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Pick up your ears By I M
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Teaching Resource/material. Classroom. Notes. Subject : English Language Learning Methode : Noticing Nota Bene K12 "special feature, special phrasing, a peculiarity". a phrase or a fixed... More > expression that has a figurative, or sometimes literal, meaning. Categorized as formulaic language. Expressions such as these have figurative meaning. When one says "The devil is in the details", one is not expressing a belief in demons, but rather one means that things may look good on the surface, but upon scrutiny, undesirable aspects are revealed. Similarly, when one says "The early bird gets the worm", one is not suggesting that there is only one opportunity; rather one means there are plenty of opportunities, but for the sake of the idiom one plays along, and imagines that there is only one. Alternatively, the figurative translation of this phrase is that the most attentive and astute individual, or perhaps the hardest working or most opportunistic receives the most desirable opportunity.< Less
Picking Up Pieces Comic By Liz Pritchard
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My name is Liz Pritchard. I'm currently working on this project called “Picking Up Pieces”, a continuation of my previous comic, “PaperBag”. “Picking Up Pieces”... More > takes place in an unknown realm that reflects the characters' psyche, which is far from reality. As the climax of this chapter in the story unfolds, the characters find where their reality lies as they realize their own individual life purpose. This story arc signifies a new beginning, as the two characters go their separate ways. “Picking Up Pieces” illustrates individual aspects of my life that are critical to my overall sense of who I am as an individual. For example, my self-doubt is a part of who I am, but it doesn't define me. My conditions are also a part of who I am, but they don't define me. These pieces of me can either build a solid foundation for me to stand on, or tear me apart – if I let them.< Less
Pick-Up Signs By Colin McGinn
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Are you bored on those long ass car rides, do you wish there was a way to tell the idiot next to you to get off of the damn phone or how about saying Hello to that hottie in the car next to you, well... More > then you need this book, and you will never be bored again ANYWHERE! Wish you could stand out in a loud crowded bar, or say something to that interesting person acrossed your work/class room without yelling? With this book you'll never be at a loss of words or unheard again. Great at parties, clubs, concerts, bars, school, and especially on the road. Over 40 unique signs to spark a funny conversation. Plus extra pages to write your own. That's just one of the crazy times I've had with these signs. Great at parties, clubs, bars, school, and especially on the road. Over 40 unique signs to spark a funny conversation. Plus extra pages to write your own. "You're Cute" "Not You, Her" "Single?" "I won't tell"< Less
Pick Me Up By sadriani
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Unwilling to telephone his fiancée, Jane Bennet, at 1:00 in the morning for a ride home after spending the night in the company of his friends, William Darcy and Richard Fitzwilliam, an... More > inebriated Charles Bingley decides to call his future sister-in-law, Elizabeth Bennet, instead. While all three men are in need of assistance from Elizabeth, Darcy happens to desire a bit more from her than she might be prepared to give him. Madly in love with her since he'd first laid his dark, penetrating eyes on her many months prior, Darcy is determined to make the most of the awkward situation in which he finds himself and win her at last. Hijinxs ensue and, in the end, the entire P&P gang ends up getting much, much more than any of them ever bargained for. Disclaimer: No Pride and Prejudice characters were harmed in any way during the making of this book.< Less
52 Pick Me Up By Pamela Aloia
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A quiet motivational book written for the dedicated, yet time-conscious individual seeking simple, inspirational excerpts provoking inner awareness. 52 Pick Me Up contains modern metaphors of... More > everyday, easy-to-relate-to methods connected with attaining inner spirit recognition.< Less
Piper's PICK me UP By Tara Johnson
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Piper's PICK me UP shares the story of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy who feels as if she is too small to be noticed in her community. The lesson provided is that no matter how small someone might be,... More > there will always be opportunities to make a difference. In Piper's case, she found motivation in cleaning up her town. This provides a second lesson to children about littering, and its consequences on the environment.< Less
Picking Up the Pieces By Jean Kim
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Autumn Rivers, a seventeen year old girl who knows what loss and intense stress feels like, has to undergo a change that changes her life forever. Her life has always been spiraling out of control,... More > but when she loses the most important things in her life, will she be able to pick up the pieces?< Less
Picking up the Pieces By Mark Anthony Williams
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This third installment of stories about the life of poet beginning with the "Last black poet and continuing to Broken Vessel and Picking up the Pieces" this timeless journey takes you on... More > roller-coaster ride in life of one man, you will travel with him through the high and lows of his life. You will experience the emotional high of the joyful time and travel with into the depths of despair of his dark time. Come travel with me in the continues story of the Last Black Poet.< Less
Picking Up The Pieces By Caroline Dancel-Garcia
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Kaye Ervin sealed her wounded heart and swears never to love again until Lucas Reyes catches her attention. After their first encounter, will Kaye capture Lucas' heart? Destiny, whether one believes... More > it or not, will change their lives forever. Will it be Lucas who will pick up the pieces to heal Kaye's broken heart? Or the other way around? An unexpected event in their lives will make you wonder about true love and eternal love. Will you believe in destiny?< Less
Picking Up Hope By Ileana Jennings, Rachael Collins
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This journal started from personal journal entries. A train of thought was derailed and the weight of guilt and inability to fully step into the grief cycle prevented fully moving toward hope. This... More > journal is a place to write and work your way from grief to hope. Guilt is heavy, grief is a cycle and hope is worth picking up. Journaling is an important way of dealing with the stress, anxiety, sadness, and blessings that are part of daily life. It provides a way to reflect and to move forward. It gives a path to plan, heal, and hope for better days. This journal is a way to move forward on the path to embracing hope.< Less