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An Analysis of the Relationship Between Physical Exercise and the Spiritual Life of Clergy (eBook) By Gary L. Cowper
eBook (ePub): $2.99
What is the impact of physical exercise on the spiritual life of clergy as they try to be good stewards of their body while being faithful to fulfill their pastoral call? The problem is that clergy,... More > in a sedentary occupation, can become physically unhealthy by engaging in meaningful ministry but neglecting to take care of themselves as they care for others. This work is a beacon to the church community that the Apostle Paul, modern day writers, twenty-six clergy and the researcher declare a correlation between physical fitness and the spiritual life of clergy. Physical health can positively affect a person's spiritual health. There is not only a link between physical and spiritual disciplines but there is a benefit to clergy, their families, and their church community when clergy are physically active. It is important for clergy to be good stewards of their bodies while developing a regular rhythm of physical activity. In so doing, they will be equipped, in a greater way, to faithfully fulfill their call.< Less
On the Magnet Ebook By William Gilbert
eBook (PDF): $5.76
This ‘On The Magnet’ is a new improved English translation of the widely censored or banned Latin 1600 ‘De Magnete’ by William Gilbert which was the first real science book to... More > be published. This version is rather easier to read than its two earlier translations, and significantly helps to clarify Gilbert’s ‘attraction’ physics which Newton put as one of two basic valid mathematized physics options and which he is believed to have privately favoured. It is basically a novel signal-response or remote-control physics that may still have real relevance today.< Less
Secrets to Staying Young By eBook Legend
eBook (ePub): $2.99
(1 Ratings)
This is the complete guide to finally understand how to stop the aging process and stay young forever! Do you feel left out when it comes to trying to look young and keeping up with other people... More > your age? Do you feel as though your body has been “run down” like an old vehicle on its last legs? Those feelings that you have not only affect you physically, but they can also affect you mentally! That's not good!! Your mental state is just as important as your physical state when you start to age. However, you don’t have to think or look old! Wow! That's something to behold, right there. You mind advises your body that it is thinking and that means it can have thoughts of looking young, feeling young and staying young! I mean, who wants to go around looking and feeling like an old hag?< Less
Physical Child Abuse By Lee Roberts & Donna M. Kshir
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Advocates United for Humanity's founders has complied a list of vital information to introduce parents, caregivers and educators to a variety of harmful behaviors directed against children. Abuse can... More > take many forms; neglect, physical, psychological or emotional and sexual. Check our Library for more information on child abuse awareness, education, protecting children and reporting child abuse. eBooks fall under the Fair Use Act, as they are free to the public and for educational purposes only.< Less
Mind health Secrets, AAA+++ .brand new By super ebooks
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Mind Health Secrets Train Your Conscious And Subconscious Mind For Greater Mental Health. A pool of fresh water is special. It's special as it’s a bit like our consciousness. If you try... More > hard you may be able to see really little waves or ripples in the water. They’re really slight. The surface of the water is like the surface of your consciousness. The part that you're cognizant of. When it ripples – when it's interacting with the world around you it’s obvious and you’ll get ripples. The surface ripples are what you're commonly aware of. When you think, hear, speak, cry out, engage in something physical or stressful the waves are produced. With meditation that all stops. Your brain may be totally still, unmoving. It’s really possible. When the surface of the brain quiets and becomes still we begin to see and feel what is underneath. We wouldn’t know there's anything much underneath our consciousness except what we may see from the surface.< Less
Lose 10 Pounds Quick, brand new By super ebooks
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Who Else Wants To Quickly Lose 10 Pounds Over And Over Again? Youve been putting it off too long. Hey, everyone needs to lose weight from time to time. Youre no different! The world is... More > over-saturated with temptation. With a McDonalds or Burger King on every corner, how is one supposed to keep the weight off? And now that technology has become so advanced, were starting to have less and less opportunity for physical activity. What is one to do? Stop eating? Work out three times a day! NO!!! There is something you can do about it, however. Are you ready? Here it comes... What you need are... Are you ready to drop those extra pounds youve been carrying around? Awesome. But let me tell you something before others get to you... Two things: You dont need to jump on any current diet craze and you dont need to start exercising for hours each day. Just ask your physician. Any physician worth her salt will tell you that its not about dieting, its about reshaping your lifestyle.< Less
Spiritual Weight Loss Mentality: Shed Your Excess Weight By Thinking Like a Thin Person By eBook Legend
eBook (ePub): $1.99
(1 Ratings)
Day in day out we keep ourselves absorbed with those matters that matter the most to us. A lot of times, it might be just to survive and bring in some money. In doing so we at times disregard or... More > forget about the extra matters that are essential to balance our lives. They’re even more essential to supply real meaning to our world. You have to pay attention to your wellness. Physical activity is where it's at, along with a low-fat, high-fiber diet and a wish to move towards healthiness. But as well it requires the correct mindset. Good health comes to those that attend to their Body and their Brains. When you better your health now, in turn additional great things will come to you in a lot of ways. Before you know it you'll find yourself doing things you never executed before. In attending to our bodies and minds, and having a complimentary life-style, we'll live longer... Do you want to live more, happier, and fitter? If you genuinely wish to, reading this book can help you attain your goals...< Less
Physical Education Warm Up Activities By Dale Sidebottom
eBook (PDF): $4.65
This eBook is the one stop shop for all Physical Education Teachers. Inside are 36 exciting new warm up activities designed for maximum enjoyment in PE classes. These are the perfect way to start a... More > class. Check them out today and start to see the amazing benefits they will have with your class.< Less
Management of Physical, Technical and Human Resources By VuVu Publications
eBook (ePub): $2.55
In this EBook, I will explain the importance of managing the different resources that are found in businesses (e.g. Tesco) and what limitations can be in place on different resources throughout the... More > business and which resources I see as the most important inside any business.< Less
Create and Sell Physical Products Online By Alexa Jinvogz
eBook (ePub): $5.99
A very detailed outline on how to create your First Product online. Are you looking for an online money-maker that actually works?…even if you have little to no experience and technical... More > skills? This ebook will guide you on where to Start and How to Attain your Goals to Finacial Freedom.< Less

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