatory school with 600 students in grades 7-12. Its 47.5 acre (192,000 m²) campus is located in Ladue, Missouri (USA), an affluent suburb of Saint Louis. It is named for U.S. naturalist and philosopher John Burroughs.John Burroughs has long had a school philosophy of liberal and progressive education. It has been recognized as one of the nation's premier preparatory schools. The school ranked among the nation's top 50 in sending graduates to eight top universities in a December 2007 survey by the Wall Street Journal.The school operates on a campus of 47.5 acres (192,000 m2). Facilities include a main classroom building, a performing arts center, a library, a science building, an athletic center, and a fine arts facility. Excerpt from:< Less
Supernatural Poetry By Cronin Detzz & Nancy Kennedy
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"Supernatural Poetry" is more than poetry. This book is an amazing photographical display of America's "super" natural beauty, sprinkled with inspirational quotes from Albert... More > Einstein, Mother Teresa, Kahlil Gibran, and more. Deeply moving and philosophical, these enriched poems and dazzling images encourage readers to remember their soul's own primordial roots. Cronin Detzz's photos were captured in Hawaii, Illinois, Nevada, Utah, and Wisconsin with a deep reverence for the "super" natural gifts of Mother Earth. This book makes a beautiful, unique gift that will be treasured and remembered! About the author: Cronin Detzz has been writing short stories, poetry, and lyrics for over 30 years. Her works have been published in numerous anthologies and online journals. To read more of her poetry as featured in her last book, “Poetry for Our Time,” please browse or visit her Facebook page. When she is not reading and writing poetry, she photographs our “super-natural” world.< Less
Starlight, Then and Now By Jessica Harman
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This is a full-length poetry collection, 129 pages. These are metaphysical love poems by Jessica Harman, who has published in journals such as "Arion," "Bellevue Literary Review,"... More > "Nimrod," "Orbis," "Spillway," "Stand," "Rosebud," and "Tears in the Fence." Walking On Clouds 1. Fairy tales are for the future Parts of us who will need to be loved. The world’s version of love Is better than heaven’s, but don’t tell Anyone this. It’s no fun being dead. We must keep our brilliance, sharing it. Yet we must keep up illusions. If we thought this world was it, That would be too banal, Or maybe it would be heaven. Do you understand? 2. In my dreams I fly flags of imaginary Countries ruled by imaginary philosopher kings Who have been put together by other thinkers As puzzle pieces. Whatever. If the pieces fit too well, I don’t fly the flag. 3. Dream me a rainbow, love, And tie my hands with it, And never let me go. copyright 2013 by Jessica Harman< Less
Tenacity Of The Ostrich Trying To Fly By Michael DeBenedictis
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Streams of events that take us to where we are in our lives are a collective, realized upon reflection in previous volumes of thought or journal entries. It’s with near reality and obstruction... More > defying tenacity we carry on, and change tracks as needed to maintain forward progress. In the process of reaching our own goals we adapt, rise, and fall with the tides, never losing sight of or becoming derailed from our personal mission en-route. This volume is part autobiographical in personal experiences and barely fictionalized likenesses of those who’ve crossed the author’s path, tells of regular daily routines, loftier philosophizing moments, oddball observations, and socially charged, human rights inspired reflections. It accounts for smaller side-missions that were taken on temporarily, to not lose focus of the primary, big picture goal, learning as we go along. This volume is a continuation of where the first seven’s not entirely planned, but gladly accepted, evolutionary path are taking the author.< Less
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I am convinced that ones experiences has power to greatly influence another. We are inspired by others success, motivated by others struggle to get there, encouraged by others wisdom gained from... More > the experience, and warned by their mistakes on the way. There is power in the word of our testimony. I was inspired to write in a book the experiences and revelations of my journey under the sun. Perhaps I wrote to inspire, motivate, encourage, and warn. Written as a journal, each chapter is an entry. Each entry is a philosophical, poetic narrative connected by a progression of experiences. Through Gods Word I have learned about the sin nature of man, how our lust drags us away to do foolish things, and how sin is the root of every affliction under heaven. I have learned that nothing outside of the peace and will of our Creator can satisfy us. Moreover, I have learned that the beginning of knowledge is the fear of God. Gaining this wisdom I have found on my journey is the most principle thing. in life.< Less
From ‘Nonsense’ To ‘Tri-Sight’ By Patrick A.B. Johnston
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My first 'book'... was more of a journal, with poems and ideas, from my days as a young man, circa ‘74 to ‘86. A kind of 'folder' of personal growth and discovery, set amidst... More > life’s ineffable churn. I made it as a means to cope - to make sense of things, when a bizarre event at age 17 had me within neurons of solipsistic nihilism - ouch! In that time my world view leapt from ‘naive poetic idealist’ to ‘determined philosophical realist.’ Out of necessity, I adopted a stoic skepticism as I sought out an ‘affirm-able bedrock’ to reality. I came to focus on perception’s source and form, and found its essence in the timeless dance of our seeing, being & doing. This in turn led me to draw a workable ontological model, rooted in what I called life’s 'all-pervading will to survive'. A motive trait that may have guided life from inception, by holding a natural orientation to space-time. ‘Tri-sight’ is just utile coinage. What I think it represents may be a key to unlocking a freer will in each of us, if we dare.< Less
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