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Philosophy and Religion By Traumear
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It should be possible sensibly to compare philosophy and religion. If the former is love of knowledge then the latter is love of god and fellow man. In terms of love, both make sense. Both imply... More > something that is done, something practical. Just as the love of knowledge for its own sake is down to earth, undiluted by ideal content and free of criticisms, so is the love of god and fellow man contemporary, unlimited in its scope as to how we love and in how many ways.< Less
Philosophy of Religion By John Caird
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Philosophy of Religion starts with the presupposition that religion and religious ideas can be taken out of the domain of feeling or practical experience and made objects of scientific reflection. It... More > implies that, whilst religion and philosophy have the same objects, the attitude of the human spirit towards these objects is in each case, different. In the one they are present to it in an immediate way as objects of devotion or spiritual enjoyment; they come before it at most only in the form of outward fact or of figurative representation. In the other, they become the objects of reflection or intellectual apprehension, and are finally elevated to the form of pure or speculative thought. Feeling, indeed, in all cases, involves a kind of knowledge; the objects of emotion, whether moral or aesthetic or religious must be grasped by the subject, of them with an implicit intelligence, apart from which, its relation to them would be no deeper than that of blind instinctor animal impulse.< Less
Philosophy of Religion By John Caird
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“BETWIXT that knowledge which can properly be termed science, and religion a distinction in recent times has been drawn by certain acute thinkers which, if valid, would be fatal to the claim of... More > theology or of a philosophy of a religion to be ranked among the sciences. Science, it is said, deals with nature, religion with the supernatural. But can we know anything of the supernatural, or anything, at most, beyond the bare fact that it is? Is the supernatural accessible to human intelligence in such wise that you can build up, by the rigorous processes and methods with which in our physical investigations we work, a science that can claim co-ordinate rank with astronomy, or chemistry, or biology? The answer which has been given is, No! we deny the possibility of a science of the supernatural. The fact and importance of the religious sentiment we admit.< Less
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GEORG WILHELM FRIEDRICH HEGEL The Philosophy of Religion Hegel's "Philosophy of Religion" was published the year following the philosopher's death, at Berlin, in 1832; and the rugged shape... More > and uneven construction of some of it may fairly be attributed to the fact that, as it stands, it is largely an editorial compilation. Such faults, however, as Dr. Edward Caird has remarked, "if they take from the lectures as expressions of their author's mind, and from their value as scientific treatises, have some compensating advantages if we regard them as a means of education in philosophy; for in this point of view their very artlessness gives them something of the same stimulating, suggestive power which is attained by the consummate art of the Platonic dialogues."< Less
On Religion By James Ciscell
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A series of essays and stories about Christian belief written over several years by Jim Ciscell.
Religion By Markus Heinrich Rehbach
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An holistic interrogation of religion detailing the evolution of religious beliefs and practices from pre-historic times to the present day, from the position of holistic philosophy. This book is... More > intended to form part of the foundation for a true informed consent, based on a holistic understanding of The Reality Of Our Natures And The Nature Of Our Realities. The author's aim is to work toward the elimination of all forms of violence and injustice, and towards truly holistically informed consent. This book is intended to form a basis for a compulsory High-School course on comparative religion.< Less
Religion By Stan Charnofsky
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When an emergency light goes on as their jet is landing at LAX, Jason and Rosanna meet and agree to go for coffee. He is a social worker and avowed atheist, she teaches Comparative Religion at a... More > community college. Their connection is challenged by an historical mystery that doesn't permit Rosanna to commit, compounded by former boyfriend, Carter Trustworthy, a Scientologist and a poor loser. Each family, Jason's and Rosanna's, have lost a brother, both mothers suffering from persistent depression. The final twist reveals the stunning mystery, along with painful family secrets that tear into all hearts, yet, in the end, uplift all.< Less
Religion By Arthur Schopenhauer
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A key focus of Schopenhauer’s philosophy was his investigation of individual motivation. Before Schopenhauer, Hegel had popularized the concept of Zeitgeist, the idea that society consisted of... More > a collective consciousness which moved in a distinct direction, dictating the actions of its members. Schopenhauer, a reader of both Kant and Hegel, criticized their logical optimism and the belief that individual morality could be determined by society and reason. Schopenhauer believed that humans were motivated by only their own basic desires, or Wille zum Leben ("Will to Live"), which directed all of mankind.< Less
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This is a book for thinkers. It is a book that consists of psychogenic-spiritual-growth. It teaches how learning-and-living are religion itself. It reveals to us the many realities of... More > illusion-and-truth. And of suffering-and-salvation, and opens our eyes to the sad fact of never attaining the perfection that we seek. It is a message that confounds us all and sanctifies our desperate plea for self-renunciation.< Less
Theology and Philosophy of Religion By Domenic Marbaniang
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Theology and Philosophy of Religion contains introductory descriptions of the subjects of theology of religion and philosophy of religion. This book also features two essays, one on religious... More > fundamentalism and the other on religous violence.< Less

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