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Philosophy of Blockchain Technology - Ontologies By Nicolae Sfetcu
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About the necessity and usefulness of developing a philosophy specific to the blockchain technology, emphasizing on the ontological aspects. After an Introduction that highlights the main... More > philosophical directions for this emerging technology, in Blockchain Technology I explain the way the blockchain works, discussing ontological development directions of this technology in Designing and Modeling. The next section is dedicated to the main application of blockchain technology, Bitcoin, with the social implications of this cryptocurrency. There follows a section of Philosophy in which I identify the blockchain technology with the concept of heterotopia developed by Michel Foucault and I interpret it in the light of the notational technology developed by Nelson Goodman as a notational system. In the Ontology section, I present two developmental paths that I consider important: Narrative Ontology, based on the idea of order and structure of history transmitted through Paul Ricoeur's narrative history< Less
Cyclopedia of Philosophy By Sam Vaknin
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Cyclopedia of issues in modern philosophy: The philosophy of science, the cognitive sciences, cultural studies, aesthetics, art and literature, the philosophy of economics, the philosophy of... More > psychology, and ethics.< Less
Philosophy of Management By Andreas Sofroniou
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The process of managing a team involves the interaction of people where individuals contribute to the running or completion of a task. People live together under various laws, rules,... More > regulations,religions and accordingly they follow a leader, be it a democratic or tyrannical leadership. People under such regimes follow a type of management. In a business environment such methods of management prevail. A Manager will delegate and lead one or more individuals within the organization by running the business or a system. As in any government, the President will maintain the best possible methods for the running of the country and for improving the standards of living. A similar case prevails in the business world. Keeping your staff happy and motivated is an important part of leadership. Especially where a company is undergoing the technological change demanded by modern computing and the Information Technology systems involved. Think of the upheaval that can accompany the demands of a technological change.< Less
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The Library of Alexandria is an independent small business publisher. We specialize in bringing back to live rare, historical and ancient books. This includes manuscripts such as: classical fiction,... More > philosophy, science, religion, folklore, mythology, history, literature, politics and sacred texts, in addition to secret and esoteric subjects, such as: occult, freemasonry, alchemy, hermetic, shamanism and ancient knowledge. Our books are available in both print and as digital books. All of our books have been revived by being scanned by people who have passion for knowledge. By purchasing this book you are helping restoring a piece of history for many generations to come to enjoy the fine ancient knowledge that is made available through our modern technology. We sincerely hope you enjoy these treasures in the form of digital books.< Less
Essential Technologies of Mind (SR) By Henry Willoughby
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Essential technologies of mind gives mind-technologies to combat monophasic styles of reproduction(s) in knowledge and (its) expression(s), and an intra-comprehensiveness in philosophical synthesis,... More > in understandings on culture, gender, race and (social) class< Less
Towards a More Human Technology By Dr. Arnaud Prevot
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This essay looks at our current paradox in our relationship with computer technology in our schools and homes. Technology has brought us a lot, but there is a downside: addiction and... More > depersonalization. The pendulum is slowly swinging the other way as we see more and more calls to de-tech and un-plug. But is there a middle ground? Dr. Arnaud P. Prevot argues that more or less technology is not what we need, we need a more human technology. We need to use it to enhance our human traits and characteristics and not to dull them. Looking at the research from a philosophical and practical approach, Towards a More Human Technology looks to deepen our relationship with the technology around us in a healthy way.< Less
The Importance of Technology to the Transcendental Future By John O'Loughlin
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This project was first conceived in the winter of 1981-2 and is the literary, or philosophical, sequel, in a sense, to 'The Way of Evolution', a volume of essays and aphorisms dating from 1981. ... More > Like that, this project also embraces technology in relation to transcendentalism, which is at the crux of its central argument, namely the importance of technology from a transcendental standpoint, and it could pose a new challenge both to how we regard technology and the purposes to which we would ideally like to see it harnessed in the decades and centuries to come. The cover, featuring what we believe to be a space station and/or satellite, would appear to illustrate the author's bias where the connection between technology and transcendentalism is concerned.< Less
Essays In Philosophy of Group Cognition By Gerry Stahl
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This volume brings together papers that explore group cognition in theoretical terms. Some chapters are written for a broad audience, others are oriented more toward readers familiar with philosophic... More > discourse. The history of the concept of intersubjectivity is traced historically and the constitution of group cognition is described in some detail, with illustrations from case studies of VMT usage by student groups. In particular, the discussion of philosophy of group cognition tackles the following questions: a. What is the nature of group cognition? b. What conditions make group cognition possible? The philosophy of group cognition is presented as founding a paradigm of CSCL research, which contrasts with traditional educational psychology.< Less
Essays in Philosophy of Group Cognition By Gerry Stahl
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The volume includes essays that address the philosophical issues raised in computer support of collaborative learning and by the concept of group cognition. In particular, philosophy of group... More > cognition should tackle the following questions: * What is the nature of group cognition? * What are the conditions of possibility for the existence of group cognition? The essays explore intersubjectivity, joint attention, common ground, collaborative learning and related concepts through analysis of empirical examples and review of the most important philosophic sources.< Less
Essays In Social Philosophy By Gerry Stahl
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Here is a diverse collection of writings, starting with my undergraduate thesis on Nietzsche. As an undergraduate, I realized that I did not know how to write and I began by experimenting with... More > assembling quotes from the materials I was discussing. After studying German philosophy from Hegel and Marx to Heidegger and Adorno, my writing became excessively complex, trying to capture German syntax in English sentences. Then, during my community organizing days, I learned to write more clearly. This volume reflects those stylistic changes as well as playing with some ideas that are later woven into more academic presentations. This volume includes a wide-ranging diversity of writings on philosophy, aesthetics, politics, technology and history.< Less

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